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Huntard vs Robin Hood

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on May 12, 2010

The archer, stands as erect as the deadly arrows in his quiver, bow held taught and ready.  A single bead of sweat drip slowly trickles down his forehead as he holds his breath and waits for the moment in which his arrow will fly.  The supreme moment comes and he let’s go of both the arrow and his breath, his arrow speeding from his bow.  It streaks through the air and into its target, its head diving through skin and muscles seeking its new home.  The archer draws again and inhales.

The archer can kiss my ass.

I am a Huntard, a wheeling, dealing, jet flying, limo riding (Thank you Ric Flair), son of gun.  I move around the battle, I jump in mid-air and spin around to shoot, I throw traps, explosive arrows, I train mother fucking wolves to eat people, I fly through the air backwards shooting people in the face the whole time.  I am John Woo’s wet dream.

If Robin Hood faced off against me it would look like this…

*Huntard looks down at the arrow sticking out of his chest*

Huntard:Resilience bitch.”

*Huntard fires off his Explosive Shot into the tree where Robin Hood was hiding*


*Huntard walks over to Robin Hood’s corpse.  Loots*

You receive 65 silver, 39 copper.
You receive Maid Marianne’s panties.

ICC raid last night went really well.  We had new person raid leading and she did a really good job.  Everyone else did their part and it was a really fun night.

HOLY HELL Hunters are OP.  (and so is the ICC buff)

I sustained an average of 5.5k on bosses in my junk gear.  On Fester gut I hit 7.2k.  Those aren’t “real raiderz” numbers but man, I know it’s not skill.  Especially since I just switched specs recently restarted playing this character.

Broke ass ranged DPS.  If I was melee I’d have to work 2x as hard.

Marrowgar is kinda boring.  Stupid people always getting spiked so I have to pull off my target to shoot the bone spikes.  Then he decides he’s gonna go sit on your head and “BOOOOAAAAAANNNNNEEEESSSSTOOOORRRRMMM”.  Eff you buddy, imma Disengage and keep DPSing.  Oh wait.  Your gonna follow me and keep spinning on my head.  Fine.  Deterrence and Rocket Boots outta there.  Oh.  Still following me huh?  Fine.  *mutters*

Lady D is fun.  It’s weird.  I’m kinda like a Muti rogue when it comes to her adds.  If they get off a transformation, my explosive shot seemed to be all spell damage.  After my adds were dead I just plugged away at other peoples.

Gunship.  I never realized how much damage you can keep your ship from taking by shooting the enemy gunners.  Sheesh.

Saurfang.  I used my crab on this to pinch the Bloodbeasts in place.  Wasn’t needed.  But it’s always nice to see my healer’s crabs (Named after one of our healers).  The bloodbeast hardly ever got out of the scrum before they were dead.

Festergut is Festergut.  Oh I just stand here and shoot?  I lick that shit up.

Rotface is Rotface.  Although I never noticed how small the room actually is when I’ve tanked the slimes.  I was moving a ton this fight, just getting out of environmentals and his damn slime spray that seemed to follow me everywhere.

Professor Putrecide is one of my favorite fights in ICC.  This was the only encounter we stumbled on.  Took us three tries to get it.  The first time we left a slime up in the third phase.  Second time we didn’t stack well enough on the green slime’s target.  Man I never realized how useful my rocket boots are.  I used them all the time to sprint across the room and get to a green slime just before it exploded.

I kept using Snake Trap on the green oozes and according to our WoL report it seems that they absorb damage from the green ooze’s explosion when it hit’s it’s target.  *shrug*  I heard about it somewhere.  Looks like it works.  This fight is soo much fun.  Jump shots, keeping stings up, moving from side to side to get range on the oozes, disengaging and flying across the room.

I had an absolute blast.  Even when I accidently pet pulled a room of trash and activated a trap at the same time.

*Angry raid looks at Huntard as the monsters come screaming down the hallway*

Raid: “What did you do Ray?!” (ala Ghostbusters)
Huntard: “Opps?  I was moving a keybinding…”

So now here I sit.  I need 6 agility gems cut, enchants for my new shoulders, chest, staff, and chest piece.

Not a bad place to be.  I’m starting to like this Short Bus DPS stuff.


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