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Posted in General Me by mrfenris on April 7, 2010

Tuesday was a pretty good day.  We dropped off my son at Grandma’s to spend the night and decided to head out to get a bite to eat at a local Chinese place.  See my son is a strange duck.  The poor child was doomed the minute his mother and I stupidly decided we wanted kids.

My son could live solely off of white rice, poached chicken, and cheese pizza.  I swear he does not have any taste buds.  At my house, if you don’t eat what’s for dinner, you don’t eat.  You aren’t made to sit at the table till you eat.  You don’t have to eat “five” bites, you aren’t yelled at.  You just don’t get to eat anything else if you don’t eat what’s for dinner.  So in an hour when he tells me he’s hungry I whip off the Saren Wrap and offer him his uneaten dinner.  Some nights he doesn’t eat.  But HE makes the choice and knows the consequences.

Do claim to be the model parent?  Do I think people should raise their kids like mine?  Hell no.  I want my kid to exploit yours and live at the top of the food chain.  I know my son.  If I give him an inch he’ll take the whole damn mile and declare Imminent Domain.

However I don’t put my son in situations where I know he won’t enjoy what were eating.  I know he HATES onions, so I don’t go crazy on them while cooking.  I know he doesn’t like spicy food, so I’ll cook a small portion without spices for him.  I try not to set up my children to fail.

We don’t normally go to this restaurant because my son doesn’t care for anything there but the white rice.  Dinner when you go out to eat should be a treat so why go some place you know a family member won’t enjoy?

My daughter on the other hand takes after her parents.  Squid?  She’ll try it.  Salsa?  She want’s more.  Hot mustard, “yes peese” she says.  So the three of us settled into a slightly unclean, slightly over salted, slightly above average local Chinese place.  My favorite part about the place is that they have a staircase you have to walk down.  It’s below ground and it’s kind of dim.  The waitress/owner isn’t rude, but she’s abrupt and direct (I like that) and she’s always yelling your order to “Charlie” her husband?/cook/owner.

It’s a very American place.  Immigrants who still hold onto their ethnicity yet their are firmly entrenched in American  society and social structure.  Intermixed with “typical’ Chinese decorations are pictures of their family members meeting members of Congress and governors.  Plaques hold certificates of merit for education for their nieces and nephews.  It’s the kind of place that is important for me and I think is important for America.

Pride in your culture, in your family, yet a hope for something greater.  A “push” towards something out of reach of previous generations.  I don’t think these things are exclusive to Americans.  However I think these are core principles that we Americans should hold dear to us and remember.

Tsing Tao beer is pretty good btw.  I even managed a quick nap on the couch before it was time for my daughters bath (Secret:  I played with Mermaid Barbie), then before I knew it raid time rolled around.

It was an interesting raid night which brought up a few things I’d like to talk about, but I just noticed this post got long.

See above.


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  1. Shari said, on April 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Man, I haven’t been to China Garden in probably 7-8 years, I think. Working on this end of town always makes me want Mandarin House or JW Chen’s if I’m craving Chinese.

    The CG’s a good setting for a fiction/game scene though. I have to admit that.

    We really ought to get together at Khun Daeng sometime — bring your ladies and choose your spice. I bet they’d love it, and you’d get a kick out of the waitress. It’s the best abusive relationship you’ll ever have with one. 😉

    • mrfenris said, on April 7, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      I want Selena Spice.

      Yeah, I walked down the steps and could here the Mai Jong tiles clicking and back room deals being made in my head.

      The piano in the middle of the room always makes me smile.

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