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Pre-weekend, weekend round-up?

Posted in Raid Leading, WoW by mrfenris on April 3, 2010

I realized I am no fun.  I’m fine with this.  There are two kinds of “fun”  in my opinion.  There’s the “Honey I’m having sex with two thick Brazilian swimsuit models and your filming” fun. (Secret:  It would be the best 3 minutes of my life)  Then there’s the “Oh come on it’ll be FUN!”.

The first kind of fun is strictly 100% enjoyment to the said party.  The latter is more an implied “fun” as if hilarity will automatically ensue due to having faith in “the FUN”.  One must not question the Fun.  If the Fun is questioned apparently you are no Fun.

I question the fun and in my experience 99% of things that are predicted to be fun, are not Fun.

Someone put up a random ICC in the guild and we only had to pug one spot.  The absolute best part is I got to go in on my Muti rogue.  Lord Marrowgar’s hit-box is freaking huge.    I mean seriously.  I automatically thought of the line from Predator…(loosely paraphrased)

“I went down on my girlfriend the other day and told her “geez you have a big pussy””.

“She asked why I said it twice”.

He then then explains to the “Indian?” guy that he didn’t.  He said it once, but there was an echo.  Cus it’s big you know…

Anyway, I really enjoy playing other roles in raids because it teaches me more about them.  For instance I think I tank that fight really well, because I minimize the distance melee have to run.  These two tanks did a good job, but they were both new to the encounter and tanked him so the melee were constantly having to run all over creation to get the bone spikes, get behind the target, etc.  Yes we had to melee the spikes down.  Our pug lock was doing a whopping 2k dps and most of us were on our undergeared alts.

On Lady Deathwhisper one of the tanks (remember he’s new) tanked the cleaving Fanatics right next to the Adherent’s the other rogue and I were burning it down.  I made a comment over vent about it, but it seemed to go unnoticed.  We got her down after a second try and away we went.  We did Saurfang then called it, since it was getting kinda late and people were leaving.  It was really satisfying, since I didn’t have to raid lead (and I kept my mouth shut for the most part) and I got to bring my rogue.

There were times I wanted to comment on things, but I think that some things have to be experienced or learned.  I can tell someone why they should do XYZ, but until they see it then in many cases they won’t understand it.  Even more so when someone else is raid leading.  You have to be careful not to cock block them and remove authority for them.  I sent a whisper or two about a few tricks on encounters, but it’s really important to me that you don’t undermine another raid leader (I’m raid officer).

They did a good job, learned from their mistakes (I have a HUGE line of mistakes behind me that I learned from and plenty ahead of me to make) and kept the raid running on time and fairly smooth.  I only did one call out over vent to ignore the adds and go all DPS on the boss, because we were a split second away from chaining into a wipe.  (I know that cus I’ve missed that call before).

Then last night we decided to go finish off Yogg.  Let me be clear in this.  I do NOT enjoy doing encounters I overgear.  I do NOT count them on the same footing as if I was wearing correct ilevel gear.  However we are NOT a raiding guild and more importantly Yogg is an encounter that is about control.  All the gear in the world won’t keep you from getting into the proper portals, keep you from going insane, or give you the endurance to learn all three phases.

I do not claim uberness.  But I am really proud of my guildies because we had been working on it.  We made adjustments as needed, we got in a HUGE hole in phase 3 with adds (I think I had five on me at one time since we had a ton of tentacles up still) and we calmly dug out of it.  Nobody panicked, I never thought about calling a wipe, we just pulled all DPS off Yogg focused down the adds one by one, and each time put a DPS back on Yogg.

Everything was as calm in vent as if we were running RFC.  People had faith in their guildies and understood that we were all depending on each other.  Bang.  Dead Elder God.  At least we killed him in the Wrath raiding cycle and I personally think Ulduar (normal) was harder than Trial of the Crusader (normal).  Fucking loot fest that ToC was.

And now I can take Yogg off the raid schedule.  WOOT.  More ICC!


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