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Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on March 23, 2010

My guild is the equivalent of small town USA.  Everyone knows each others name, their kids, and everyone gets along most of the time.  In fact like many small towns it’s quite sheltered and almost xenophobic.  Pugged players are given the eye of suspicion like they deserve;  After all, they are outsiders and therefore not “us”.  We do not have contact with the “outside world” (read: Trade Chat) all that much.

Which is why I’m always surprised when I hear stories of discrimination against other WoW players.  I hear horror stories about how women/gays/minorities are treated in other guilds.

Now let me be the first to say, I am NOT one of the politically correct crowd that believes everyone is a victim.  I will gladly log into guild chat with a “What’s up bitches?”.  (I am neither gangster nor wanksta, just being silly).  I enjoy making Mexican related jokes about how I married my white wife for her credit and soon will have her in the kitchen pregnant, bare foot, and making tortillas.  (Secret:  My wife is 10x smarter than me, which is not hard in and of itself, but she also makes more money then I do.)

I am a half-breed like most Americans.  My father is Mexican/Apache, my mother is Swiss/German.  I am considered a minority in the USA.  I don’t use it as a crutch.  My family (Dad’s side) has quite a chip on its shoulder when people try and consider us “minorities”.  We are Tejanos.  We don’t need shit from anyone.  We are American’s and whether it’s owning a company or stealing your car we are pure red, white, and blue.  I was brought up to treat people with respect until they no longer deserved it.  But the key word was that they were “people” first.

Yesterday a “hispanic looking” family moved in across the street.  I turned to my wife and said, “Great.  There goes the neighborhood.”  If I was in front of a group of strangers they would be horrified (although some might agree).  But because of the context I said it under it was deemed to be funny and ironic.  Funny to me anyway.  (I also turned to my 3-year-old daughter and told her to stay away from the little brown boys they had with them.  But that was more to tweak my wife, since having married me she evidently likes the dark meat.)

In my guild the Asian guy can make jokes about how the Humane Society won’t give him a dog because their afraid he’ll eat it.  If you call someone a cocksucker, one of our Gay men might chime in with a “You say that like it’s a bad thing”.  We’ve got a staggering number of women in our tiny guild.  They are in no way shape or form discriminated against.  In fact our GM is a woman and she can be a hardass without people calling her a “bitch”.  Instead we think of her as direct.  (Secret:  I still think she’s too nice sometimes, but I have been known to be a prick.)

I should not be surprised when I read about how minorities are treated in WoW -> gaming -> or life in general.  I am not a naive person.  If fact im ultra-cynical in most cases.

However when I’ve got a task that needs doing, whether it’s a position at work or killing a raid boss I don’t care if you’re a Hindu-Midgit-Lesbian-one armed-unibrowed-Canadian…

Just be able to get out of the goddamn fire.  Srs.  Whose got time to discriminate?  I have shit to do.


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  1. Irmie said, on March 30, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Poor Canadians…

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