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Player vs Stunlock

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on June 30, 2010

Rogue PvP in my experience is different than any other class’s PvP.   With most “attack” based classes you try to out damage the enemy with large bursts of damage, while they do the same to you.  I’ll admit Rogues can and some do this to an extent, but it seems to me Rogues PvP is built more towards keeping the enemy from attacking said Rogue.  Cheap Shots, Kidney Shot, Blind, Garrote, Disarm, etc.

Of course this is most likely perceived common knowledge, but until you PvP (even badly like me) you don’t fully understand how deep it runs.  What I’m discovering is that against single targets, I stun them and get some combo points, stack some more combo points with more whittling, stun them again, pool some energy and whittle some more, and then pop a CD like Killing Spree.  Usually you have a dead target.  If you don’t just use a finisher and your on your way.

If the fight gets drug out and they Can actually *gasp* fight back and stuff you can just stall them with a Blind or Vanish and choose  to run or re-engage.  You don’t have to sit there and chest bump, like two dumbass warriors “clubberin” each other with shield bonks.

Horde Warrior:  “You want a piece of me foo!”
Alliance Warrior:  “Yeah it’s go time!  Bring it!”
*They scuffle for 20 minutes neither one hurting the other.*
Horde Warrior:  “Wanna just go screw?”
Alliance Warrior:  “Thought you’d never ask.”

Vanish is your vehicle to saying “Nah, I don’t like the odds.  Later!” or “I just Vanished to Cheap Shot/Backstab/Ambush/Whatever your ass again.” You tend to choose the terms of your engagement more so then any other class.  Do you take away their weapon?, if it’s a caster do you silence them?, do you just sap em and go?, etc.

Which brings me to the fact that I and every one I know HATES fighting a rogue, because you don’t actually fight them.  They keep you locked up, while they strip off your hide.  There’s not much fun or engaging about fighting a rogue.

  • You can’t even see them to start with since their stealthing.
  • By the time you do see them, they are busy paddling your ass.
  • They have some great tools to run away from you if it’s actually a “fair” fight or their losing.

Conversely there is no better feeling if you’re a rogue and sapping some sap riding by on her $25 dollar sparkle pony, kicking a caster in the face as they try and get off a spell, cheap shotting some poor fool then bending him over the pool table, having 4 stacks on Tenacity and hitting Fan of Knives, and lastly disappearing and running away from someone whose just beating your ass.  It always makes me giggle watching them aoe around, trying to find me.

Are Rogue players sadists by nature or is that just me?

Rogue PvP playing experience can be summed up in the following…

If your ass just got taxed by a Rogue, you slam your mouse down and let loose some nerd rage directed and Rogues and how it takes zero skill to play one, and how their players are all 14-year-old misfits no doubt starting their own Trench Coat Mafia.


If you just taxed someone’s ass on your Rogue, you just smile a huge face splitting grin and go off hungrily looking for your next mark.  And giggle.

Oh yeah.  BTW.  I suck on my Rogue.  Lucky for me, I don’t fight fair and some people out there suck way more than me.


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  1. DInk said, on July 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    You forgot the entire section out of:

    If you see a warrior with a shield, just let him pass. Do not even sap him. Same goes for the Paladin with a shield out and 52,250 health. Don’t stop, keep moving. You can and will burn all cooldowns and you will die before his health gets down 25%. Go look for the clothies and huntards. Shadowsteppng a disengage or a blink is great fun.

    • mrfenris said, on July 1, 2010 at 8:48 pm

      Blink I find 100% annoying. At least with Disengage I can see what direction their moving. I don’t know why I have a hard time re-finding them when they Blink.

      I want to try out the other specs yet. My being combat right now feels like when your Dad teaches you to drive on his old pick up truck instead of your Mom’s nice car. Its no big deal if you bang up the truck, until you learn how to drive the nicer car that needs a little more finesse.

      • Adam said, on July 5, 2010 at 8:34 pm

        I was all combat and then I started to PvP and realised that it was pretty sucky. So I bit the bullet, found some daggers and learnt mutilate and there is no other way to travel in the PvP world.

      • mrfenris said, on July 6, 2010 at 3:36 pm

        I tried Sub. It’s kinda…”meh”. I’ve got my macros and my keybindings but I just kinda freeze up, when I’m supposed to hit pre-med, shadow step, shadow polka, shadow this, shadow that, ambush, ambush, ambush, lolwut. I have two brain cells left these days. One is reserved for kids, job, wife, family, and breathing. The other for porn.

        So I’ve been using my PvE Muti spec (noob right?) in BGs. It’s a little more fun, but I still feel like something is missing. I like killing people in waves on my Hunter. Sometimes on my Rogue I feel like I’m trying to sneak attack someone in a mosh pit and I’m running around with rubber chickens fopping people with them since everyone has a bubble or 89k hitpoints.

        I think I’ll titty about it.

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