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Traffic Accidents unt Beer

Posted in Preizt, WoW by mrfenris on July 27, 2010

I rarely congratulate people when they ding.  I also rarely ever announce when I level or “ding” myself.  (Secret:  I ding myself in the shower quite often, I’m married.)

However, last night I dinged 80 on my Priest and announced it to the world.  Well I announced it to guild chat at any rate.

I guess I don’t congratulate folks when they ding, because I don’t feel like it’s particularly hard to reach the next level.  I remember back in my horrid and short-lived Everquest days where lvl 1 characters would proudly announce realm wide that they dinged and had reached the impossible….level 2.  I am of the mind that one should not be congratulated for killing 8 rats, by pushing one or two buttons and auto attacking.  Any idiot can reach level 80 in the World of Warcraft without knowing how to play their class.  Look Mom, no keybinds!

Leveling my Priest was an awesome experience for me.  It’s the first character I ever had that I could bring up through the LFG feature.  Back in the day the first character I really leveled was my Paladin tank so I didn’t ever have trouble finding a group, however my Hunter and Rogue we’re far different stories.  Finding a group for them in the old days was a brutal slog.  I remember getting some of the worst groups in history but I clung to them as if we we’re on a drifting life boat.  Just me and four Special Ed students wearing helmets as we wiped down the stream that was Mana Tombs.  I was of the mindset that my current group of morons was always better than waiting two hours for my next group of morons.

However my Priest came from a privileged background in being that he could heal, unlike those dirty plebe pure DPS classes.  So off I went wading into the chaos that is LFG armed with only my Vuhdo and my sissy robe.  And the levels soared past.

One of the best things about being in a guild is it’s easy to find suckers, er friends to run you through stuff.  Within a few minutes of dinging 80, I was off running Heroic Violet Hold and Heroic Halls of Lightening with my 2.4k gear score healing the party.  Ahh the joys of being carried by people with better gear.

However I actually rarely mooch.  I’ve already mailed off my mats for a Merlin’s Robe and Bejeweled Bracers, I ran two regular Forge of Souls back to back, and have already purchased some badge gear.

I plan on hitting the ground bubbling.

I noticed there’s a moment when your playing a Disc Priest where none of your spells seem to fit what’s going on.  It happens only maybe once a run, but you can feel it as you stare at the entire party’s health bars and decide which spell to use.

I think of this the “Void” moment.  It’s that rare spot where everyone in the party has taken a HUGE chunk of damage that blew past your shields and everyone has the Weakened Soul Debuff so you can’t re-shield them.  PoM has just ping ponged around and it’s still on CD.  So now you’ve got to quickly sort through your options.  Renew’s aren’t enough to keep everyone up and you don’t have the GCDs to get the whole party before someone dies.  Flash Heal will save one or if you Binding Heal you’ll save two.

Holy Nova (under used in five mans IMO) could be a decent option but you worry about keeping the tank up because the Holy Nova healing isn’t enough to deal with the incoming boss damage on the tank.

It’s in this void moment I used get frustrated.  None of my spells seemed to be the proper answer.  I used to just Penance the tank and start spamming up Holy Nova and hoped Weakened Soul would drop off soon.  I noticed this situation would come up quite frequently on trash pulls with lots of AOE abilities like Chain Lightening and bosses like Loken (if you eat his Nova) and the James Brown boss in Forge of Souls.

However I think I found the answer now that I’ve hit 80.  Divine Hymn.  Specifically maybe a Penance on the tank, Inner Focus, Divine Hymn, and take a drink of Pepsi while Divine Hymn pulls your robe out of the fire.

Divine Hymn rocks face.  Even if it’s only once every eight minutes.

Why do some Priests bitch about this being their level 80 spell?  As if we need anymore healing spells with short cooldowns.  This spell is that perfect “Oh Shit” spell that I feel like I’ve been missing as a Disc Priest.  I don’t need it every pull, I just need it when something goes sideways.  Maybe it’s not as useful for Holy since they have so many AOE heals already but I think it fills a large gap in a Disc Priest’s arsenal.


I dinged.  I’m such a huge geek I plan on rewarding myself by rebuilding my UI from the ground up.  I can’t wait.

Huge geek.



Motherfucking Tacos

Posted in WoW by mrfenris on July 26, 2010

Fail Angel.


What is the actual point of this talent?  Oh those long-in-tooth, greatest generation, Vanilla, MC Raiders (*sings* “we ain’t got no lives”) may have talked about this to and fro, but I still don’t get it.

I used to play a miniature “war” game where you would build armies under a certain predetermined point cost.  For instance if you had 500 points you tried to have your army total up as close to 500 as possible.

I was always surprised at some people’s choices in their unit selection.  They would spend points including units to make up for other unit’s shortcomings.  In order to make a weak unit useful they would tie up their build points by trying to prop it up with additional units.

Now I understand the concept of “support” however I don’t understand the concept of spending “bad” points to try to make “worse” points better.  This led to an overall weakness in their army’s build and when they faced off verses an army with a superior build (points better spent) the game was usually decided before it even started.

So Fail Angel.  Why?

Why have a talent designed to try to prop up a negative consequence like dying?  Wouldn’t the point and talent be better spent to avoid dying?

Now, I know all the Holy Rollers out there are sputtering in their Holy Oats and Honey about how this talent “saves tha rhaids!  Phraise Jeh sus!”.  I know all about the “ya but ur heals r free 2 cast” and even the “lol but if you’ve got a soulstone you get some free heals then pop it…FTW.” arguements.

And guess what?  They all suck.

First off, I can count on my testicles (We men have two in case you ladies didn’t know) on how many raids I’ve seen saved due to Fail Angel.  It’s situational.  Situational talents are fun when you are sitting with your guildies going, “remember that one time at band camp?”.  But they rarely are useful in 98% of your raid time.  Me I’d rather have a point in something I’m constantly using to increase my success.  (Note:  OP Ardent Defender does not count, that’s just a stupidly designed talent that I’m glad is changing.  In addition that talent actually keeps you FROM DYING making it INCREDIBLY useful, not “not dead” for a few seconds like Fail Angel.)

Secondly.  Okay my heals are free to cast.  Then I die.  Then you wipe.  Everyone release.  Still a fail.

And last but not least.  Dying equals a loss of resources to the raid.  Mana free heals don’t matter.  Mana does not matter.  That blue bar, yeah don’t worry.  You never have to watch it.  Srs.  You being ressed via stone or a Druid’s combat res is a moot point.  It’s all more resources flushed down the toilet chasing the resources you spent on Fail Angel.

It’s a dumb design.  It might be “fun”.  It might be “cool” in terms of those one-in-a-million boss kills.  It might even be “interesting”.  However at the end of the day it’s just resources spent to try to prop up the fact that “yo ass is dead” and someone, somewhere, made a mistake.

If I gave you the choice of having this incredible hot chic/guy with a stacked, fine, banging body, but you *might* only be able to have “the sexs” with them once every 3-6 months…


You could have old reliable.  The average looking, average bodied, somewhat boring, person that was ready to knock boots every single day without fail.

What would you choose?

Me?  Yeah I’m getting my swerve on daily.  It would be the best 2 minutes of her day.

5% Spirit.

Yeah it’s still good points after bad.

“I guess I’ll spend my talents on this since there’s nothing better…” is a poor choice to be left with.  Even if there’s no better option for the points, it ends up reflecting a poor overall design.

In Cataclysm the number of talents are decreasing.  Points are getting rarer.  Having two mid-level talents like Lightwell and Fail Angel being options hurts Holy even more than it does now.  Even if you don’t take them, they still have affected your maximum total possible choices you had in the Holy Tree.  (The current Lightwell design is 75% better, but it’s 75% better than the “whole lotta suck” that was Lightwell.  So there’s still some room to go.)

I’m hoping they both see some additional work before release.

God that sounded pretentious.
I’d really just settle for some tacos.

AOE Pineapples

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on July 20, 2010

About 16 years ago I was sitting in my work truck half asleep at a red light.  It’s always hot where I live in the summer and that year was no different.  I remember looking up at the exact moment a motorcycle with two young women riding on it went by the intersection.  As they crossed left to right, the gal on the back lifted her shirt and bra and flashed a pair of perfect breasts to everyone waiting at the red light.  I remember throwing my head back and just laughing out loud because of what she did and the grin on her face was devilish.  Sometimes we all need something improper randomly interjected into our day.

16 years later, I still think about her (and her girls) every time I sit at that red light and grin.

While we talking about cones.  Pally Cone o’ Heals.  Say what?  I am more excited about the Changes to Paladin healing then ANY other class changes in Cataclysm.  Paladin healing might actually be fun in Cataclysm instead of the punch of the groin it is now.  I always get whispers “do u want to come heal on ur pally?” and I always whisper back “GOD. NO.”

I tanked a five man HoS the other night.  I sucked.  How can I suck at tanking a five man?  My pulls we’re sloppy, my threat was “meh” (which means it was better than average, but I lost an extra mob once or twice), and I was kinda just going through the motions.  How did I get so bad?  I know I’m rusty but still it’s a five man and it’s tanking.  It’s not hard.

I think I’ve lost my hunger, my drive, my attitude when it comes to tanking.  No I’m not a prick when I tank, but I used to approach it like a fight.  It used to be me vs the world.  Now it’s just me wanting my badges.  I used to be all over every little thing and never stopped moving.  Now I’m just limp dicking along.

The same thing happened at the end of TBC for me too.  I was ready to hang it up and almost dropped my Paladin for a Death Knight.  However with the Wrath changes to Protection I stopped leveling my Death Knight at 78 now he just performs the menial task of being my bank alt now.

You know I’ve never cared about the “teh Bloggers” vs RealIdgate.

I still don’t.





The Old Republic is nothing but a Science-Fantasy game with a splattering of Star Wars flavored ejaculation on it.  Yes I’ll try it out.

When I went to Alaska my senior year of High School I tried BBQ pizza for the first time.  I still eat it too this day.  But don’t you dare put pineapple on it.  In fact I hate pineapple on any other food.  It’s good by itself.  I’ve got no problem soloing a pineapple.  Mmmm chicken, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, bacon, onions.

Holy Hell.  Nothing like waiting 75 levels for Mind Sear your ONLY Shadow Priest AOE spell.  Srs.  WTF.  Holy Nova is fun and all but it knocks you out of Shadow.  74 levels of just dotting, Mind Blasting, and Mind Flaying, while everyone around you drops truck loads of AOE and eats nachos.

I queued as DPS for the first time in ages just to try it out.  22 minutes I sat in that queue.  The tears of joy streaming down my face as I watched recount explode made every single minute in the queue worth it.

75 fucking levels.


No Title

Posted in WoW by mrfenris on July 15, 2010

The Orc Hunter stood in the middle of Dalaran and checked his watch.  17 minutes, he sighed and stared up at the sky as if pleading to the spirits of the sky to hurry and whisk him away to his Random Heroic.

He dropped his gaze and found a dusky purple Night Elf Hunter inspecting him.  “What bitch?!? Want some?”, The Orc jerked his arms and shoulders up threateningly.  The Night Elf shuffled off with an odd gait and the Orc sighed heavily and waited for the Gods to find him a tank.

After what seemed like a century the sound of trumpets burst forth from everywhere and his war party was assembled.  He quickly confirmed and rubbed his big green hands in excitement.

He frowned ever so slightly when he saw that the Gods of Fate had placed them in front of the Halls of Reflection.  Please let this be a fresh run with strong warriors, he prayed to his ancestors.

However upon taking his first few steps into the chilly lair of the Lich King he found himself standing in the bones and giblets of the previous adventurers.  Grom’s Blood, he thought as he realized that the group he had joined had been struggling with this for a while.  With a prayer to his Father’s Father, the Orc nocked an arrow and made his way inside…

I gave them 4 wipes.  I have no idea how long they had been wiping before I got there.  The first three attempts we did with three different healers.  Some healers blamed the tank, one healer blamed himself, some DPS blamed the tank for not holding aggro, yadda yadda.

Me I just did my job, DPS’d the Priests first then the Mercs, trapped the ranged mobs, pew pew pew pew, misdirect here, feign death there, and wiped four times.

For the record.  I have tanked that place numerous times.  I have healed it several.  I understand the spots that can be rough.  In fact I HATE standing in the doorway or the alcove.  I like to tank it in the middle using the altar to block LOS and pull the ranged to me.  But I’m cool if other tanks like doing it in the corner.  No biggie, if their tanking then it’s their rules.

It’s amazing to me that several people bitched about our tank’s health which was 32k.  I wasn’t healing him, but his health didn’t bother me.  His threat, even after a Misdirect and Feign Death, did bother me.  I spent a lot of time Deterrence tanking mobs and my pet spent a lot of time playing dead.

On one attempt I was dead before I even fired a shot due to him not grabbing any of the mobs that ran past him and around the corner.


I don’t flip out.  I don’t bad mouth other players.  I just do my thing and get my badges and go home.  It became clear that it wasn’t going to happen and we kept cycling through DPS, Tanks, and Healers alike.  When our second tank quit after our healer made a mistake (the healer said he did, I honestly have no idea) I decided just to go to bed.  It’s a good thing too because four hours later I’d be awaken by the sweet nothings of my wife throwing up in the bathroom downstairs.

I really have to say I really enjoy my Disc Priest.  I just have no idea what I’m going to do with him.  I’d like to join a scrub guild with him and get some raid healing practice with both a Holy spec and a Disc spec.  I’d love to find a guild that was working on older content like Uld and ToC.  I miss Ulduar.

ToC can suck a peen though.  Boring ass shit.

I tanked a weekly Sartharion on my Paladin and my co-tank was a lesser geared Paladin who wanted to taunt stuff off me and fight for threat.  Whatever.  Just let me do my job, hold enough mobs to keep my mana up, and I’m happy.  It’s just a suckass weekly I don’t need to act like I’m in the “Men with small penises club” and prove myself (unless I’m DPSing).

There are times I play and there are times I PLAY.  When I’m playing I just want my badges.  When I’m PLAYING, ALL YOUR AGGRO ARE BELONG TO ME!

That being said I miss the camaraderie I had with some of my old tanking partners.  It’s an aspect of the game I don’t think DPS players get to experience.  When I’m DPSing it’s me and 5 other people competing to do our personal best.  If we can bring some raid utility then fine, but were just making our numbers.

But when I used to have a tanking partner, we’d hammer out a strategy, give and take when it came to duties, and we always had each other’s backs.  If I saw his health dip low I might give the boss a quick taunt or if he saw me fudge up, he’d grab some extra mobs so a healer or DPS didn’t get eaten cus I didn’t get them picked up.  Sometimes his threat would be rocking so I let him run with it even if I was supposed to be the “main tank” that run, sometimes I’d be on top so he’d let me run with it.  There was no “mine/yours”.  We worked together.  It was us against the encounter, the boss, and the party.  When your DPS it’s just ye, yourself, and you.

Healers I imagine have some sort of kinship like tanks do.  I enjoy healing with one of our Druids because we heal like a team.  Otherwise I just feel like a healbot and spam my three stupid and boring Paladin heals.

I don’t miss tanking per say.  I miss the teamwork of working with another tank.  We never made a big deal of it, we just talked before the raid or in whispers.  Half the time it was unspoken and we just handled our shit.

Sometimes I get bored as a DPS and wish there was something more immersive I could do during a run.  Dunno.

Cataclysm will fix it?

And now I whine.

Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on July 9, 2010

I don’t *know* if I like Rogue PvP.  I find it sooooo situational (probably has to do with my Lesser PvP Skill: Rank 2 ability) but something about it annoys me.

Open World PvP on my server is non-existent by and large.  I do not do Arena as of yet (I’ll be sore for a month after I start).  My PvP largely consists of the orgy of noobs and self-proclaimed “real PvPers” known as Battle Grounds, BGs, or as their known in my guild…Bee Gees.

In these BGs we find many a different type of victory mechanics, in some you steal the enemies curtains (*British voice* “the curtains?!?!!?”)….er flag, some you defend your essential war territory such as a pig farm, in others you take set objectives and attack the enemy commanders, and in some you break down relic doors to steal the Alliance’s best flat ware.

When I’m on my Rogue I break them down into two categories…

  • 1.  Ones with no vehicles.  I’m “okay” in those.
  • 2.  Ones with a shit ton of vehicles OMG OMG I can’t stay stealthed with all this fucking AOE fest fuck there’s 40 Alliance running at me all AOEing woot now i have 839 stacks of Tenacity watch me one-sho… oh shit I’m stunned I can’t do anything cus they outnumber is 5:1 Hahahah you can’t see me I’m invis….shit that artillery shell just knocked me out of stealth AGAIN stealth stealth stealth stealth ha! I have you now clothie, wtf AOE again?  Vanish Vanish Vanish!

I realize that Rogue PvP is not the Huntard PvP I am used to.  On my Hunter I am allowed to stand there, machine gunning down oncoming noobs as they stagger into the Flag Room one by one or they send one lone vehicle up the hill with no infantry or gunners.

On my Rogue I feel like I am some sort of pervert abductor whose hidden and sneaking around in the bushes following some lowbie just waiting for my chance to nab them.  “Hey little goat-girl want some Deadly Poison?”

I try to be effective on my Rogue.  I try to not just gank loners.  I sap them and move on, but I usually find myself out of the action and playing catch up all the time.  I just don’t feel like a I make as big of a difference on my Rogue as I can on my Hunter.

If I’m in a BG with a ton of vehicles then there’s always this huge clusterfuck scrum of AOE being tossed around and I’m juking and jiving around it so I’m not knocked out of stealth.  Once I’m knocked out of stealth I try to find a target and attack/lock up/dry hump and combat degenerates into a mosh pit where I’m chasing someone around trying to stay behind them and stick pointy things into their soft spots.  Then I get some Huntard from nine miles away blow holes in me and the party is over.

Wintergrasp and Strands of the Ancients are the worst.

I know there’s something I’ve got to be missing.  Where does the ambush attacker fit into Wintergrasp and SOTA?  Am I just supposed to gank and travel about on my own?  Am I supposed to run with teammates and take down/tie up the healer during the middle of those scrums?  Or are those just the worst BGs for a Rogue?

Dunno.  Sometimes I feel like I’m armed with two nerf bats against an enemy in all plate and spiky bits wth 50% minimum more health then I’ve got.  I feel like I’ve got all the survivability of a gnat.

Oh and while we’re at it…A big FUCK YOU to all you pvp Frost Mages.  I’m going to pee on the next Frost Mage I meet in real life.  In fact I have a friend who lives down the street who doesn’t even play anymore but I’m going to go pee in his shoes because he used to play a Mage.

So now that my bladder is empty and I feel slightly better, this weekend I’m gonna track down some of the better Rogue PvPers on my server and ask them a few questions and scour the net for what exactly I’m missing when it comes to Rogue PvP.  Well besides the fact I’m not very good at it.

If I’m off on my own sapping and ganking I feel selfish and overall ineffectual.  Even though when I watch other Rogues in BGs, they always seem to be travelling on their own.

If I’m with a group I usually fall behind them and show up just in time to get a few stabs in before they run off again.  As soon as we come to another position and by the time I’m restealthed everything is nearly dead and they run off again.

Dunno.  But I’m determined to get better…

Or just say fuck it and play my Hunter.

Do That Jerk-Uh, Watch Me Work Ya’ll

Posted in Gaming, General Me, Raid Leading, WoW by mrfenris on July 7, 2010

I can be a jerk sometimes.  My wife would attest to that.  My family would attest to that.  My friends would attest to that.  Peoples of the Internets probably can attest to that.  In fact the PotI (Peoples of the Internets, which includes guildies) probably think I’m snippier or grouchier then I really am.  I admittedly don’t translate well “into” text.  In the real life I talk with my hands, laugh all the time at improper things, tell old stories, and approach everything with a healthy dose of honesty and sadistic sense of humor.

Those last two are the only thing about me that translates “into” text and when they do, they usually translate poorly (naturally) and get me called a jerk.

I think I was over at Matticus’s titty and reading one of his tittiers post about leadership.  Now I’m paraphrasing very poorly here (and I’m too lazy to link it, if you want to read it go look it up yourself you slug) but it was basically their experience that not every player could improve past a certain point.  They each had a max playing threshold and no matter what was tried they could not pass it.  (If I screwed that up, I’m sorry but hey it’s the internet, deal.)

My knee jerk reaction was to dismiss this since I’m “one of those people” who think that through suffering and martyrdom you can always become a better person/player.  It was instilled to me at a young age, that unless you somehow suffered and endured you could not be any “better”.  Muscles break down and rebuild stronger, scars heal (even the mental ones if you shove them away enough and poor booze and isolation on top of them), and if things weren’t hard then they weren’t worth doing.  Yes I am being melodramatic on purpose, but I come from two families who pride themselves on suffering, fighting, and enduring albeit they’re completely isolated beings who have, generation after generation, hung themselves in the family windmill or tied up family members in box cars and horse-whipped them for family “justice”.  Thank you Mom and Dad, story time was always so much fun when I was a kid.

But I started thinking about it.  I suppose it does make a little sense.  We humans have limitations.  Not all of them are equal.  Likewise we have different motivations to make us push past those limitations.  Or not.  Some people are content to log in and give something a few shots to avoid doing the dishes or get their mind off real life for a while.  Some folks are motivated by the fact that they haven’t done a boss yet or that the encounter itself is challenging.

Why should I be surprised that someone’s best is really their best when stand in the fire?  Maybe they really are doing everything they can to play their character and move out of that fire but have just reached their limitation.  They WANT to be better, but they can’t seem to get past the fact that they have to play their character AND move at the same time.  Not everyone makes a mistake and grits their teeth and makes sure it never happens again.  (Oh and before you jackals start, I’m not a perfect player.  I’m not soapboxing.  Save your snark and go suck your Ego’s cock somewhere else.  There’s only one Ego allowed to suck it’s own yonk around here and it’s mine.)  So when I used to sit there as a raid leader and pull what little hair I have left out, snarl, snap, and clench my teeth because people were making the same mistake over and over and swearing they were trying their best, maybe they really were.

So if that’s true does that point out my failure in my approach when I was raid leading?  I never wanted to mark one player so the rest could follow them around blindly because I wanted them to be aware of their surroundings.  I wanted them to anticipate encounter mechanics and adjust accordingly, so I didn’t use call outs or warnings.  I tried to teach them HOW the encounter worked instead of saying “just do X”, because I wanted them to be able to apply it to other encounters.  I always thought that by teaching them the hows and whys they’d automatically adapt and grow as players, because that’s what I tend to do.

Maybe instead I was hurting us by not doing some of the things I could have to cut some corners and make things easier on us.  Maybe I was getting some people’s best.  I brought this quandary up in vent last night after our raid and I’m sure I sounded like a jerk.  It sounds fairly “elitist”.

Maybe some people’s best is not as good as other people’s.
Maybe they can’t help it.

Admittedly I’m twisting the original post a bit.  And part of me thinks it sounds like a cop-out. Maybe it’s not that we all have a playing ability limitation, it’s that we have a motivational limitation.  It’s our motivations that push us past the glass ceiling of our playing limitations.  They are the driving force in making us get better.

I thought their article was a good read and I like wrinkling up my forehead now and then I wondering if I did the right thing.

Fork in the Road

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on July 6, 2010

I’ve never been a greedy player when it comes to loot.  Loose mobs?  MINE!, I’m tanking ALL this shit.  Another healer’s assignment?  I’ll lay down some healing cover fire.  My targets down?  Let me DPS yours, cus I like to shoot stuff.  I’m greedy, I want to do it all.

But when it comes to loot, I’m rather “meh”.  Part of me enjoys having a low low 5k gear score and out DPSing people with higher gearscore.  I think it’s related to the fact that I have a small chip on my shoulder.  But if something is a bigger upgrade to someone else in my guild, I’ve got zero problem passing on it.  However this weekend for the first time in my life I felt the bitter taste of loot drama creep into the back of my throat.

I’m dicking around on my Rogue (read:  Sucking at PvP) when I get a whisper from a friend whose guild’s ICC25 man is short.  My guild doesn’t do 25’s (thank ye Gods) and I’ve got nothing else to do so I jump in on my Survival Hunter.  Now, I like this guild.  In fact I was a member for awhile, while I was on my WoW-walkabout.  I have nothing bad to say about them.  They’re a laid back guild with a PG vent (which is fine cus I don’t talk all that much in pugs).  I just never was able to match up my play times to theirs.

So I snag another spot for another guildie whose also a Survival Hunter and we head in.  I chuckle to myself as I notice like 6 other Hunters in the raid and most of them have better gear then me.  As we progress through the raid I notice that my DPS and Damage Overall is higher than all of the other hunters.  Except goofy fights like Saurfang or Blood Princes where I’ve got an assignment I’m always in the top DPS 2-5 spots.  Not bad for a guy still wearing 3 pieces of Naxx25 gear.

Their loot rules are you can win one “main spec” roll only, but can roll on anything you can use.  I’m cool with this, so I just roll on the mid-sized upgrades, I pass once on a pole arm because one of the other Hunters had a 5-man polearm and junk gear yet was doing good DPS.  It’s no big deal, I’m not loot motivated.

Then I see the Hunter Helm Tier Token drop.  I’m still wearing “Ye Olde Naxx Helm” and I can already feel that brand new helm sitting on my pretty Orc head.  So I roll and land an 82.  Highest roll yet.  Woot!  Come to Daddy.  Then the last Hunter rolls.  You know THAT Hunter.  The one who had been forgetting to put up an Aspect all night, the same Hunter that had to be reminded by me to use True Shot Aura, the same Hunter who didn’t have a pet out for 2 encounters.  Oh yeah, the same Hunter who had a 5.8k gearscore and was doing 2k less DPS than me.

Of course they rolled a 87 and won the Helm.

I’ve bitten many bullets.  I play in a social guild.  We raid with whoever signs up.  We don’t make adjustments to the roster based on skill level.  I know some nights are going to be harder than others based on who signs up.  I’ve lost plenty of loot to our most casual players who will never log in again.  It’s cool.  I don’t complain because I make the choice to stay in a guild like that.  It’s pros outweigh its cons for me.

But for the first time in my WoW life I felt like I got fucked.  I got up.  Stretched.  Took a swig of my ice-cold Pepsi and sat back down.  But see I’m not a drama queen.  (Secret:  I might be a Diva when I tank though).

In fact, it’s partially my fault for expecting a reward “cus I wuz better”.  That’s not the environment I was in.  I got a chance to raid.  I got a chance to hit some bosses.  I got a chance to roll on some loot.  I got a chance to play a video game.

Many times in your life you will come to a fork in the road.  Down one road lies the “Path of the Bitch”.  If you choose that path you can act like a little bitch as you wander down it.  You will privately and publically act like a punkass chump.

However there’s often another path.  A path us short people are used to.  The “Path of I’ll show you”.  When you walk down that path, you suck it up, handle your shit, and you show them that your wallet is the one that says “Bad Muthafucka”.  You do it quietly, you do it proudly, and you do it because you aren’t a little bitch.  I blew it off and headed into the Plague Works with a chip on my shoulder.

I died with 25 seconds left to go on Rotface, due to a large ooze being run through the raid.  I still finished second on the DPS and damage done overall.  I beat out all but ONE of the other DPS and most of them had better gearscores than me.

I know that fight is decent for Hunters, I know I’m NOT some lolpro player.  But I also know I’m not a little bitch who gets emo about some loot.  Sometimes in your life you come to that fork in the road.  It’s okay to stand there and look down the Path of the Bitch.  Your only human, but you can’t let yourself take it.

I’ve waffled a lot over quitting WoW the past six months.  But when the day comes that I start focusing more on getting drops then enjoying playing a video game and playing it “well”, then that’s the day I’ll quit waffling and quit WoW for good.

Sidenote.  I wiped my guild on Blood Queen the other night.  I mean really?  Who plays with raid frames visible, their ugly and get in the way of the stuff I want to shoot.  Srs.