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Fork in the Road

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on July 6, 2010

I’ve never been a greedy player when it comes to loot.  Loose mobs?  MINE!, I’m tanking ALL this shit.  Another healer’s assignment?  I’ll lay down some healing cover fire.  My targets down?  Let me DPS yours, cus I like to shoot stuff.  I’m greedy, I want to do it all.

But when it comes to loot, I’m rather “meh”.  Part of me enjoys having a low low 5k gear score and out DPSing people with higher gearscore.  I think it’s related to the fact that I have a small chip on my shoulder.  But if something is a bigger upgrade to someone else in my guild, I’ve got zero problem passing on it.  However this weekend for the first time in my life I felt the bitter taste of loot drama creep into the back of my throat.

I’m dicking around on my Rogue (read:  Sucking at PvP) when I get a whisper from a friend whose guild’s ICC25 man is short.  My guild doesn’t do 25’s (thank ye Gods) and I’ve got nothing else to do so I jump in on my Survival Hunter.  Now, I like this guild.  In fact I was a member for awhile, while I was on my WoW-walkabout.  I have nothing bad to say about them.  They’re a laid back guild with a PG vent (which is fine cus I don’t talk all that much in pugs).  I just never was able to match up my play times to theirs.

So I snag another spot for another guildie whose also a Survival Hunter and we head in.  I chuckle to myself as I notice like 6 other Hunters in the raid and most of them have better gear then me.  As we progress through the raid I notice that my DPS and Damage Overall is higher than all of the other hunters.  Except goofy fights like Saurfang or Blood Princes where I’ve got an assignment I’m always in the top DPS 2-5 spots.  Not bad for a guy still wearing 3 pieces of Naxx25 gear.

Their loot rules are you can win one “main spec” roll only, but can roll on anything you can use.  I’m cool with this, so I just roll on the mid-sized upgrades, I pass once on a pole arm because one of the other Hunters had a 5-man polearm and junk gear yet was doing good DPS.  It’s no big deal, I’m not loot motivated.

Then I see the Hunter Helm Tier Token drop.  I’m still wearing “Ye Olde Naxx Helm” and I can already feel that brand new helm sitting on my pretty Orc head.  So I roll and land an 82.  Highest roll yet.  Woot!  Come to Daddy.  Then the last Hunter rolls.  You know THAT Hunter.  The one who had been forgetting to put up an Aspect all night, the same Hunter that had to be reminded by me to use True Shot Aura, the same Hunter who didn’t have a pet out for 2 encounters.  Oh yeah, the same Hunter who had a 5.8k gearscore and was doing 2k less DPS than me.

Of course they rolled a 87 and won the Helm.

I’ve bitten many bullets.  I play in a social guild.  We raid with whoever signs up.  We don’t make adjustments to the roster based on skill level.  I know some nights are going to be harder than others based on who signs up.  I’ve lost plenty of loot to our most casual players who will never log in again.  It’s cool.  I don’t complain because I make the choice to stay in a guild like that.  It’s pros outweigh its cons for me.

But for the first time in my WoW life I felt like I got fucked.  I got up.  Stretched.  Took a swig of my ice-cold Pepsi and sat back down.  But see I’m not a drama queen.  (Secret:  I might be a Diva when I tank though).

In fact, it’s partially my fault for expecting a reward “cus I wuz better”.  That’s not the environment I was in.  I got a chance to raid.  I got a chance to hit some bosses.  I got a chance to roll on some loot.  I got a chance to play a video game.

Many times in your life you will come to a fork in the road.  Down one road lies the “Path of the Bitch”.  If you choose that path you can act like a little bitch as you wander down it.  You will privately and publically act like a punkass chump.

However there’s often another path.  A path us short people are used to.  The “Path of I’ll show you”.  When you walk down that path, you suck it up, handle your shit, and you show them that your wallet is the one that says “Bad Muthafucka”.  You do it quietly, you do it proudly, and you do it because you aren’t a little bitch.  I blew it off and headed into the Plague Works with a chip on my shoulder.

I died with 25 seconds left to go on Rotface, due to a large ooze being run through the raid.  I still finished second on the DPS and damage done overall.  I beat out all but ONE of the other DPS and most of them had better gearscores than me.

I know that fight is decent for Hunters, I know I’m NOT some lolpro player.  But I also know I’m not a little bitch who gets emo about some loot.  Sometimes in your life you come to that fork in the road.  It’s okay to stand there and look down the Path of the Bitch.  Your only human, but you can’t let yourself take it.

I’ve waffled a lot over quitting WoW the past six months.  But when the day comes that I start focusing more on getting drops then enjoying playing a video game and playing it “well”, then that’s the day I’ll quit waffling and quit WoW for good.

Sidenote.  I wiped my guild on Blood Queen the other night.  I mean really?  Who plays with raid frames visible, their ugly and get in the way of the stuff I want to shoot.  Srs.


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  1. Derek the Cleric said, on July 6, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Of course, you can also take a little solace in the fact that, even in raiding guilds, the decision to change loot rules post-fight to account for performance opens up a whole Pandora’s Box of loot drama. It’s the raid leader turning heel and bringing the steel chair down on the ref just as his buddy’s pinned the bad guy. You have to have a whole other Wrestlemania to iron that shit out.

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