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I hate Earth Day.

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on April 26, 2010

I am tired of Earth Day.  We pick one day for assholes to pretend they’re not assholes and plant a tree.  Celebrities get to stand on their soap boxes (because you know having a Nickelodeon show makes you an expert on Biology) and parrot what they’ve heard.  Companies get to change their logos green in solidarity of a “Global Event”, then go back to shipping their trash out to sea on barges.

Suck me.

I suppose I am a bit pissy today, being Monday and all.  My coffee is slowly working, I had to move all my stuff back in my office since they did my floors this weekend, and I’m generally kinda a dick anyway.

Now, for whatever reason I sometimes get pegged as a “stalwart Republican” amongst my social group.  Someone will make a “liberal leaning” political comment and look at me sheepishly as if I am supposed to take offense and argue against it.

I don’t even vote Republican all the time, but somehow I’ve gotten pegged as the “Conservative” guy  (apparently they eat babies).  I try to never talk politics with  people.  One reason being, I just don’t care what you think.  My political beliefs are rooted in information, common sense, and philosophy.  I do not broadcast it to the world, I do not try to move other people to my line of thinking.

Another reason being is that people never want to “talk”.  They only want to tell you why your wrong.  Nine times out of ten they just parrot the last person they heard expound on some political topic.  And news channels?  Don’t get me started.  I never trust anything driven by ratings.  Never.

I am tired of all the hyperbole.

I am tired of the same people with fish with feet stickers on their cars screaming about evolution, while their eyes well up when talking about “climate change”, and they tell us we are part of nature.

Yet they completely remove themselves from the cycle, when talking about how man is wrecking the planet, and some evil monster hell bent on killing as many baby seals as possible.  Somehow mankind is removed from the cycle and must be stopped because he’s “unnatural”.  We are the only species that does XYZ, we are destroying the planet, we are destroying the natural world.

If we are truly part of this world then why aren’t we judged and viewed as part of it?  What if it’s part of our evolution as a species to destroy anything we touch?  Why do the same people who defend evolution insist on keeping the world exactly as is?  Why do they defend building highways across some acre of land that a cactus grows in?  Why do they not allow the world to truly evolve alongside man?  Why must mankind not impact the world around them?

If man is part of the natural world, then why isn’t every single horrible thing he does considered evolution of that world and his species?  Life continues along the same path until it encounters an obstacle.  At that point it can either adapt or die.

I’m not defending companies dumping toxic waste.  I am not encouraging the slashing and burning of forests, but I don’t understand why Mankind always gets left out of the equation when were talking about the “natural world”.

Man is a powerful creature.  We can destroy ways of life, we can destroy nations, we can destroy ourselves.  We are not the pinnacle of life in my eyes.  We are a new species, untested with our entire legacy before us.  The true crime against the beauty and wonder of life to me is when we remove ourselves from it and act superior.

For the record, I’m sure I’ll be accused as some sort of environmental hating, bible thumping (LOL), endangered species buttfucking, whale calf eating, psycho that is upset that they are forced to recycle by their local government.  Yeah I’m not gonna even defend myself to that lunacy.  You’re a broken record.  Die already.  No please do.  I want your land.

I think it’s fantastic that SOME people are conscious of their environment and their place within it.  I think it’s great people are making an effort to live within the world and not lording above it.  But let’s dial it down a notch please and stop being intellectually dishonest.

Hate Mankind all you want.  Blame him for the “destruction” of the world all you want.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking that we are somehow “above” the laws of evolution.  What we do, good or bad, is part of the evolution of Earth and ourselves.

And fuck Avatar.


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  1. Derek said, on April 26, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    For how awesome everyone says that movie is and how “deep” the message is, none of those fucks will do anything to make a difference. They don’t recycle effectively and insist on driving cars with high levels of emissions. I thought it had pretty pictures.

    If you need a holiday to participate in something, you aren’t part of that “club.”

    I think you may have conservative leanings, but that doesn’t mean you’re conservative. I know you vote for the reason, not the party.

    Is this when you rage?

    • mrfenris said, on April 27, 2010 at 4:19 pm


      It’s what I get for posting after I see James Cameron’s smug face.

      Actually I haven’t been sleeping well. I keep seeing colors swirl in front of my eyes when I close them and my thoughts are racing.

      Happens every now and then. I just usually head down to the couch and catch up on soap operas at 3am.

      Days Of Our Lives, FTW bisches!

  2. Adam said, on April 27, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Your coffee isn’t working properly.

    I live in Italy, (fuck knows why), and the latest environmental fad here is recycling. Which means that the onus is on the consumer, not the producers of goods who can go on putting their products in any fucking container they want. People come over to my house, look around and note that I am not recycling. Fuck no, I reply with glee. They then get all haughty while they begin their lecture which I then proceed to cut off immediately.

    “Didn’t we have dinner at your house the other month and you served everything on plastic plates with plastic utensils and cups so you wouldn’t have to wash up afterwards?”

    “Yes, but we recycle that stuff! Look at our recycling bins!”

    Go fuck yourselves, you hypocritical mongrel do-gooders.

    • mrfenris said, on April 27, 2010 at 4:28 pm

      re: coffee

      No doubt. I keep buying the cheap shit too.

      I might move back to drinking tea, but I can’t drink tea without sugar. And sugar tries to kill me.

      All the sugar substitutes taste like dick.

      I do recycle though. But I use illegal child labor to haul it.

  3. ReversionLFM said, on April 27, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    What, you did not like “Smurfs In Space Meets Furngully?” Or as I like to call it Dune-ahontas. Can you paint with all the colors of the spice?
    Anyone that did not see that it was warmed over last month’s leftover plot reanimated with political BS and spray painted with snazzy effect needs to get out more. That ‘noble savage’ condescending garbage was old over a century ago.
    I laughed my butt off at people gushing about the flick’s ‘originality’. I bet you 100 gold there is a book over a hundred years old using the same plot with cowboys and Indians. Or explorers and spear wielding natives. And I know for a fact there is 40 year old Sci Fi with that plot.
    And ‘unobtainium?’ Who takes the oldest engineering joke in the book, makes it a critical plot element and expects us to not just laugh at it. For those that don’t know unobtainium is a very old engineer’s joke for a material with physical characteristics that are impossible or ‘unobtainable’. They might as well have said ‘magic pixxy dust’.
    I want to watch Avatar II. The one where the corporation comes back with a giant asteroid, pulverizes the planet and mines the drifting rubble right out of space.

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