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Wowcraft sucks today

Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 18, 2010

I could write a post talking about Sharkovskii’s theory and how it relates to the scaling of tenacity in Wintergrasp, or I could write a post about how by swapping just one Brilliant King’s Amber to a Runed Cardinal Ruby your Powerword Word: AFK goes from a 3.777% repeating coefficient to a 3.888% repeating coefficient and that everyone should be regemming Rune Card Rubes, or I could look around at the detritus that is my hobby and direct lamentations and scorn at the state it’s in not realizing that I’m actually being self loathing.


I could talk about E3 and how excited I am about everything mentioned and ignoring how underwhelmed I’ll be when the games actually hit the market.  One could talk about the Star Wars trailer, which is 100% kickass yet had zero gameplay in it.  I could post about the top ten things to do when your guild is on the verge of collapse and wave my hands about and wait for someone or something to save or finish us off.  I could go on about guild talents or some such nonsense being pulled from Cataclysm and the Path of the Ancient Foot Lickers or whatever it’s called also being yanked.  But I won’t.

Instead I will write about pie.

Rhubarb pie is a gift from the Gods.  After man rose out of the primordial soup, there was a lesser known Goddess named Shiela the Pie Goddess whose dominion was over pie.  As man and woman (the woman was probably behind him, since this is a religious story) crawled slowly over the rocks and out of the puddle of creation, the Goddess Shiela reached down and plucked a Rhubarb pie out from her “use your imagination” and beheld it to the man and woman, and from it they didst eat.

After eating the pie the man and woman became infused with the Goddess’s powers and would go on to conquer and create other pies such as blueberry, apple, and pecan.  However they always stayed behelden to the very first pie, the pie of creation made from the very flesh of the Goddess Sheila herself.

Rhubarb pie.

However these People of the Pie had wicked enemies who were quite wroth with them.  These enemies sought to bring about the death and destruction of the People of the Pie.  Wars were fought, nations were felled, and still to this this day the People of the Pie stand against their most hated foes.

The Citizens of the Cake.

Fuck you cake eaters.

And thus I start my weekend.


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