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Shut up and shoot

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on May 13, 2010

I’ve been in raids where your halfway through the instance and some wussy ass person drops because they need sleep (your meat body is weak!), and you pick up either a pug or someone you don’t quite know from your guild.  Your sitting mid-run, having wiped the last five times on this boss who should be on farm, and the new addition pipes up with a “I’ve never done this boss.  What do I do?”

Everyone in the raid face palms, not because he’s never done it, but because they know their raid leader is going to go through his 20 minute power point strategy for the fourth time.  However by this point in the evening, your raid leader is so tired of people needing bathroom breaks, wanting to go gem upgrades mid-raid, slacktards dying in the fire, and his own general self loathing for taking the job in the first place, that he just breaks it down by the new persons class.

Tank: “Tank the boss here.”
Healer: “Heal whoever needs it.”
DPS: “Just DPS.”

And that’s that.

I’m actually wondering what my job is as DPS.  Is it really that I just stand there and DPS?  I’m used to staggering tanking cooldowns, positioning, threat levels, raid leading, dealing with guildies mid run, telling my nearby sleeping dogs about stupid raiders, watching everyone’s positioning and numbers, etc.

Now I stand there and shoot.  And shoot.  And shoot.  Still shooting over here.  Hey!  See me?  I’m still shooting.

Oh sure, I dodge streams of fire, jump over arcane death spells, and kite mobs around while plinking them, but it’s all so I can hurry up and get back to shooting.  I am expected to keep shooting.  I am expected to bring “x” amount of DPS (and “y” if I can) per encounter so we can kill the boss.  Outside of the rare special assignment…

Raid Leader: “Huntard run Aspect of Nature for resists!”
Huntard: “Awww come on it lowers my DPS!”
Raid Leader: “Do it.”
Huntard:  *grumbles and thinks* Fine but I’m rolling on that Spellpower staff if it drops.

Does just standing there and DPSing sum up my job?  Between boss fights I’m like that soldier who sleeps in the chopper on the way to the drop point.

Pilot: “Get ready boys were taking heavy fire!”
Huntard:  *wakes up* “It’s just trash, wake me up when we get to the boss.” *goes back to sleep*

Is that really the life of a DPS?  Is it that easy?  And if it is…

Why the fuck nine times out of ten are you the reason we wipe on encounters?


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