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Posted in Gaming, General Me, Raid Leading, WoW by mrfenris on April 23, 2010

Unrelated:  Tobold hit it on the head for the most part.

I am a life long gamer.  After ten-something years of marriage my wife finally understands.  We are not like normal people.  Normal people don’t take half a day off work to come home and play a board game.  Normal people don’t know the odds of the combined number ten coming up on 3D6.  Normal people don’t fly across the country to play a video game with people who they can play with from their own home.

I tried to relate too her it’s much like how I used to think Polish Americans were like other “white” people.  I assumed they were just your average boring, unable to dance, white peoples.  They are not.  Once I was on the inside (and poking one) their true nature manifested.  Their loud, fierce, goofy, family oriented, religious, party happy people who love to start shit just for the sake of drama.  I love them and my wife’s family.  (Secret:  I make sure I drink a lot before family functions).

In fact I have dubbed my Polish in-laws, “White Mexicans”.  They act the same way.  And Polka?  My god that’s just a step from Mexican music.  (The running joke at my house is that since my kids are Mexican/Polish they are going to break into their own cars and steal them).

I have no idea where I’m headed in my next stage as a gamer.  MMO’s are fantastic for me except for the part of having to play with other people.  The very thing that draws me too them, makes me want to leave.

I think the time I have left in WoW I want to spend getting my guildies over a few humps we have in front of us.  I want them to become a working unit in regards to raiding.  I want people to be interchangeable in regards to roles and teach them to think and react on their own and not wait for the raid leader to say something.  We’ve made a lot of strides over the years.  We used to be halfass social guild that couldn’t even find a raid entrance.  Now we’ve (and it’s a GROUP effort) transformed into a small solid social guild that clears content with a laid back approach.

I’ve been trying to prepare someone to take my spot when I’m gone.  We’ve got a bunch of people who have lots of great abilities to bring to the table, it just seems no one wants to step up and take the responsibility.  I can understand that.  The problem is I think their worried about making mistakes and letting people down.  I understand, but it’s funny to me because they don’t realize how many mistakes I’ve made over the years.  It’s part of the learning process.

Single player games are fantastic for me, but great games come along once in a blue moon.  I like being able to *pause* my game and go sit on the couch with the wife and watch a 40 minute (DVR FTW) TV show, then go back into the office and squeeze off some more headshots.

GTA IV update.

1.  I have shot and killed police officers.  I know I said I wouldn’t.  One particular mission is impossible without it.  I am a hypocrite.

2.  I killed Dwayne instead of Playboy.  No I did not look up ahead  of time to see the outcomes.  Here’s why.  Playboy is a fake ass gangster.  Dwayne’s the “harder” of the two.  But ever since prison Dwayne’s been out of sorts, talking about killing himself and stuff.  Playboy lives in a penthouse, Dwayne lives in the projects.  Whose got more bankroll?

I could just buy an Xbox 360.  My son’s older now and while he still enjoys the Wii I think an Xbox would see more use from multiple people now.  I may buy one this X-Mas when we buy a new TV.

I was “this” close to running a role-playing game again.  I’ve got my custom setting, had a few players in mind, and an interesting story to delve into.  I haven’t ran a game in nearly two years.  I’m sure some folks have attributed it to me playing WoW, but that’s really a bullshit halfass reason.

At one point there was some real immaturity going on in the little social circle of RPG players I knew.  WoW was “teh debil” and people got out their soap boxes and acted superior and like fucktards.  I try to stay out of cliques and bullshit.  I’m sure people had their piece to say about me, but I’ve always been of the attitude if you don’t have the stones to bring it to me, you can go fuck yourself.

But two large reasons I don’t play RPGs with my friends anymore are …

1.  Because I don’t like firm commitments.  If I don’t log into WoW for 3 days and nobody misses me.  If I no-show a RPG game I’m running, 4-5 other peoples lives are impacted.

2.  I got tired of the clique.  Whose pissed at who, this guy sucks cus of XYZ, you gotta invite this person if you invite that person, etc.  Fuck it.  I don’t have time for that shit.  Ya’ll are fucking up my Wa.

Let me put this out there.  I LIKE my friends a lot.  I like their flaws.  I accept them as that being part of them (Just like I know the accept my flaws too).  But I don’t want the basis of our friendship to revolve around an RPG game.

So anyway before I got preachy I was saying how I was close to running an RPG.  Then my wife got pregnant *shakes fist at the mail man*. So that idea got moved to the back burner for a bit.  Oh sure, I could run a shorter game.  That’s not the issue.  My life is just crammed full of enough stuff.  I don’t want to cram something that’s supposed to be fun on top of it all.

I wasn’t too keen on running a game in the summer also.  That’s when my workload explodes and I put in about 10 hours at work and 2 more hours at home every day.

I dunno.  But tonight I plan on kicking back, pouring myself a Pepsi with a LOT of ice in it, logging into WoW, and tanking like a mofo.


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  1. Derek said, on April 23, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I’m curious to see what game outdoes WoW. Let me know when it happens.

    1. I like and hate the commitment. I like structure, but hate being a slave to the schedule. Go figure.

    2. Move out of the clique, at least somewhat. I did that three ways. One, disappeared for awhile, many different factors. Two, came back to a GM I’d never played under, I’m playing instead of running, and I wasn’t comfortable with going in blind to a setting or rules system I didn’t know. Three, I joined a group that has shit all to do with the old clique. I went in as a player, did a bang up job (and I swear I’m a shifty player), and now they’ve asked me to run for them. The group really lacks in awesome, but they make up for it by not being a clique (if there’s an open seat, I get to decide who comes in, within reason) and really wanting to beyhere to have fun – not wag their dicks around showing how awesome they are.

    I start running next month, we’ll see how it goes.

  2. Adam said, on April 24, 2010 at 9:32 am

    I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to play some D&D over video skype. Because if it would, I’d join your game. Mind you, I have a habit of pissing off GM’s …

  3. cruelbutterfly said, on April 24, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I killed Playboy. Dwayne just seemed too pathetic to kill. You make an interesting case for putting him out of his misery. On the other hand if you don’t kill Dwayne he gets what he really needs a friend and you get Playboy’s crib, which I rather enjoyed. It also works better with the theme’s of redemption vs. being a terrible criminal SOB that Niko is dealing with imo. I’ll be curious to hear what you choose at the end of the game.

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