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Posted in Preizt, WoW by mrfenris on July 27, 2010

I rarely congratulate people when they ding.  I also rarely ever announce when I level or “ding” myself.  (Secret:  I ding myself in the shower quite often, I’m married.)

However, last night I dinged 80 on my Priest and announced it to the world.  Well I announced it to guild chat at any rate.

I guess I don’t congratulate folks when they ding, because I don’t feel like it’s particularly hard to reach the next level.  I remember back in my horrid and short-lived Everquest days where lvl 1 characters would proudly announce realm wide that they dinged and had reached the impossible….level 2.  I am of the mind that one should not be congratulated for killing 8 rats, by pushing one or two buttons and auto attacking.  Any idiot can reach level 80 in the World of Warcraft without knowing how to play their class.  Look Mom, no keybinds!

Leveling my Priest was an awesome experience for me.  It’s the first character I ever had that I could bring up through the LFG feature.  Back in the day the first character I really leveled was my Paladin tank so I didn’t ever have trouble finding a group, however my Hunter and Rogue we’re far different stories.  Finding a group for them in the old days was a brutal slog.  I remember getting some of the worst groups in history but I clung to them as if we we’re on a drifting life boat.  Just me and four Special Ed students wearing helmets as we wiped down the stream that was Mana Tombs.  I was of the mindset that my current group of morons was always better than waiting two hours for my next group of morons.

However my Priest came from a privileged background in being that he could heal, unlike those dirty plebe pure DPS classes.  So off I went wading into the chaos that is LFG armed with only my Vuhdo and my sissy robe.  And the levels soared past.

One of the best things about being in a guild is it’s easy to find suckers, er friends to run you through stuff.  Within a few minutes of dinging 80, I was off running Heroic Violet Hold and Heroic Halls of Lightening with my 2.4k gear score healing the party.  Ahh the joys of being carried by people with better gear.

However I actually rarely mooch.  I’ve already mailed off my mats for a Merlin’s Robe and Bejeweled Bracers, I ran two regular Forge of Souls back to back, and have already purchased some badge gear.

I plan on hitting the ground bubbling.

I noticed there’s a moment when your playing a Disc Priest where none of your spells seem to fit what’s going on.  It happens only maybe once a run, but you can feel it as you stare at the entire party’s health bars and decide which spell to use.

I think of this the “Void” moment.  It’s that rare spot where everyone in the party has taken a HUGE chunk of damage that blew past your shields and everyone has the Weakened Soul Debuff so you can’t re-shield them.  PoM has just ping ponged around and it’s still on CD.  So now you’ve got to quickly sort through your options.  Renew’s aren’t enough to keep everyone up and you don’t have the GCDs to get the whole party before someone dies.  Flash Heal will save one or if you Binding Heal you’ll save two.

Holy Nova (under used in five mans IMO) could be a decent option but you worry about keeping the tank up because the Holy Nova healing isn’t enough to deal with the incoming boss damage on the tank.

It’s in this void moment I used get frustrated.  None of my spells seemed to be the proper answer.  I used to just Penance the tank and start spamming up Holy Nova and hoped Weakened Soul would drop off soon.  I noticed this situation would come up quite frequently on trash pulls with lots of AOE abilities like Chain Lightening and bosses like Loken (if you eat his Nova) and the James Brown boss in Forge of Souls.

However I think I found the answer now that I’ve hit 80.  Divine Hymn.  Specifically maybe a Penance on the tank, Inner Focus, Divine Hymn, and take a drink of Pepsi while Divine Hymn pulls your robe out of the fire.

Divine Hymn rocks face.  Even if it’s only once every eight minutes.

Why do some Priests bitch about this being their level 80 spell?  As if we need anymore healing spells with short cooldowns.  This spell is that perfect “Oh Shit” spell that I feel like I’ve been missing as a Disc Priest.  I don’t need it every pull, I just need it when something goes sideways.  Maybe it’s not as useful for Holy since they have so many AOE heals already but I think it fills a large gap in a Disc Priest’s arsenal.


I dinged.  I’m such a huge geek I plan on rewarding myself by rebuilding my UI from the ground up.  I can’t wait.

Huge geek.



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  1. loveandwarinazeroth said, on July 28, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    While not the “Oh Shit” button that Divine Hymn is, Prayer of Healing can be equally effective as an AOE heal, especially if prefaced with a bubble on anyone to get your Borrowed Time going since it’s a longer cast.

    Grats on 80!

  2. mrfenris said, on July 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Prayer of Healing.

    You are absolutely correct. Whenever I queue it up it feels like a big old fat slippery fish, flip flopping around in my hands, and when I get it into the boat. BOOOM. Healz.

    I have no idea why I associate my quartz timer with fishing.

    I need to get better at predicting when to bubble my entire party. I’m used too tanking. I know what all the bosses do and when they do it…but only to the tank.

    There’s fights I’m sitting there healing and I’m surprised the DPS is taking damage. I had no idea on some of these encounters the DPS/Healer damage was so active.

  3. Irmie said, on July 29, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    I know I complained for ages about refusing to go disc. And then when I finally broke down and went disc it was like falling in love with your soul mate. Your weakened soul mate maybe. I couldn’t go back to holy after that. I tried it. I wanted to be a good raid healer. I had duel spec disc and holy for a couple months.

    But holy is like the hot, bad-guy boyfriend – he was fun and worth it while it lasted, but it was for a good time not a long time. Then came your true love, disc, and it endured for all time. My duel spec is dps now, holy can suck it.

    I was reading through your ‘void’ time, nodding my head and telling my computer screen ‘but you are level 80, you get divine hymn now!!!!’. If I hadn’t read so fast and realized you were leading up to that exact point I would have gone slightly insane. Love divine hymn. Best fight ever – 25 man Mimiron, priests have to take turns timing their divne hymns (even the holy priest!) and the mana regen cd one. I hardly use now and can’t remember what it’s even called. I loved the coordination of that fight from a healing perspective.

    /end rambling

    Grats on 80!

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