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Posted in Gaming, WoW by mrfenris on July 9, 2010

I don’t *know* if I like Rogue PvP.  I find it sooooo situational (probably has to do with my Lesser PvP Skill: Rank 2 ability) but something about it annoys me.

Open World PvP on my server is non-existent by and large.  I do not do Arena as of yet (I’ll be sore for a month after I start).  My PvP largely consists of the orgy of noobs and self-proclaimed “real PvPers” known as Battle Grounds, BGs, or as their known in my guild…Bee Gees.

In these BGs we find many a different type of victory mechanics, in some you steal the enemies curtains (*British voice* “the curtains?!?!!?”)….er flag, some you defend your essential war territory such as a pig farm, in others you take set objectives and attack the enemy commanders, and in some you break down relic doors to steal the Alliance’s best flat ware.

When I’m on my Rogue I break them down into two categories…

  • 1.  Ones with no vehicles.  I’m “okay” in those.
  • 2.  Ones with a shit ton of vehicles OMG OMG I can’t stay stealthed with all this fucking AOE fest fuck there’s 40 Alliance running at me all AOEing woot now i have 839 stacks of Tenacity watch me one-sho… oh shit I’m stunned I can’t do anything cus they outnumber is 5:1 Hahahah you can’t see me I’m invis….shit that artillery shell just knocked me out of stealth AGAIN stealth stealth stealth stealth ha! I have you now clothie, wtf AOE again?  Vanish Vanish Vanish!

I realize that Rogue PvP is not the Huntard PvP I am used to.  On my Hunter I am allowed to stand there, machine gunning down oncoming noobs as they stagger into the Flag Room one by one or they send one lone vehicle up the hill with no infantry or gunners.

On my Rogue I feel like I am some sort of pervert abductor whose hidden and sneaking around in the bushes following some lowbie just waiting for my chance to nab them.  “Hey little goat-girl want some Deadly Poison?”

I try to be effective on my Rogue.  I try to not just gank loners.  I sap them and move on, but I usually find myself out of the action and playing catch up all the time.  I just don’t feel like a I make as big of a difference on my Rogue as I can on my Hunter.

If I’m in a BG with a ton of vehicles then there’s always this huge clusterfuck scrum of AOE being tossed around and I’m juking and jiving around it so I’m not knocked out of stealth.  Once I’m knocked out of stealth I try to find a target and attack/lock up/dry hump and combat degenerates into a mosh pit where I’m chasing someone around trying to stay behind them and stick pointy things into their soft spots.  Then I get some Huntard from nine miles away blow holes in me and the party is over.

Wintergrasp and Strands of the Ancients are the worst.

I know there’s something I’ve got to be missing.  Where does the ambush attacker fit into Wintergrasp and SOTA?  Am I just supposed to gank and travel about on my own?  Am I supposed to run with teammates and take down/tie up the healer during the middle of those scrums?  Or are those just the worst BGs for a Rogue?

Dunno.  Sometimes I feel like I’m armed with two nerf bats against an enemy in all plate and spiky bits wth 50% minimum more health then I’ve got.  I feel like I’ve got all the survivability of a gnat.

Oh and while we’re at it…A big FUCK YOU to all you pvp Frost Mages.  I’m going to pee on the next Frost Mage I meet in real life.  In fact I have a friend who lives down the street who doesn’t even play anymore but I’m going to go pee in his shoes because he used to play a Mage.

So now that my bladder is empty and I feel slightly better, this weekend I’m gonna track down some of the better Rogue PvPers on my server and ask them a few questions and scour the net for what exactly I’m missing when it comes to Rogue PvP.  Well besides the fact I’m not very good at it.

If I’m off on my own sapping and ganking I feel selfish and overall ineffectual.  Even though when I watch other Rogues in BGs, they always seem to be travelling on their own.

If I’m with a group I usually fall behind them and show up just in time to get a few stabs in before they run off again.  As soon as we come to another position and by the time I’m restealthed everything is nearly dead and they run off again.

Dunno.  But I’m determined to get better…

Or just say fuck it and play my Hunter.


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  1. Gary said, on July 13, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I feel your pain. I rolled a rogue a couple of years ago after my first exposure to BGs and the awesome fun that is being stunlocked. i played him very little while i was getting my main to 70 and then 80. Rogue lore intrigued me, especially once i found Ravenholdt Manor, but then i realized it was all an unfinished dead end. Then i discovered RaF and suddenly my rogue was almost ready for Outland. I decided to try some AV and came away feeling much like what you describe. And i found PVE to be even less desirable. so, the rogue sits in Outland awaiting the Cataclysm and his imminent death. I also tried some feral druid pvp, which is kind of like being a rogue only with fewer useful rogue abilities. I too, have a hunter that i pvp with quite a bit and enjoy much more. i’ve done tons of BGs on other toons also and i’ve decided that i’m not very good 1v1. so i get my kicks where i can; guarding flags with traps and flares and then screaming for help while i’m being feared and/or stunlocked into oblivion, sleeping or otherwise cc’ing someone and then dancing/flirting with them till they revive and kill me, healing that rogue that is stunlocking and backstabbing you, polymorph:pig and /lol, and my favorite – punting people off cliffs and bridges and out of towers.
    that’s my advice for you, find something you enjoy and to heck with the rest. and premades. if you can find a group that plays together with strategy, pvp is much more fun.

    • mrfenris said, on July 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm

      One of the things that really annoys me on my rogue is where on my screen I’m right behind and almost on top of my target and I’m trying to stab the living piss out of them, but due to latency I keep getting range error messages or told I must be behind my target.

      Highly annoying when you are stealthed, sprinting and want to Ambush some half-dead Alliance member.


      I have started to enjoy my rogue a slight bit more. I’ve switched to Mutilate due to Senior Noisy Rogue’s suggestion. It’s much more noob friendly for me. I’ve been working on making the “right” choices in the middle of combat instead of just running around stabbing faces. But yeah I still feel rather limp dickish, flailing away at a hymen protected gate which stands in front of the secret garden of Rogue knowledge.

      I think my next project is getting my Disc priest to 80 and trying out PvP with a healer.

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