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Posted in General Me by mrfenris on June 5, 2010

How is it you can completely piss off your wife, because she had a dream you left her?

*Wife wakes up, comes downstairs and into the living room.  Waddles over and smacks her husband hard on the arm.*

Me: “OWWW!  What the hell was that for?”

Preggo: “I had a dream you left me because you didn’t love me anymore!”

Me: “I wouldn’t do that, unless I was getting some on the side.”

I never remember my dreams.  I sleep really really hard.  But I sleep in shifts.  An hour nap on the couch here, four hours at night there.  Somewhere I remember reading we all dream even if we don’t remember them, but I hardly remember them.  I can fall instantly asleep anywhere and doing nearly anything.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about work and my kids.  They’re never good dreams.  In fact I never remember having good dreams if I ever do.  Why can’t I queue up some sex dreams?

Which makes me wonder if one day we’ll be able to be mindless entertained in our sleep like we use TV and the internet now.

If I had a dream queue it would probably be filled with various sordid XXX dreams and the occasional dream filled with coffee and pecan pie.  I wonder what other people’s would look like.  Would they have a bunch of shorts, like the dramatic hamster video crossed with lolcat stills?  Would they be old Benny Hill skits, or maybe for those dirty Generation Yers it would be filled with speed lines and androgynous characters who wore miniskirts and duel wield Gatling guns to the beat of J-pop.

I doubt anyone would want to queue up horror movies or their like at all.  While many of us enjoy such entertainment while were awake, I think it’s that very fact which allows us to appreciate them.  We are awake.  We are alive.  However when a person sleeps they are at their most vulnerable and often “unprotected” as their subconscious or whatever romps about freely in the night.  I don’t think many of us would choose such a dream for entertainment.

Well maybe if we were given the PoV of the “monster”.  But then it is no longer about horror, it’s about wish fulfillment.

Starting Monday I’ll be working longer hours and more days (and for free!  Yay Salary!).  This is seriously going to cock up my game playing time.  During times like this it’s easier for me to play single player games, then log into WoW and say hello to anyone.  Stupid as it may seem sometimes it’s just too much effort and I really don’t care for interaction with anyone.

Not even in my dreams.


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