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Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on June 23, 2010

I am not a “pro” Hunter.  I am better then your average Hunter however.  However I *know* that I’m not a pro.

I don’t think sucktastic players know they suck.  I think that because they have no concept of the “non-instruction book” portion of the game, they have no idea of what exactly the could be doing to be better.

So while I am too lazy to run my character through a spread sheet to figure out how to improve my max DPS (yeah, that never works for me), I do pay attention every now and then to Elitist Jerks, read online strats, and play with my gear on a blow up doll…er target dummy.

So in order to encourage mediocrity and feel elite in the tradition of “Yeah I suck, but not as bad as THAT guy!”, I give you…

Simple Hunter Tips, for Simple Hunters
Disclaimer:  If you’re not already turning with your mouse, stop reading now.  Open the nearest drawer to you.  Insert your head.  Shut the drawer.  Keep it in there.

1.  Practice your jump shot every time your moving.  If your running around Dal to the bank, hit your jump and just flick your mouse to turn backwards a bit, then snap back forward.  Do this over and over and over and over and over.  Soon it will be second nature to you.  I do this HUNDREDS of times every time I log in.  I never stop moving.  I run laps around Dal as I’m waiting for battle ground or dungeons queues.
1a.  I always practice shooting frozen arrows at moving targets as I run around too.  Helps if your into PvP.

2.  Understand how your key bindings are activated.  Unless you have an addon that alters this, your key-bindings will only “fire” AFTER you release them.  So holding down the numero uno key does not activate an ability.  Releasing it does.  That big forceful stab at your execute doesn’t cause it to happen any quicker and can in fact cause it to miss and kill a puppy.

3.  Steady Shot is “cast”.  You can watch the cast bar.  However due to latency issues, it hardly ever takes the full cast time.  You can use a addon like Quartz to track it or you can do what I do and just start spamming the next ability when Steady Shot gets to half-cast.

4.  The little numbers add up to big numbers.  Cramming one extra shot in using the above method raises your DPS.  Now imagine your Shaman just hit blood lust.  DPS Increase.  Now imagine you’ve popped your racial cooldowns and trinkets.  DPS Increase.   Now because your pro and the boss is in execute range you can fire off your Kill Shot, but first you pop a potion of Wild Magic Whatever (the one that gives you plus crit), now that Kill Shot has all those little tiny bonus numbers we just talked about behind it, and it’s got a great chance to slam into the boss like a mother effing nuke.  And because you’re a pro and follow rule #3 above you might just get an extra kill shot in.

5.  Threat is the enemy.  Obviously you should be using Misdirect or Feign Death.  But you should use them SMARTLY and use them early.  Don’t wait UNTIL you pull aggro.  If you yank aggro your DPS will suffer.  Your tank’s are gonna have to work harder, your healers are gonna have to work harder, your ass is gonna die 9 out of 10 times.  I always use my FD early, especially if I’m moving and not able to get an instant shot off, why not be proactive and dump some threat.

6.  Deterrence and Disengage are more useful than you think.  Especially Deterrence.  I see all you Hunters out there asking yourselves, “wuts Deterrence, it doesn’t raise DPS”.  That’s right it doesn’t.  However it does keep you alive longer and helps out your healers.  In fact you can also tank a mob for a brief period of time with it.  Being sloppy and pull something?  Don’t always auto Feign Death and get a healer or a warlock killed because their next on the threat list.  Pop your deterrence and take it in the face for a second or two.  By this time your tank should have taunted it back and you didn’t get a raid member killed which increased your raid’s overall chance at success.

7.  PvP.  Yes even if you suck.  In a random five man instance there’s TONS of downtime where you can stand around, completely safe.  However in a battle ground there are other players actively trying to kill you at all times.  This gets your eyes moving, dropping traps to cover yourself, using Flare on the run, and always thinking about what’s going to happen next.  You become pro-active and not 100% stationary.  When you’ve got 27 Nelf rogues trying to kill you, you tend to understand the importance of keybinding EVERYTHING, watching your PVP trinket’s cooldown, and keeping track of your surroundings much better.  PvP builds awareness and helps you learn to multi-task.  Yes, even if you suck at it like me.

Yeah only seven things.  I mean we’re only trying to make you slightly above average.  Complete lists are for wussies and it’s lunch time.


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  1. Irmie said, on July 6, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    I’m afraid I have to comment here. I keyboard turn. I have been mocked for this for plenty a year now, and yet still I manage to do fairly presentable damage, regardless of which raid group I am a part of. One day Mr. Fenris will take it back and accept that my keyboard-turning ways are acceptable because of the rest of my amazing skillz, yea-h.

    • mrfenris said, on July 7, 2010 at 3:42 pm


      I almost pet pulled the Blood Wing the other night BTW. Epic.

      You have nice DPS for a white woman. You just can’t dance cus you key board turn.

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