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Its ugly out there.

Posted in Raid Leading, WoW by mrfenris on March 25, 2010

I took a rare sick day.  Here I sit armed with a cup of strong and sweet coffee of which my wife said I should not be drinking.   (Secret:  I’m going to have an extra cup or three because she told me not too).  My daughter is sitting next to me with her cranberry juice and bowl of gold fish crackers.  She has no preschool today so were hanging out.  I’ve got a hankering to make pancakes for lunch for us and then we’ll take a big nap on the couch.  Perfect.

I’ve mentioned before I am a Prot Pally tank in my guild and that I also raid lead.  This means 99% of the time I am tanking when I’m raiding.  Because of this I don’t get a chance to do much on my alts, but a few pugs and heroic dailys.  I’m cool with this.  I love to tank and I love to raid lead.  But at the same time I wanted to experience a raid from a DPS point of view and decided to check out other guilds on my MM Orc Hunter.

It is not pretty out there.  Its downright FUGLY.

Hunters are a dime a dozen on my server.  Some of the guilds I checked out had about 15 and all geared better than me.  I decided to check out some guilds who weren’t as progressed and found this nice small little guild that was still doing Ulduar and ToC.  I got some crafted gear made and got all my badge gear and joined up and immediately got invited to a raid.

I am not high maintenance.  I just wanted to play my character and play it well.  I am extremely well-organized when it comes to raiding.  I even assign whose putting out fish feasts for the evening.  I also realize that hiccups happen when you raid.  You do your best to patch the holes and keep moving.  So I show up at the stone, 15 minutes before the raid starts, well stocked with potions, flasks, arrows, etc.  I even brought “ghetto” drums.  I’m ready to rock.

I watched the start time come and go and my new guild members all show up late and the GM struggles to put together the raid.  He then went AFK to eat dinner (I knew my days were numbered when this happened), then he came back and seemed to be busier epeening in trade then putting together the raid.  One of the last things we are missing is a healer so I ask a friend of mine to join us and she does.  We’re all ready to rock.  Then someone leaves the raid, so the GM goes back to Dal to pug the spot.  45 minutes later my friend the healer nicely says she’s not waiting any longer and drops group.  I’m totally cool with that.  Then the GM proceeds to bad mouth her on vent.

Oh hell no.  To my credit, I did not curse or act the fool, but I told him where he could stick his guild, his gear score, and his fail raid leading and gquit on the spot.  To his credit he apologized to me via whisper and invited me back.  I declined.  Secret:  Rule #1.  Don’t disrespect women around me.  (Only I can do that.)  Rule #2.  Don’t dog out my friends.  Even if their wrong, I’ll have their back (within reason).

So a week later I join guild number 2.  It’s a newer guild but they’ve got an active roster and raid nearly every night.  So one night I log in and the GM asks if I mind helping in a saved Ulduar raid.  (I don’t expect an auto ICC spot and don’t mind paying my dues so I said sure.)  To the GMs credit he’s semi-organized and we start only 15 minutes late.  We head into Cat Lady and I’ve got a pretty good feeling.  The GM gives a real quick over view of the fight although I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that people had questions.  We pull and wipe immediately because one of the tanks didn’t taunt the boss off the tank that was on the Sentries.  No biggie, I think.  Shit happens.

So we rebuff and we wait for her to path around again.  This is when the ret pally decides to take off running down the steps.  The GM to his credit tells him to come back, the pally doesn’t and just stands there.  The GM then tells him if he doesn’t get back to where we all are, he’ll kick him out of the raid.  The ret pally then pulls the trash outside Thorim’s hallway and the GM boots him.  (Good move GM).

So now were down another player.  So the GM goes to Dal to pug a spot.  We get another player.  I notice his guild tag and he’s from a  really progressed guild on our server so I’m pretty happy.  He asks the GM where we’re at.  Nobody responds, so I tell him to port to the Shattered Walkway.  He asks the GM again, “where are you guys?”  I whisper him.  “Shattered Walkway/Cat Lady”.  The guy then quits the raid and leaves.  WTF.  Not the GMs fault really since it’s obvious the dude was drama, but man this is turning into a long night.

Just then the ret pally that got kicked for pulling trash ahead of the raid gets invited back in.  He claims his brother got on his computer and was screwing around.  (Cue laugh track).  At this point I don’t really give a shit and just want to kill something, so I’m of the attitude, lets just get on with this.  We FINALLY manage another pull of the Cat Lady and we get her down to only 85% before the raid wipes because people were standing in the black void zone.  It seems like 5 out of the 6 DPS were on the Feral Defender instead of the boss like the GM wanted us.  It also seems like the raid didn’t understand rule 101 of WoW.  If it’s on the ground, don’t stand in it.

So he GM starts getting really shitty at this point, which doesn’t bother me, but it’s kinda cute in a child like way.  So we mount up for another pull.  And the off-tank Paladin goes to taunt the Cat Lady off the Cat tank and instead uses Righteous Defense.  For you non-paladins that’s the 3 target taunt… he ends up getting the Cat Lady AND the cats.  The other tank clearly has no idea whats going on, even after I tell him to taunt the boss back.  We wipe.

The GM (who I can understand SOME of his frustration even if I think he’s toolish at this point) starts ranting and raving about his tanks and that nobody listens, how sick he is of this shit, and he’s too frustrated to keep going and calls the raid.  We did 3 pulls…3.  Then the GM drops the party and logs off.

Yeah, I g/quit.

I grew up being yelled at.  My father is ex-military.  I grew up playing sports and had some screamers for coaches.  Doesn’t bother me.  Because my father and my coaches would tell you WHY they were yelling if you listened.  They wanted you to square up a hole you just dug, take the body, or don’t make blind passes.  They were yelling at you for a reason.  This dude, just yelled and ranted and raved about everyone else.  That’s not a leader.  A leader will tell you what went wrong and how to fix it.  This GM just got pissed things weren’t going well and auto logged and left 9 people (no matter how bad some sucked) hanging.  He had an opportunity to teach them something and he didn’t.

I have since then joined another guild with my Hunter.  They are a huge mega guild, but the folks seem nice enough.  Their raid times don’t work out for me, but I have no complaints.  I hear they are starting up a new ICC team and I am hoping to get a spot on it.  It’s nowhere as fun as my main’s guild, but it’s a place to hang out and pew pew.

I find it amusing when I see people in my main guild take it for granted how little drama and failures we have.  We have a tight raid squad, I never yell or stomp my feet when we wipe, and I have our raids scheduled on our website weeks ahead of time.

It’s ugly out there.  People don’t know just how good they have it.


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  1. Irmie said, on March 30, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    You are a great leader. We are a great team. When we’ve really pissed you off, we know it, because a sudden 5 minute break is called, wherein we all sit silently on vent each of us imagining how you are stomping around your house calling each of us horrible names. You come back and we are like children who have seriously disappointed a parent – and we try harder.

    • mrfenris said, on March 30, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      That was nice.

      I don’t even have anything nasty to say.

      Guess I’ll go kick a puppy instead.

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