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Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on May 31, 2010

I’ve been off work since Friday at 8:40 AM.  Four days off in a row is unheard of for me.  Hell two days off without doing any work is unheard of for me.  In four days time this is what I’ve found out…

My son remembers to take his medication more often than I remember to give it to him.

Iron Man 2 reminds me that my tail-bone still hurts from when I fell down the steps months ago and broke it and I’ve never wanted to be a pair of tight black S.H.I.E.L.D pants more in my life.

The Champions Online free demo sucks.  You can download the starting zone and be bored to tears.  Over and over and over.  Graphics “fit” it, but unless you turn it up to eleven and turn on the black outline it looks soul-less.  Somehow I feel like Cryptic is showing new potential players the worst part of the game.  Reminds me why I hate the Super Hero “tights and capes” genre.  Black Widow’s pantaloons aside.

I’m still calling it now.  Star Wars the Old Republic combat is going to be Champions Online combat.

The character creator is hands down AWESOME.  It reminded me of Spore.  The best part of both games are probably the character creator.  Although the first part of Spore when you’re a little micro-organism was a lot of fun.  It felt frantic and simulated “eat or be eaten” very well in my opinion.

My wife still thinks I’m crazy when I grill outside in the pouring rain.  I can’t help it.  I lovingly rubbed these ribs down myself like they were a fine, thick, woman.  These babies are too good for gas, they need to be slow cooked over charcoal.

Disc priesting in Outlands has been a total blast.  I used to think it was boring when I tried Disc out the first time.  Bubble, stare at the wall, bubble, go get a drink.  Now if I’ve got a good group and I’m bored I stop using bubble altogether and just roll my Renews, Flash Heals, and Penance if needed.  Binding Heal is awesome for when things go south.  I hate to say it I almost like it when things go bad.  Gives me something to do.  People have asked me why I’ve Glyphed Holy Nova for the 20% increase to it, but man it’s awesome.  I haven’t used Prayer of Healing since I left Holy.  Seems like people overlook Holy Nova for non-raid level healing.

98% of the information about World of Warcraft is meant for endgame characters only.  I’d say that was problematic but the game is stupid easy.  You can hit 80 and have no idea how to play.

I’ve slept more these past four days then I have in the past 2 weeks.

Single parent weekends are a little harder when one of your children is grounded from video games.  I wish he was ungrounded because he’s been dying to get Super Mario Galaxies 2.  But I can’t go back and give him parole.  He can smell weakness a mile away and resents it.

I’ve become my father a bit more these past couple years.  Now instead of enjoying holidays off, I lament that it’s a day I’m not getting any work done and it’s setting me back just that much further.

“You know we’ll have a good time then.”


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