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Motherfucking Tacos

Posted in WoW by mrfenris on July 26, 2010

Fail Angel.


What is the actual point of this talent?  Oh those long-in-tooth, greatest generation, Vanilla, MC Raiders (*sings* “we ain’t got no lives”) may have talked about this to and fro, but I still don’t get it.

I used to play a miniature “war” game where you would build armies under a certain predetermined point cost.  For instance if you had 500 points you tried to have your army total up as close to 500 as possible.

I was always surprised at some people’s choices in their unit selection.  They would spend points including units to make up for other unit’s shortcomings.  In order to make a weak unit useful they would tie up their build points by trying to prop it up with additional units.

Now I understand the concept of “support” however I don’t understand the concept of spending “bad” points to try to make “worse” points better.  This led to an overall weakness in their army’s build and when they faced off verses an army with a superior build (points better spent) the game was usually decided before it even started.

So Fail Angel.  Why?

Why have a talent designed to try to prop up a negative consequence like dying?  Wouldn’t the point and talent be better spent to avoid dying?

Now, I know all the Holy Rollers out there are sputtering in their Holy Oats and Honey about how this talent “saves tha rhaids!  Phraise Jeh sus!”.  I know all about the “ya but ur heals r free 2 cast” and even the “lol but if you’ve got a soulstone you get some free heals then pop it…FTW.” arguements.

And guess what?  They all suck.

First off, I can count on my testicles (We men have two in case you ladies didn’t know) on how many raids I’ve seen saved due to Fail Angel.  It’s situational.  Situational talents are fun when you are sitting with your guildies going, “remember that one time at band camp?”.  But they rarely are useful in 98% of your raid time.  Me I’d rather have a point in something I’m constantly using to increase my success.  (Note:  OP Ardent Defender does not count, that’s just a stupidly designed talent that I’m glad is changing.  In addition that talent actually keeps you FROM DYING making it INCREDIBLY useful, not “not dead” for a few seconds like Fail Angel.)

Secondly.  Okay my heals are free to cast.  Then I die.  Then you wipe.  Everyone release.  Still a fail.

And last but not least.  Dying equals a loss of resources to the raid.  Mana free heals don’t matter.  Mana does not matter.  That blue bar, yeah don’t worry.  You never have to watch it.  Srs.  You being ressed via stone or a Druid’s combat res is a moot point.  It’s all more resources flushed down the toilet chasing the resources you spent on Fail Angel.

It’s a dumb design.  It might be “fun”.  It might be “cool” in terms of those one-in-a-million boss kills.  It might even be “interesting”.  However at the end of the day it’s just resources spent to try to prop up the fact that “yo ass is dead” and someone, somewhere, made a mistake.

If I gave you the choice of having this incredible hot chic/guy with a stacked, fine, banging body, but you *might* only be able to have “the sexs” with them once every 3-6 months…


You could have old reliable.  The average looking, average bodied, somewhat boring, person that was ready to knock boots every single day without fail.

What would you choose?

Me?  Yeah I’m getting my swerve on daily.  It would be the best 2 minutes of her day.

5% Spirit.

Yeah it’s still good points after bad.

“I guess I’ll spend my talents on this since there’s nothing better…” is a poor choice to be left with.  Even if there’s no better option for the points, it ends up reflecting a poor overall design.

In Cataclysm the number of talents are decreasing.  Points are getting rarer.  Having two mid-level talents like Lightwell and Fail Angel being options hurts Holy even more than it does now.  Even if you don’t take them, they still have affected your maximum total possible choices you had in the Holy Tree.  (The current Lightwell design is 75% better, but it’s 75% better than the “whole lotta suck” that was Lightwell.  So there’s still some room to go.)

I’m hoping they both see some additional work before release.

God that sounded pretentious.
I’d really just settle for some tacos.


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  1. Dwism said, on July 26, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I used this ability on my priest since back in Vanilla. I guess Im the type of healer you hate.

    But i agree very much. I just never thought of it 🙂

    • mrfenris said, on July 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm

      I say thee nay! I just come across as a prick, but I’m just riffing.

      There’s very little I hate. Hmmm.

      I guess I hate poodles.

      I’ve been sitting there looking at what I want to do with my priest….Disco vs Holy.

      Fail Angel and Lightwell annoy the heck out of me. However I really liked Holy when I did it 9-59. I’ve got an old post about it somewhere, but Outlands and the advent of the DKs did me in, in terms of mana needs so I went Disc and have been facerolling it ever since.

      Dunno. I like the concept of Holy. Chakra I’m kind of “meh” about in it’s current form, but I expect it’ll change a bit before Cataclysm drops.

      But anything is better then healing on my Paladin.

      All I know is Paladin healing feels like your wearing a kevlar condom and Priest healing feels like your going bareback. At least that’s the first thing that pops in my head when I think about the two.

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