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Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on April 15, 2010

This has probably been expressed elsewhere.  And better.  However this is what I’m worried about with the Star Wars MMO…It’ll be too easy.  There I said it.

No.  I am not in a hardcore raiding guild.  Yes I could function in one EXCEPT for my schedule.  I cannot raid as much or as long as most hardcore guilds.  (Nor do I want to.)

No.  I do not play the “hardest” classes in Warcraft.  I play a Paladin.  (As if any classes are hard to play).  Warriors spare me your QQ, because I plan on rocking face on my own Warrior in Cataclysm.  Keep tossing your tired hyperbole around.

No.  I do not play the “hardest” games out there.  I do not play EVE (since everyone seems to think that’s where the big boys play).  I do not play Shadowbane/thing/whatever it’s called where its open world PvP yadda yadda.

However I want a game that’s got some challenge in it.  I want to have a higher risk factor since that’s what makes me gravitate towards games.  Oh let’s be honest.  Video games are shallow things that are designed to let the players beat them.  At heart they are built to offer personal gratification and are in fact rigged from the get go to allow you to “win”.  I get that.

I want a game that’s got a smallish window for error.  I love fights in Warcraft where if one person makes a mistake it could mean a wipe.  I like being the guy that moves perfectly during an encounter and get’s his raid through the boss.  I want to be good because I’ve developed skills on my own.  Not because of a ramped down difficulty level that enables a god mode.

Granted my info about the Star Wars MMO is limited, but it’s already reminding me of Champions.  (Note:  I have not played Champions, but from the videos I’ve seen and heard it looks too easy even in the everyday questing.)  I want to be the guy that uses all my abilities to get through a three pack of mobs by the skin of my teeth, not to be the guy that stands there and gets gang-banged by all three yet still wins with more the 50% of his health.  (Leveling a rogue as Sub was FUN!)

I’m worried because legions of Star Wars fans will be attracted to SWTOR just because it’s Star Wars.  They want to spend a few hours playing virtual people they only wish they were, kill the bad guys and get some more cool Star wars epics (This is Master Windu’s greatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandpappy’s lightsaber *spurt*) to equip.  I do not care how these people play the game.  I care how they impact the game design.  I’m concerned that Bioware will have the difficulty ramped down so much that they can experience all the game’s content with minimal investment in learning about the game’s mechanics.  Yes I’m scared of the players being too casual.

Some dickwad, will be thinking “Oh you’re a hypocrite because you don’t play all games on Difficulty: Hell or you don’t PvP”.  Not true.  I’m not claiming to need SWTOR to be a complete nightmare slogfest to get through.  I need it to offer a challenge to me where I have to beat an encounter by using my brain instead of just being a fanboy/fanchic faceroll.

There’s a balance that I think can be maintained.  For example I think Blizzard did a very good job in the Wrath raiding cycle with design and difficulty.  Content was available for people who like all levels of difficulties and the average joe scrub could get into raiding, while the premier guilds had their own difficulties.  (Heroic ToC Gormak was stupid design FYI.  Zero Skill.)  I want something to aspire too.  I want something to work towards.

At worst I think SWTOR will be a great “single player” Bioware game.  Which means it will be awesome in terms of storyline.  What I’m worried about is the MMO aspect.  I feel slightly dirty for even mentioning, but I’m completely honest about it.

I’m worried the sucker wanksta fanboys/fanchics will drag down SWTOR.


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  1. Adam said, on April 15, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    I think that it might well fail, but for different reasons. I heard this argument on a podcast today and I think that it’s very valid. Star trek, star wars, lord of the rings, they’re all based on books or films. The important thing is the story. So they have to follow the story and a story can only have so many heros, it can only have so many jedi knights.

    WoW is based on a video game, so it works. Everyone can be a hero and it is easy to balance as the story is made to fit the game, not the other way around.

    • mrfenris said, on April 15, 2010 at 8:09 pm

      Disclaimer: I am thinking in WoW terms of class/group roles.

      I agree. So what raid or instance or encounter would 5-10 Jedi knights be balanced?

      If the classes are that interchangeable what’s the allure to playing multiple classes?

      I don’t want every single game to have the trinity mechanics of a healer/damage/tank but without niches I’m worried about boring gameplay.

      From the design videos I’ve seen a lot of CC mechanics and ZERO healing mechanics. It’s interesting.

      I’m just wondering how they’ll handle “raid” level gameplay.

      And I’d like to point out, that I hope this is a 100% cool and successful game.


      By the way. You own a bar? See I wouldn’t transfer for Undergeared or Project Gank, but I would totally switch servers for some Patron, limes, and beer to sip on.

      • Adam said, on April 16, 2010 at 7:10 am

        Sure do. Way up in the Italian Alps in Trentino. Stop by some time.

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