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Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on May 11, 2010

It’s pouring down rain.  Which means I sent all my guys home except for my Union employee.  Which means I am saving money in wages and can keep people longer, but it also means that it’s a day without generating any revenue.  And I can’t afford many of them.

I have from April till it snows to generate revenue for the entire year’s budget.  So that’s twelve months of budget that I have seven months to come up with.  I hate rain days with a passion.  Opportunity lost.


It does give me a chance to catch up on paperwork, scour Elitist Jerks “Hunter ICC tips” thread, and get some peace and quiet.

My DPS feels too low in Surv and it’s bothering me.  I can’t tell whats “right”.  I average about 3ishk sustained in Heroics and can hit 5k on individual fights, but right now I just feel lacking.

I have been leveling my Crab for PvP so I haven’t been using an ideal combat pet and that’s what about 600-800 DPS I’m missing since I’m not using my wolf.  I did however name my crab after a friend of mine in the fashion of “BobsCrabs”.  I like to emote licking them in public.  It’s the little things.

*Huntard licks BobsCrabs*

I have NOT been using Volley on pulls.  I’ve still be getting mah fingahs used to the survival rotation.  Generally I open up with…

Hunters Mark – Explosive Shot – Aimed or Multi – Black Arrow – Serpent Sting.

I try to shoot off a freezing trap for a lock and load proc, but I find Survival to be very spiky in terms of outgoing damage.  I’ve gone entire boss fights without a Lock and Load proc, which lowers my overall DPS.  Of course Heroic bosses usually last about a minute, but I dunno.  Now that I think about it Heroic trash pulls, outside the ICC 5 mans, any stings fired on a mob that’s primary target are going to be wasted.  Might as well Steady Shot.  Or hell Volley since thats what it’s for.

I’m starting to wuss out and think about going Marksman for tonight’s raid.  “But but but my Marksman pillow is sooo comfy Mom, I don’t wanna go to Survival school.”

Did the PvP thing for a bit last night.  I still suck.  The only one on one match ups I can win are if my opponent is a complete scrub or if I can get them down to 50% before they close.  I’m starting to notice a few things.

Once I’m sapped I’m dead.  Even with a trinket.  Even with Master’s Call.  I’m dead.  I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just macro my Deterrence to my PvP trinket.  That would be assuming that they don’t share a global cooldown.  I just can’t get any separation between myself and the rogue after I’m stunned.

If I can kite a rogue I will mostly likely win unless their Sprint is up (Hmmm now I’m wondering if you can tranq shot off Sprint) or they’re Combat and have their cooldown up.  I can’t do shit if they can Shadowwhatever thingy me.  It’s all *BAMF* *STABSTABSTABSTABSTAB*  *teabag*.

Someone teabagged me yesterday after I got ganked by 3 guys.  Uh, yeah.  You got me.

Warriors wreck my day.  They take forever to try to kill and their charge bullshit means their always in my face.  Even if I can maintain distance I’m getting beat to hell while doing it and it ends up taking forever and some other guy comes over and finishes me off.

Oh an I hate all you warlocks too.  Nothing like killing an enemy only to slowly die from his curses cus you can’t heal yourself.  I guess I should start carrying food and potions.  I still am not very prepared.

Shammy Lava ball of whatever still ruins my day.  I try to time my deterrence but yeah, whatever.  I see a big red ball coming towards me then I accept my res.  Elemental Shaman seems to require the same amount playing skill as a Hunter.  Oh yes I did.

I’ve never been past Marrowgar on my Hunter.  I’m actually excited about going into Lower Spire for the first time in weeks.

No doubt the server is sure to be down all day.


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  1. Tyrsalt said, on May 11, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    I know what you mean about rogues. I have been slowly getting my DK to pvp status and they have been the bane of my existence. I scared my wife and woke the baby up from a nap one sunday when i finally beat one. Well not one but two who actively trying to stun lock me. And tenacity was only at 1 stack. Just barely made it out alive, oh Happy Day!

    • mrfenris said, on May 13, 2010 at 9:41 pm

      It’s weird. Sometimes I have no problem bursting them down.
      Sometimes I can’t do shit too them.

      I’m guessing it’s a large matter of resilience?

  2. Irmie said, on May 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    I thought, back in the day at least, that you wanted to open with a sting, then black arrow, then explosive to proc lnl. It may have changed since I last looked at surv, but I thought the sting and black arrow helped out your explosive?

    • mrfenris said, on May 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm

      You are 100% correct. They help out on all my damage.

      Honestly the only reason I’m using Explosive Shot over them is because EJ says that you get more DPS buy not delaying ES in order to get off your BA and SS.

      If it works or not, I dunno.

      In my case I’m believing something I read on the internet.

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