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Hate is good. It builds character.

Posted in Gaming by mrfenris on March 30, 2010

Lets start with the facts…

CCP Games “merged” with White Wolf.

They are planning a WoD MMO.

NVidia released a video of some of the possible animation for it.

It looks freaking sweet.

However.  Am I REALLY ready for it?

Must we have more big sweaty men playing female characters.  Do I want to play with Hank, who lives in his parent’s basement, has Dorito dust on his fingers, damp spots on his sweat pant clad body, as he plays a Venture seductress to his fullest potential?

Do I really want to get repeatedly owned and teabagged by an 11 year old who just earlier that day got his head shoved into a toilet as he continually griefs me on his Brujah enforcer named BludKilla.

Do I really need some Emo kid getting all weepy on their Toreador as I kick them out of the raid for standing in the sunlight?

Do I really need to head to whatever passes for the bank in that game and see the afore mentioned three having a threesome erotic role-playing session?

That game has the chance to attract everything I can’t stand.

Role-players (WoD ones especially), gamers, and human beings.

I can only imagine the party as it heads into the Nightclub (the dungeon) to slay the Demonic Drug Dealer (the Dragon).  Comprised of a Vampire (crowd control, DoT), 2 Magi (their probably AOE whores too), a Hunter (healer), and a Werewolf (tank).  I kid.  I know at least two of you will take that seriously.

And to out myself.  I used to role-play.  I used to play WoD (the OLD one.  No I don’t think that made it better).  I am a gamer.

I can’t wait to see CCP’s approach to this, although as I understand WW built the new WoD to actually be played together.  (The old games didn’t scale together in lore or stats, but WW kinda just limp dicked their way through it, even though they claimed they never intended them to be played together.)

I think it’s really cool they have this license.  It would have been even cooler 5-6 years ago.

Imma roll a Dhampyr/Mage/Kinfolk with a trenchcoat, who wields a katana in her main hand and a SMG in her offhand.


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