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Posted in Uncategorized by mrfenris on May 24, 2010

*dramatic movie trailer guy voice*

“Coming to WOW TV this fall…”

*Camera moves rapidly down the hallways of Hellfire Citadal*

“You’ve seen him heal as a Shadow Priest in Rage Fire Chasm…”

*Fel Orcs start running down the halls away from the camera screaming and waving weapons*

“He’s braved the horror that is Maraudon…”

*Camera swings around a corner and zooms towards a small distant figure standing at the end of the hall.*

“He’s broken through the Dark Portal at level 58…”

*Camera zooms to a Blood Elf priest wearing scrubs and a surgical mask, standing in front of operating room doors.  Bored, he watches the Fel Orcs come screaming and running at him*

“But is he ready for his greatest challenge?”

*screen goes black*

“Healing Deathtards.”

*Shot of 4 Death Knights in their starter armor, drooling and smashing their weapons on the walls and ground like chimpanzees*

*Slo-motion close up shot from above.  The Belf priest looks up and yells*


“Tune in this season on…DOCTOR HOLY MD!”

*DOCTOR HOLY MD, logo shot*

Not much WoWing this past week.  Sat out for Tuesday’s raid so someone else could go.  Friday I couldn’t make it since I was helping my wife make cakes at 11pm when she got home for work.  Said cakes were for my daughters third birthday party the following day.  I logged on a little Saturday night and ran a friend through all three new ICC 5-mans.  Man I’m rusty at tanking.  I was just kinda looking at my screen going “Uh dur….this button isn’t on cooldown I’ll press it.”

I sucked.  We’ll I was better than your average pug tank, but I sucked for my standards.  Sunday night I played my priest a little.  That in and of itself was an experience.

So I’m a level 61 Holy priest.  I’m fairly competent at it.  The only times, I get “behind” on healing is when a party decides to try to kill itself, and I have to dig down deep into my pocket and pull out my Prayer of Healing.  Otherwise Flash heal, Circle of Healing and Imp. Renew are more than adequate at keeping up my babies.

Then I hit Outlands and encountered the strange and unusual beast known as the Death Knight.  It was as if I was a momma bird who settled down into her nest to feed her four little precious chicks and turned around to discover one of them was this huge fat Cowbird who was screaming and kicking at the other chicks in the head.  Almost as if it was trying to kill them.

Now let me be the first to say I do not cast dispersion on every single Death Knight out there.  I have my own level 78 duel wield Frost DK tank.  I do not think they are inferior tanks (trust me I play a Pally, so I have heard all the Warrior bullshit).  However due to them instantly being level 50-something and the fact that everyone and their mother wants to make one, means that at my level bracket my looking for group queues are full of them.  And every one of them thinks they are the tank.

DK’s randomly going in and out of Frost Presence, DKs with untrained abilities (my rankwatch was going off nonstop), multiple DPS DK’s Death Griping mobs off each other, pulling multiple packs of mobs, DK tanks not getting any threat on the casters who just stand there and hurl spells at me.  Dude you’re the anti-caster tank!

There must be something in the Outlands air that makes players stupid.  I think somewhere Illidan has this big plant thats pumping out Stupid Gas all over Outlands.  Not only were they not prepared…they were stupid!

Le sigh.

It was so bad I left a group mid run and went and specced Disc.  I didn’t have any problem keeping anyone up as Holy, but I found myself out of mana nearly every single bad pull.  Then I’d try to get a drink, but a bell would ring and the next round of Tard Fight would start.

So I re-spec and re-glyph to Discipline.  WOW.  What a world of difference.  Now I can slap a bubble on my special needs babies and do multiple bad pulls without drinking.   Between Power word: Shield, Penance, and Holy Nova I am like the world’s greatest Special Ed Teacher.

I’ve really tried to stay away from Disc.  Nothing wrong with it, but I really enjoyed Holy and was working towards being a raid healer since it seemed like a challenge.  (My Paladin is SOOOO boring to heal on.)  I like having to heal every few seconds when I’m Holy.  But to save my own sanity I’ve had to go Disc just to survive.

Maybe I’ll try Holy again in Northrend.  Until then, I gotz bubblez yo.


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  1. Irmie said, on May 26, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Once you go disc….you never go back. Embrace the bubble.

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