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AOE Pineapples

Posted in Gaming, General Me, WoW by mrfenris on July 20, 2010

About 16 years ago I was sitting in my work truck half asleep at a red light.  It’s always hot where I live in the summer and that year was no different.  I remember looking up at the exact moment a motorcycle with two young women riding on it went by the intersection.  As they crossed left to right, the gal on the back lifted her shirt and bra and flashed a pair of perfect breasts to everyone waiting at the red light.  I remember throwing my head back and just laughing out loud because of what she did and the grin on her face was devilish.  Sometimes we all need something improper randomly interjected into our day.

16 years later, I still think about her (and her girls) every time I sit at that red light and grin.

While we talking about cones.  Pally Cone o’ Heals.  Say what?  I am more excited about the Changes to Paladin healing then ANY other class changes in Cataclysm.  Paladin healing might actually be fun in Cataclysm instead of the punch of the groin it is now.  I always get whispers “do u want to come heal on ur pally?” and I always whisper back “GOD. NO.”

I tanked a five man HoS the other night.  I sucked.  How can I suck at tanking a five man?  My pulls we’re sloppy, my threat was “meh” (which means it was better than average, but I lost an extra mob once or twice), and I was kinda just going through the motions.  How did I get so bad?  I know I’m rusty but still it’s a five man and it’s tanking.  It’s not hard.

I think I’ve lost my hunger, my drive, my attitude when it comes to tanking.  No I’m not a prick when I tank, but I used to approach it like a fight.  It used to be me vs the world.  Now it’s just me wanting my badges.  I used to be all over every little thing and never stopped moving.  Now I’m just limp dicking along.

The same thing happened at the end of TBC for me too.  I was ready to hang it up and almost dropped my Paladin for a Death Knight.  However with the Wrath changes to Protection I stopped leveling my Death Knight at 78 now he just performs the menial task of being my bank alt now.

You know I’ve never cared about the “teh Bloggers” vs RealIdgate.

I still don’t.





The Old Republic is nothing but a Science-Fantasy game with a splattering of Star Wars flavored ejaculation on it.  Yes I’ll try it out.

When I went to Alaska my senior year of High School I tried BBQ pizza for the first time.  I still eat it too this day.  But don’t you dare put pineapple on it.  In fact I hate pineapple on any other food.  It’s good by itself.  I’ve got no problem soloing a pineapple.  Mmmm chicken, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, bacon, onions.

Holy Hell.  Nothing like waiting 75 levels for Mind Sear your ONLY Shadow Priest AOE spell.  Srs.  WTF.  Holy Nova is fun and all but it knocks you out of Shadow.  74 levels of just dotting, Mind Blasting, and Mind Flaying, while everyone around you drops truck loads of AOE and eats nachos.

I queued as DPS for the first time in ages just to try it out.  22 minutes I sat in that queue.  The tears of joy streaming down my face as I watched recount explode made every single minute in the queue worth it.

75 fucking levels.



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  1. Irmie said, on July 21, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Ah, but unlike every other aoe class spell, your mind sear does not damage the target you are directly hitting. How strange. It hits everything else around it, but does zero damage to the target you are actually sticking your purple beam in. I’ve never understood that.

    I tried out my spriest in 5 mans, read up a bit on rotations, talked to some spriests that can out dps my hunter and discovered I still suck as an spriest. I mean, I can do 2k ish, but seriously, that’s about it. Apparently haste is important, followed by …crit? I can’t remember. I remember being told my haste was pathetic, that’s about all the advise I can recall for a dps priest.

  2. What's my main Again? said, on July 26, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Try leveling a rogue now a days… you don’t get your first “real” aoe ability until level 80. 79 freaking levels and the best you can do for aoe is spec combat and use bladeflurry every 2 mins…. yay….

    • mrfenris said, on July 26, 2010 at 8:04 pm


      Your exactly right. I leveled my rogue as Sub until I met the hordes of Fel Orcs in Outlands, then I went Combat, then in Northrend I went Muti, then I hit 80 and they nerfed FoK…..

      Speaking of the FoK nerf…

      I remember one of the few times I did Arena, we were doing 5v5 and the match started…so we’re sitting there looking for our opponents and we can’t see anything….next thing I know someone starts yelling in vent “It’s five rogues!” and all I hear are the multiple sounds of five Rogues’ Fan of Knives over and over. And we all died.

      I still cringe when I hear the sound.

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