The Gray Place

I am dying.

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on March 24, 2010

Had a post in my head that I wanted to put up today, but I’ve decided NOT to post or visit the site while at work.  I work for City Government (I am not important) and don’t need some of my comments taken out of context and used against me.

The fact that I SHOULD be working, doesn’t factor into it.  I did however manage to catch some sort of stomach flu.  I have not eaten in 4 meals.  That is like a lifetime for a fat guy like myself.

I feel like I have 400 tiny ponies kicking holes in my lower GI.

Raid went really really well last night.  5 one shots before we called it.  Frost giant quest, then the weekly and I had 20 frost badges by the end of the night.

I’m going to go curl up in a ball and die.  I’ll be back tomorrow.


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