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Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on April 30, 2010

I’m such a geek.  This morning I was showing some new employees how to operate a piece of equipment for some work along a riverbank and felt like I was some sci-fi Sargeant teaching his Marines about their standard issue pulse rifle.

*Gathered in a circle around the mower*

“What we have here ladies is the DR Field and Brush mower. *pats handle* This baby will take down any soft wood and any hard wood an inch in diameter.” *looks and points at one of the new guys* “That’s about as big as your pecker son.”

“This mower will also take off your foot and your co-workers foot if you choose to operate it in an irresponsible manner.  If I see you acting in an irresponsible manner, you will no longer operate the DR Field and Brush mower.  Instead you will be using your bare hands to finish this clean up.”

*points at various features*

“Located here is the choke, the throttle, the PTO lever, the safety switch, the hand brake, the chain drive, the deck belt.  We will now break into groups of three to commence start-up procedures.”

Thank you Dad.  For describing every single tool to me like you were still a Sargeant in the Army.  “Son what you have here is a 20 oz roofing hammer, you’ll notice that head is different then your standard hammer…” Oh and heaven help me if you referred to his Entrenching Tool as a shovel.  He would come unglued and spend the next 10 minutes showing you how to kill a man with said E-Tool.

I realized I have a pet peeve when it comes to healing in raids.  When someone else heals my target I get pissed.  I realize their just helping out and dropping an extra HoT on them, but it annoys me to no end.  I want to key down and yell in vent, “get the fuck off my target!”.  Maybe it’s just because I’m a pally healer and I see then drop a HoT *right* before my cast lands.

I don’t get mad when I’m tanking and a bored tank taunts an extra mob off me.  In fact I encourage them to if their bored or can handle another.  But when I’m healing I want to punch someone in the ear (ever been punched in the ear?  It hurts.) when they heal my target.  50% of my healing is overheals anyway and your blanket covering my assignments just makes it worse.  I actually have a habit of letting my assignment take a bit of damage before I start healing.  I mean I like to see life bars move.  It’s not my fault that Wrath raid design has unlimited mana pools where a healer can just spam heals, without even waiting to see if the target needs it.

I really enjoy my level 55 Holy Priest.  It’s really nice to actually have a variety of spells to cast based on the situation.  I secretly love those moments where my party is about to die but I can bring them all back from the brink by using AOE heals.  I love the tools a priest has at their fingertips.  You can drop renews to keep people “even”, flash heals to take bigger chunks, bubbles to buy yourself some time while you work on other party members, and then the big daddies like Circle of Healing and Holy Nova.  I don’t cast Prayer of Healing too often to “save” my party since it’s got such a long cast time.  Instead I use it when I *know* there’s about to be a lot of raid damage coming so I can precast it to land right after the damage hits.  If the damage doesn’t land I just move to cancel the spell and save the mana.

One thing about leveling up via pugging is you always find yourself with something to do heal-wise.

I love my guild, but everyone is 80 or making a mad dash to 80.  I think I’d like to take my priest out of the guild and find a big guild filled with scrubs that has a wide range of levels.  I’m not sure what I want to do with my priest, but I know I’d like to stay Holy.  I really enjoy the array of abilities they have and the fact that I have to think of which spell to use it certain situations.  Discipline seems really cool, but I got bored when I’d shield my target, renew them when it popped, and wait to be able to shield them again.  I need things to constantly do or I get bored.  (Secret:  I like to rearrange my backpacks while raid tanking.)

If I’m going to keep playing WoW, I think I need to fresh challenge and a new start.  My Holy priest just might be the ticket.  Although I think I’ll pay for a race change.  I went Blood Elves because I think they have the easiest starting zone in terms of quest locations, but I really don’t care for belfs all that much.

Hell maybe I’ll go Alliance.  Dun dun dun.


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  1. ReversionLFM said, on May 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    You need an auto packing addon and a hobby. Or maybe a good book. Personally I do get annoyed when someone taunts one of ‘mine’ I have to hit challenging roar and round up all of theirs. Rawr!

    • mrfenris said, on May 3, 2010 at 11:12 pm

      Currently my new favorite hobby is to turn Dragons into the raid to cleave and use their breath on people.

      We’ve been working on Sindragosa and when we’re headed to a wipe, it’s kinda fun to see how many people I can get her to kill.

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