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Player vs Stunlock

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on June 30, 2010

Rogue PvP in my experience is different than any other class’s PvP.   With most “attack” based classes you try to out damage the enemy with large bursts of damage, while they do the same to you.  I’ll admit Rogues can and some do this to an extent, but it seems to me Rogues PvP is built more towards keeping the enemy from attacking said Rogue.  Cheap Shots, Kidney Shot, Blind, Garrote, Disarm, etc.

Of course this is most likely perceived common knowledge, but until you PvP (even badly like me) you don’t fully understand how deep it runs.  What I’m discovering is that against single targets, I stun them and get some combo points, stack some more combo points with more whittling, stun them again, pool some energy and whittle some more, and then pop a CD like Killing Spree.  Usually you have a dead target.  If you don’t just use a finisher and your on your way.

If the fight gets drug out and they Can actually *gasp* fight back and stuff you can just stall them with a Blind or Vanish and choose  to run or re-engage.  You don’t have to sit there and chest bump, like two dumbass warriors “clubberin” each other with shield bonks.

Horde Warrior:  “You want a piece of me foo!”
Alliance Warrior:  “Yeah it’s go time!  Bring it!”
*They scuffle for 20 minutes neither one hurting the other.*
Horde Warrior:  “Wanna just go screw?”
Alliance Warrior:  “Thought you’d never ask.”

Vanish is your vehicle to saying “Nah, I don’t like the odds.  Later!” or “I just Vanished to Cheap Shot/Backstab/Ambush/Whatever your ass again.” You tend to choose the terms of your engagement more so then any other class.  Do you take away their weapon?, if it’s a caster do you silence them?, do you just sap em and go?, etc.

Which brings me to the fact that I and every one I know HATES fighting a rogue, because you don’t actually fight them.  They keep you locked up, while they strip off your hide.  There’s not much fun or engaging about fighting a rogue.

  • You can’t even see them to start with since their stealthing.
  • By the time you do see them, they are busy paddling your ass.
  • They have some great tools to run away from you if it’s actually a “fair” fight or their losing.

Conversely there is no better feeling if you’re a rogue and sapping some sap riding by on her $25 dollar sparkle pony, kicking a caster in the face as they try and get off a spell, cheap shotting some poor fool then bending him over the pool table, having 4 stacks on Tenacity and hitting Fan of Knives, and lastly disappearing and running away from someone whose just beating your ass.  It always makes me giggle watching them aoe around, trying to find me.

Are Rogue players sadists by nature or is that just me?

Rogue PvP playing experience can be summed up in the following…

If your ass just got taxed by a Rogue, you slam your mouse down and let loose some nerd rage directed and Rogues and how it takes zero skill to play one, and how their players are all 14-year-old misfits no doubt starting their own Trench Coat Mafia.


If you just taxed someone’s ass on your Rogue, you just smile a huge face splitting grin and go off hungrily looking for your next mark.  And giggle.

Oh yeah.  BTW.  I suck on my Rogue.  Lucky for me, I don’t fight fair and some people out there suck way more than me.


Do I really have four characters?

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 28, 2010

Mrfenris walks into the room, his freshly printed, still coffee stain free roster attached to his notebook.  He looks up at his characters with a frown noting that the damn rogue is late again.  Up too late PvPing no doubt. He thinks to himself.

“Alright heads up people.  You know the drill…”

The Forsaken rogue unstealths slowly leaning against the back wall.

“Nice of you to join us Mr. Rogue.  Alright couple of things before we get started.” Mrfenris looks at the 72 Disc priest.  “Mr. Disco your benched until you get your rested bonus back up.  I’m tired of you halfassing your way through LFG getting only “normal” experience.  Normal experience is for normal people with no lives.  I want you at your max potential so grab your gear and punch out, you’re going home today.”

Mrfenris turns his critical gaze towards the corner of the room where his Survival Hunter is leaning back in his chair, his PvP gear largely ungemmed and unenchanted.

“Mr. Huntard your off the raid list tomorrow…”

“What that’s bullshit!”, the Hunter Disengages out of his chair and  starts jumping in place.  “I’m still wearing leather five man boots for crissakes!”

“Stow it and stop hitting your space bar!  Downtown is missing a tank and I’m sending over Mr. Pink.  Pink you up for it?”

The Protection Paladin is sitting slouched forward over his desk, toothpick hanging from his mouth chatting with a lowbie female Draenei alt.  “…yeah baby with me you never have to worry about it, I’m prot so I always have protection.”

“MR PINK!  PAY ATTENTION!  I know you think you’re a badass cus you’ve got the highest Gearscore and /played here, but I’ll delete your ass in a minute to make room for a Goblin Warrior!  If you can pull yourself away from underaged lowbies for a minute, your ass is on deck for Icc10 tomorrow.  I know your rusty but I want that shit clean and smooth.  Fast pulls, no downtime, and no trying to kill Hunter pets or rogues by turning mobs that cleave.  That shit stopped being funny years ago.”

Mr. Pink smirks and slaps his plated shoulders, “Cake.”

Mrfenris ignores Mr. Huntard shoot a freezing arrow at Mr. Pink.  His eyes wander around the room looking for Mr. Rogue.  “Which brings us to you Senior Stealthy.  I want you to start looking up rogue PvP specs and start learning what the hell your supposed to be doing instead of running around battle grounds ganking noobs.  Do you actually have any idea how to PvP?”

“Not really.  I just know I can Cheap Shot, Sinister Strike up to Kidney Shot, then Sinister Strike up to Eviscerate then hit my “I win” button.” Mr. Rogue runs his finger across his zombie like neck in a throat slitting motion.

“That doesn’t even sound efficient and what’s your “I win” button?  Last I looked you didn’t even know what type of poison went on your main hand and what kind went on your off hand weapon.”

“Killing Spree.  It equals “I win” on a damaged target.”

Mr. Huntard smirks, “Only if the enemy is close to you and there’s no other nearby targets like a popped Snake Trap.  Your just a nub, I’m the big PvP dog around here.” Mr. Huntard whistles and his spider comes scurrying down from the ceiling and it eyes the rogue hungrily.

“You won’t even feel a thing…”
Mr. Rogue hisses as he vanishes.

“ENOUGH!  Huntard go get gemmed!  Rogue hit Elitist Jerks and Arena Junkies and do some PvP research!  Pink get your ass to the auction house and make sure you have flasks.  Disco get your sissy robe wearing ass to an inn and log off!”

Mrfenris stares as they all sulk off out the door and summon their mounts.  He mutters, “Goddamn I hate Mondays.”

Bleary Eyed Reflections

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 27, 2010

I know I’m the loner type so I imagine I don’t have the inherent social needs of other people (Secret:  Seriously we can just be fbuddies and maybe just remember my birthday and I’d be happily married for years) but I’ve never understood why people depend on other people for their “fun”.

  • “But I NEED people to help me with my Loremaster!”
  • “I NEED a tank to help me run my random!”
  • “I NEED someone to tell me what rotation I should be using!”
  • “I NEED someone to tell me if this is an upgrade!”

And if the don’t get these needs met, they get all emo and whiney about how their not having any fun in the game.  I prefer arrangements.  Since the dawn of time I think it’s worked out much better for societies then an entire culture based off needs. Prehistoric cavemen didn’t wander around leeching off the tribe for help with old unfinished group quests.  They all pulled their weight and traded for what they needed.

“Me have fresh Yak butt me killed.  Me share if you cook.”

“Grok.  Me having Cooking skill of 425, yah me cook it.  Me got Northrend Spices.”

Now I have no problem helping people who ask most days, because most of the folks in my guild would drop whatever their doing to come help me if I asked (Secret:  An arrangement), but sheesh I don’t log in to make sure other people’s needs are met.  I have enough people leeching off me in real life.

My kids.

I’m noticing a new Northrend trend in random dungeons.

1.  Tanks have become bigger prima donnas.

2.  Healers get blamed for everything.

3.  Vote to kick gets used when someone makes one mistake, even if it’s an accidental pet pull.

4.  People are ruder.  Cursing, insults, and the like.

Most times when I’m in a random after saying my initial hello, I just go on auto pilot.

*stares at Vuhdo*

*Power Word:Shield, Prayer of Mending on tank*

*Bubble breaks, Renew, wait for Weakened Soul debuff or Flash Heal*

*Power Word:Shield, Prayer of Mending*

*stares at Vuhdo then looks up and realizes that the runs over*



I actually got kicked last night the first time EVER on my 72 priest.  I made a mistake and we wiped.  It was one of those mistakes that wouldn’t normally be costly except everyone else also made a mistake.  Still my mistake, so I said “my bad” and tried to run back in.  The tank and his buddies decided to start tossing insults and curses so I spoke my piece then they kicked me.  I knew it was a bad group since they had been through two healers before me and had only downed one boss. *sigh*


I don’t let other people bother me when I’m healing or tanking.  I’ve made mistakes before, I’ll make em again.  By and large I’m a decent player and I don’t let idiots affect me.  But I understand why some people who don’t like responsibility or pressure prefer DPS.

Me?  I just like playing a video game.  That’s all it is when it’s all said and done.

Let’s try it.

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on June 23, 2010

I am not a “pro” Hunter.  I am better then your average Hunter however.  However I *know* that I’m not a pro.

I don’t think sucktastic players know they suck.  I think that because they have no concept of the “non-instruction book” portion of the game, they have no idea of what exactly the could be doing to be better.

So while I am too lazy to run my character through a spread sheet to figure out how to improve my max DPS (yeah, that never works for me), I do pay attention every now and then to Elitist Jerks, read online strats, and play with my gear on a blow up doll…er target dummy.

So in order to encourage mediocrity and feel elite in the tradition of “Yeah I suck, but not as bad as THAT guy!”, I give you…

Simple Hunter Tips, for Simple Hunters
Disclaimer:  If you’re not already turning with your mouse, stop reading now.  Open the nearest drawer to you.  Insert your head.  Shut the drawer.  Keep it in there.

1.  Practice your jump shot every time your moving.  If your running around Dal to the bank, hit your jump and just flick your mouse to turn backwards a bit, then snap back forward.  Do this over and over and over and over and over.  Soon it will be second nature to you.  I do this HUNDREDS of times every time I log in.  I never stop moving.  I run laps around Dal as I’m waiting for battle ground or dungeons queues.
1a.  I always practice shooting frozen arrows at moving targets as I run around too.  Helps if your into PvP.

2.  Understand how your key bindings are activated.  Unless you have an addon that alters this, your key-bindings will only “fire” AFTER you release them.  So holding down the numero uno key does not activate an ability.  Releasing it does.  That big forceful stab at your execute doesn’t cause it to happen any quicker and can in fact cause it to miss and kill a puppy.

3.  Steady Shot is “cast”.  You can watch the cast bar.  However due to latency issues, it hardly ever takes the full cast time.  You can use a addon like Quartz to track it or you can do what I do and just start spamming the next ability when Steady Shot gets to half-cast.

4.  The little numbers add up to big numbers.  Cramming one extra shot in using the above method raises your DPS.  Now imagine your Shaman just hit blood lust.  DPS Increase.  Now imagine you’ve popped your racial cooldowns and trinkets.  DPS Increase.   Now because your pro and the boss is in execute range you can fire off your Kill Shot, but first you pop a potion of Wild Magic Whatever (the one that gives you plus crit), now that Kill Shot has all those little tiny bonus numbers we just talked about behind it, and it’s got a great chance to slam into the boss like a mother effing nuke.  And because you’re a pro and follow rule #3 above you might just get an extra kill shot in.

5.  Threat is the enemy.  Obviously you should be using Misdirect or Feign Death.  But you should use them SMARTLY and use them early.  Don’t wait UNTIL you pull aggro.  If you yank aggro your DPS will suffer.  Your tank’s are gonna have to work harder, your healers are gonna have to work harder, your ass is gonna die 9 out of 10 times.  I always use my FD early, especially if I’m moving and not able to get an instant shot off, why not be proactive and dump some threat.

6.  Deterrence and Disengage are more useful than you think.  Especially Deterrence.  I see all you Hunters out there asking yourselves, “wuts Deterrence, it doesn’t raise DPS”.  That’s right it doesn’t.  However it does keep you alive longer and helps out your healers.  In fact you can also tank a mob for a brief period of time with it.  Being sloppy and pull something?  Don’t always auto Feign Death and get a healer or a warlock killed because their next on the threat list.  Pop your deterrence and take it in the face for a second or two.  By this time your tank should have taunted it back and you didn’t get a raid member killed which increased your raid’s overall chance at success.

7.  PvP.  Yes even if you suck.  In a random five man instance there’s TONS of downtime where you can stand around, completely safe.  However in a battle ground there are other players actively trying to kill you at all times.  This gets your eyes moving, dropping traps to cover yourself, using Flare on the run, and always thinking about what’s going to happen next.  You become pro-active and not 100% stationary.  When you’ve got 27 Nelf rogues trying to kill you, you tend to understand the importance of keybinding EVERYTHING, watching your PVP trinket’s cooldown, and keeping track of your surroundings much better.  PvP builds awareness and helps you learn to multi-task.  Yes, even if you suck at it like me.

Yeah only seven things.  I mean we’re only trying to make you slightly above average.  Complete lists are for wussies and it’s lunch time.

Raid Night

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 23, 2010

Things to do while your waiting for your server to never come back online in time for raid night.

  • Talk about which Pixar movies made you cry.  Up and Wall-E are in the lead.
  • Talk about pot.  Pot brownies.  And tulips.
  • Watch Deadliest Warrior.
  • Talk about how cool a Cheers MMO would be.
  • Bitch about playing on a low pop suck ass server.
  • Re-do your kitchen cabinets.
  • Try and get your hot Korean Holy Pally to talk dirty over vent.
  • Trying to get her husband to also.
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Wonder why your still trying to connect.
  • Watch the MMO report.
  • Actually talk to your wife.
  • Post on your titty.
  • Talk about Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.
  • Talk about weird race class combination’s like “Gnome, Dildo Warmer”.
  • Stare in wonder that my Logitech G15 keyboard’s LCD display tells me if a realm is full and what my queue time is.
  • Talk about beers.
  • Going “afk”, coming back and jumping back into vent and realizing how fucked up your guildies really are.
  • Michelle Rodriguez.
  • Transsexuals.  No.  Transvestite.
  • Selma Blair.
  • Get told to clean the cat litter.
  • “It looks like she has Buckwheat in a scissors lock.”

Zero raid time.  I actually had a lot of fun.

That’s why I’m still in my guild.

Wowcraft sucks today

Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 18, 2010

I could write a post talking about Sharkovskii’s theory and how it relates to the scaling of tenacity in Wintergrasp, or I could write a post about how by swapping just one Brilliant King’s Amber to a Runed Cardinal Ruby your Powerword Word: AFK goes from a 3.777% repeating coefficient to a 3.888% repeating coefficient and that everyone should be regemming Rune Card Rubes, or I could look around at the detritus that is my hobby and direct lamentations and scorn at the state it’s in not realizing that I’m actually being self loathing.


I could talk about E3 and how excited I am about everything mentioned and ignoring how underwhelmed I’ll be when the games actually hit the market.  One could talk about the Star Wars trailer, which is 100% kickass yet had zero gameplay in it.  I could post about the top ten things to do when your guild is on the verge of collapse and wave my hands about and wait for someone or something to save or finish us off.  I could go on about guild talents or some such nonsense being pulled from Cataclysm and the Path of the Ancient Foot Lickers or whatever it’s called also being yanked.  But I won’t.

Instead I will write about pie.

Rhubarb pie is a gift from the Gods.  After man rose out of the primordial soup, there was a lesser known Goddess named Shiela the Pie Goddess whose dominion was over pie.  As man and woman (the woman was probably behind him, since this is a religious story) crawled slowly over the rocks and out of the puddle of creation, the Goddess Shiela reached down and plucked a Rhubarb pie out from her “use your imagination” and beheld it to the man and woman, and from it they didst eat.

After eating the pie the man and woman became infused with the Goddess’s powers and would go on to conquer and create other pies such as blueberry, apple, and pecan.  However they always stayed behelden to the very first pie, the pie of creation made from the very flesh of the Goddess Sheila herself.

Rhubarb pie.

However these People of the Pie had wicked enemies who were quite wroth with them.  These enemies sought to bring about the death and destruction of the People of the Pie.  Wars were fought, nations were felled, and still to this this day the People of the Pie stand against their most hated foes.

The Citizens of the Cake.

Fuck you cake eaters.

And thus I start my weekend.


Posted in General Me by mrfenris on June 17, 2010

Muthafucka’s back ya’ll.  Wanksta’s in the house.

Once I was walking to the library with my son.  Approaching us we saw a blind woman, cane a-tapping, with her rucksack (fantastic word BTW) over her shoulder.  Since I have a habit of filling in people’s back story I imagined her blind since birth, a rutting beast in bed, walking home from the library,  rucksack filled with audio or maybe books in braille.

I watched her cross the street completely fearless and I was taken by the way she walked with her head up and held it almost defiant.  She looked like she was a “blind woman”, but I know deep inside she was some sort of Valkyrie warrior woman, covered in bits of bloody chain mail, her head proud;  Her eyes keen and confident.  I could imagine two coal-black crows sitting on her shoulders just waiting to feast on her next victim in battle.

I was so impressed and partially inspired by the way she threw herself into the world, imagining just how hard that would be for me to do if our roles were reversed.  While the world maybe saw her as a blind lady, I knew she didn’t see herself that way.  She was a forecful kiss, rock and roll, and a fist in the face all at once.

Today for some reason I miss her.

Sometimes we all become what it says on our name tag, whats on our office door.  It’s easy to slip into that role and at times, it is indeed part of us.  But we need to let our light and dark parts spill out every now and then.  Our sudden full bellied laughs, the funk soundtrack that plays in our head, the righteous anger, the unabashed hedonist, and our sadistic knife wielding five-year old selves.  The people who we really are.  Without that, we’re just empty shells that blow around the world.

Tonight I’m gonna grill out, drink too much, and teach my children a few more improper words as we kick soccer balls at my dogs and watch them try to catch them.

I’m tired of being me this past week.  Time to be me again.

I, Betrayer

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 8, 2010

Dear Marcus Brutus, Benedict Arnold, Eddie Van Halen, and last but not least, the man with the 30 silver plan….Judas,

Today at long last I join you.  I cannot ignore mine yearnings any longer.  My heart has turned as black as night and as cold as pig iron.  Today I shall swim against the current of escapism and pure bullshit that is The Gray Place.  I thrust my chained arms at the sky and shake off Larissa’s mantle of anointed grumpiness.  Today I shall embrace the community as if we were young (but legal!) teenage girls wearing our tight pajamas at a slumber party and we were slightly sweaty from having a pillow fight and promising each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone how curious we were about each other’s bodies. And just how good for that brief moment we felt in each other’s arms.

Today I post something on my titty to help someone…

*drum roll*

“Dear keyboard turning melee DPS.  You suck cock.  Roll a Hunter.”

Yes you.

WoW has an instruction book.  I saw it once.  I remember flipping through it vaguely looking at the art work.  And like Nietzsche’s younger brother Carlos once said, “Print is dead”.  So I didn’t read it.  Instead I went to youtube.  I sifted through the videos, I saw things ranging from rotations, to boss strats, “his name is” Nyhm, to all sorts of things I’ll wish I hadn’t wasted time on when I’m on my death-bed with my children gathered around.

However some folks don’t do this.  Instead they log in, click, start to kill a few wolves, click, spin in the slowest circle possible, head to Goldshire to stare at the dickweeds hanging out their in their purpz, click, head to Outlands, click, get told their DPS sucks, click, get asked why as a warrior they need cloth spellpower gloves, click, and finally they go to Northrend to pick up their welfare checks, click, and then they head back to Goldshire to impress the noobs.

And they were 100% successful.  Oh sure I know I know.  I bet they “can do moar DPS then u”.  I understand that.  No really.  You win.  I am humbled by your attitude.  See that was easy wasn’t it?  But I don’t understand why you get pissed off when my Rankwatch whispers you and tells you that you’re using a level one skill and the proper skill to use at your level is rank 8482.  I don’t understand why when your turning you back to the mobs while tanking and the healer asks you nicely not to and goes further into detail on why exactly you shouldn’t, you tell him to “STFU”.  I have no idea why you get hurt when you whine about your DPS but don’t want to take anyone’s critiques or better yet, you get upset when they tell you to do your class research.

It’s your 15 bucks.  Harm no one.  Do what ye will.  But don’t get upset when you suck more than your average bear  (that’s not a Druid reference).  The info’s out there.  It’s not in WoW.  The “Instruction Booklet Included Age” is at an end.  We live in a media enriched world.  Official forums, fan sites, videos, podcasts, pictures, graphs, and lastly that Disc priest chic’s epic flow charts.

If you don’t use them.  You will suck more than other people.  Period.  If your okay with that, you don’t care what I think about it.

But if you do care?

Shutdown Mode

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on June 5, 2010

How is it you can completely piss off your wife, because she had a dream you left her?

*Wife wakes up, comes downstairs and into the living room.  Waddles over and smacks her husband hard on the arm.*

Me: “OWWW!  What the hell was that for?”

Preggo: “I had a dream you left me because you didn’t love me anymore!”

Me: “I wouldn’t do that, unless I was getting some on the side.”

I never remember my dreams.  I sleep really really hard.  But I sleep in shifts.  An hour nap on the couch here, four hours at night there.  Somewhere I remember reading we all dream even if we don’t remember them, but I hardly remember them.  I can fall instantly asleep anywhere and doing nearly anything.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about work and my kids.  They’re never good dreams.  In fact I never remember having good dreams if I ever do.  Why can’t I queue up some sex dreams?

Which makes me wonder if one day we’ll be able to be mindless entertained in our sleep like we use TV and the internet now.

If I had a dream queue it would probably be filled with various sordid XXX dreams and the occasional dream filled with coffee and pecan pie.  I wonder what other people’s would look like.  Would they have a bunch of shorts, like the dramatic hamster video crossed with lolcat stills?  Would they be old Benny Hill skits, or maybe for those dirty Generation Yers it would be filled with speed lines and androgynous characters who wore miniskirts and duel wield Gatling guns to the beat of J-pop.

I doubt anyone would want to queue up horror movies or their like at all.  While many of us enjoy such entertainment while were awake, I think it’s that very fact which allows us to appreciate them.  We are awake.  We are alive.  However when a person sleeps they are at their most vulnerable and often “unprotected” as their subconscious or whatever romps about freely in the night.  I don’t think many of us would choose such a dream for entertainment.

Well maybe if we were given the PoV of the “monster”.  But then it is no longer about horror, it’s about wish fulfillment.

Starting Monday I’ll be working longer hours and more days (and for free!  Yay Salary!).  This is seriously going to cock up my game playing time.  During times like this it’s easier for me to play single player games, then log into WoW and say hello to anyone.  Stupid as it may seem sometimes it’s just too much effort and I really don’t care for interaction with anyone.

Not even in my dreams.

Blarg. Wha? Humph.

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It’s easy to become overly focused on your own problems.  I mean after all they are yours.  You have to deal with them.  The tired, old, adage of “Some people have it worse than you.”, seems a bit thin at the times in your life where you want to throw your computer monitor into the wall, rip open the three buttons on your middle management shirt, jump on your desk and do the Worgan transformation, then go grab your bosses and scream into their faces about how sick you are of their “more with less” philosophy.

But you don’t because “some people have it worse than you”.  So you grit your teeth, put your head down and keep swinging.  You do your daily endless paperwork, you listen to the public tell you how to do your job, you crunch the numbers and juggle the stats hoping you make your budget for the year, you stare at the radar praying it stops raining, and you simmer and wait for that heart attack to eventually come.

Yesterday I said I thought Star Wars the Old Republic would have combat system like Champions Online.  Of course the laws of the Universe decided to intervene and Bioware just released more details of their combat for Star Wars after I wrote that.  (Something to the effect of having Companion NPCs.)  So hey while the universe is countering my quips, here’s one for you…

re:  Tab targeting

Dear Blizzard.

It sucks balls.


Seriously, I love having 9 mobs standing in front of me and beating on me and I hit tab target and it finds some fucking lvl 2 Kobold three zones away and seems to think he’s the better choice for my next target instead of the 9 Fel Orcs that are screaming and trying to skull fuck my healer.

Back to Star Wars/Champions/Bullshitting…

Does it seem to counter what I mentioned in my blurb?  No, not really but yes it could, all at the same time.  The addition of NPC companions that promise to have “programmable” actions means that you could possible have an instant party at your fingertips.  So maybe combat isn’t you stand there and shoot, you press your buttons, you never are in danger, easy mode that I predict it will be.  Or did it just get easier via companions  “LOL Talk to people why?  I just throw out my pokeball and yell “Jediz I choose u!””.

(Secret:  I swear to God if I could have nine companions in WoW, I wouldn’t need a guild.)

But where’s the fun in that?  A friend and I were halfassedly, bullshitting around, talking about Star Wars.  To sum it up…

My basic point is that as of right now Star Wars is not an MMO in any sort of social sense.  It’s a single player game and I’m sure like Warcraft you can solo it all the way to the end.  I mean I can’t think of anything non-instanced in WoW that you need a party for.

Yes even your elite mobs.  Just wait a level or two and you can solo them.  Not to mention that you could just skip the quest.  No really you slaves, you can skip quests.

But I’m left thinking.  Aren’t all MMO’s single player games outside of “instance” content?  Even going back to my lowly days of Ultima Online, I never had to take a group into a Dungeon.

Hell even in Warcraft one doesn’t need a guild in order to see instances.  You can just hop in LFG and be joined by a bunch of soulless, mindless, non-communicating “bots” that will no doubt be less three-dimensional then Star War’s companion NPCs.

What is an MMO?  You obviously don’t have to rely on people in order to experience 90% of their content.  Does playing an MMO just mean that you just have to share the server’s bandwidth with a bunch of other people?  Is there ever truly a game where players are actually tied together inclusively;  Where their presence and interactions define the game?  Further if there is such a game or ever will be, I’m betting it’s a PvP oriented game.

And so I sit here, waiting for my heart attack, and wondering if I’m wrong.  Maybe Star wars the Old Republic combat won’t be like Champions Online (I just push buttons and they die LOLZ).

Maybe it’ll be just like Mass Effect instead.