The Gray Place

Raid Night

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 23, 2010

Things to do while your waiting for your server to never come back online in time for raid night.

  • Talk about which Pixar movies made you cry.  Up and Wall-E are in the lead.
  • Talk about pot.  Pot brownies.  And tulips.
  • Watch Deadliest Warrior.
  • Talk about how cool a Cheers MMO would be.
  • Bitch about playing on a low pop suck ass server.
  • Re-do your kitchen cabinets.
  • Try and get your hot Korean Holy Pally to talk dirty over vent.
  • Trying to get her husband to also.
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Wonder why your still trying to connect.
  • Watch the MMO report.
  • Actually talk to your wife.
  • Post on your titty.
  • Talk about Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.
  • Talk about weird race class combination’s like “Gnome, Dildo Warmer”.
  • Stare in wonder that my Logitech G15 keyboard’s LCD display tells me if a realm is full and what my queue time is.
  • Talk about beers.
  • Going “afk”, coming back and jumping back into vent and realizing how fucked up your guildies really are.
  • Michelle Rodriguez.
  • Transsexuals.  No.  Transvestite.
  • Selma Blair.
  • Get told to clean the cat litter.
  • “It looks like she has Buckwheat in a scissors lock.”

Zero raid time.  I actually had a lot of fun.

That’s why I’m still in my guild.


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