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Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on June 27, 2010

I know I’m the loner type so I imagine I don’t have the inherent social needs of other people (Secret:  Seriously we can just be fbuddies and maybe just remember my birthday and I’d be happily married for years) but I’ve never understood why people depend on other people for their “fun”.

  • “But I NEED people to help me with my Loremaster!”
  • “I NEED a tank to help me run my random!”
  • “I NEED someone to tell me what rotation I should be using!”
  • “I NEED someone to tell me if this is an upgrade!”

And if the don’t get these needs met, they get all emo and whiney about how their not having any fun in the game.  I prefer arrangements.  Since the dawn of time I think it’s worked out much better for societies then an entire culture based off needs. Prehistoric cavemen didn’t wander around leeching off the tribe for help with old unfinished group quests.  They all pulled their weight and traded for what they needed.

“Me have fresh Yak butt me killed.  Me share if you cook.”

“Grok.  Me having Cooking skill of 425, yah me cook it.  Me got Northrend Spices.”

Now I have no problem helping people who ask most days, because most of the folks in my guild would drop whatever their doing to come help me if I asked (Secret:  An arrangement), but sheesh I don’t log in to make sure other people’s needs are met.  I have enough people leeching off me in real life.

My kids.

I’m noticing a new Northrend trend in random dungeons.

1.  Tanks have become bigger prima donnas.

2.  Healers get blamed for everything.

3.  Vote to kick gets used when someone makes one mistake, even if it’s an accidental pet pull.

4.  People are ruder.  Cursing, insults, and the like.

Most times when I’m in a random after saying my initial hello, I just go on auto pilot.

*stares at Vuhdo*

*Power Word:Shield, Prayer of Mending on tank*

*Bubble breaks, Renew, wait for Weakened Soul debuff or Flash Heal*

*Power Word:Shield, Prayer of Mending*

*stares at Vuhdo then looks up and realizes that the runs over*



I actually got kicked last night the first time EVER on my 72 priest.  I made a mistake and we wiped.  It was one of those mistakes that wouldn’t normally be costly except everyone else also made a mistake.  Still my mistake, so I said “my bad” and tried to run back in.  The tank and his buddies decided to start tossing insults and curses so I spoke my piece then they kicked me.  I knew it was a bad group since they had been through two healers before me and had only downed one boss. *sigh*


I don’t let other people bother me when I’m healing or tanking.  I’ve made mistakes before, I’ll make em again.  By and large I’m a decent player and I don’t let idiots affect me.  But I understand why some people who don’t like responsibility or pressure prefer DPS.

Me?  I just like playing a video game.  That’s all it is when it’s all said and done.


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