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Room #2

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on August 26, 2010

In Indy still.

Don’t know when we’ll be home.

He’s still doing really well.  He’s a night owl like me.

PS:  Room #2 at the Ronald McDonald house in Riley Hospital is haunted.


For real.

Curious to see if anything happens in here again tonight.

Mmmm Space Combat with keyboard turners.

I read Glen Cook’s “The Black Company” again.  I have no idea what attracts me to that book.

I’m reading Orson Scott Card’s “Lost Boys” right now.  The Mormon bits interest me more then anything else, although being a father I can relate to Step quite a bit.  There are horrid little bits hidden in that book sometimes.  Your eating away at it and enjoying “their” lives, and OUCH you bite into something hard that sensd raw pain into your “tooth’s” nerves.

Two parts of it creep me out and make me want to hug my daughter and then kill someone.  (In a non-melodramatic way.  More like a force of nature way.)

Come near my baby girl.  You.  Die.

Daddy loves you honey.


For The Win

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on August 21, 2010

Big Kick is passing most of his benchmarks tests, but still in the NICU.

Mom is officially discharged.  We’re still sleeping at the hospital.  I think this is our fourth or fifth day here.

The doctors are still concerned about a few areas, so he might be transferred by EMS to a childrens hospital down state.  However he is not in serious danger.

We were headed down there Monday anyway to meet with a specialist.

Well wishes have been appreciated.  Everything is fine.  No emo, drama, pity party here.  We’re handling it.  We’ll keep handling it.  He’s got a few things that we need to keep and eye on and take care of over the course of the next few years, but he’s got a fierce little personality.  He’s got an eagle-like yell we refer to as his “war cry” that he does when he’s pissed  and he loves to yank his wires out while he’s doing it.

Loves the boob too.  We have that in common.

Might be out of touch for a few days, depending how long they decide to keep him down in Indy.  Again, he’s fine.  Big Kick has no choice but to hit the ground running.  His brother and sister won’t cut him any slack.  They play hard and they play for keeps.

Fucking handle it.

Big Kick

Posted in General Me by mrfenris on August 19, 2010

The primary reason I made this titty was to waste time at work.  This will be the first time I’ve used it for the express purpose of communication.

Codename:  Big Kick

One month early, but he came on his own.

Eight pounds, eleven ounces.


Gonna be here a few days, Mom and Big Kick are doing well, but there’s a few issues.  Be home soon.

Looks like his brother did.

Ta Fucking Da

Posted in Preizt, WoW by mrfenris on August 9, 2010

On days I have time to titty I find myself molesting my USB port on my work computer.

It’s not my fault really, my flash drive is broken and besides you can tell the USB port is just asking for it the way it sits there.

I have to insert the flash drive about 1 or 100 times before the little blue light decides to pop on and for my computer to be able to read it.  So I sit there, trying to find the right angle, whispering sweet nothings into it’s ear, and do the old in-out, in-out.  I need a new one.

I make lists.  At work I have a yellow notepad.  If it’s not on the notepad it’s not going to get done.  The order of the tasks on my notepad may change but everyone knows if it’s on the notepad it’s going to get done.

I make lists when I’m at home.  I know how many new light switch covers I need, what size PVC piping I need, and what all I’ll need for upcoming home repair projects.  (Still waiting on ceiling fans to go on sale.)

I make lists (in my head) when I play video games.  If I find myself running out of mana when I’m healing in ICC, I make a mental note to figure out why.  If I get my ass kicked in StarCraft2 I make a point to remember where and work out the why later.

Which answers the question of why I get so annoyed at the people who make the same mistakes over and over and never bother to learn from it.  Is anyone really surprised that the balls on Halion spin?  Is it really rocket science that you can chain Ice Tombs on each other in Sindragosa?  Yet week after week people act like this is some new raid mechanic that Blizzard snuck in during the weekly maintenance.

Blizzard Developer #1:
*snicker* “I just added cleave attacks to all Dragons.  Won’t they be surprised!”
Blizzard Developer #2: “Dude!  You should totally give them a tail swipe next week too!”

I got invited to a 10 man ICC Saturday night on my Disc Priest.  I was a bit nervous since I’ve never raid healed on him and we were just taking two healers, but it was just Lower Spire and the whole 30% buff thingy eased a little of my trepidation.

The run consisted of our Druid healer’s “family” guild and several of my guildies.  When I logged onto their vent I swore I was in the middle of some New York Jewish deli.  (I have no idea if their Jewish, or New Yorkers, nor do I really care, I’m trying to convey this odd little accent I noticed they all had.)

We had mom, dad, son, daughter, and a various smattering of relatives.  Everyone talked at once, I heard references to old stories, and now and then everyone yelled at Uncle Bernie to get out of the fire.  It was a really laid back fun time.

So off I went bubbles in hand and entered Lower Spire.

Trash is trash.  Meh.  It’s always weird to see people do things different then “you” do it.  But that isn’t meant as critical.

Marrowgar.  Hmmm.  I have never seen anything so chaotic since the first attempt my guild put in on him back in the day.  However man they got Bonespikes down better than my guild did the first couple of runs.  We had lots of people eating the Coldflames, but all in all it wasn’t too bad.  I learned that an oncoming Bone Storm equals you bubbling the entire raid then whistling and waiting since no one is taking damage.

Lady Deathwhisper.  I admit she made me nervous before we tried her.  I over bubbled people this fight and it ran me into mana issues where I had to bashfully ask my fellow Druid healer (the Mom) for an Innervate.  I had a really hard time gauging incoming damage on this fight.  I’d see someone dip and I’d auto bubble them, but I would have been fine with a Glyphed Renew or letting the Druid pick them up.  I wasted a lot of bubbles with very little Rapture return on overbubbling people this fight.  On the add segment it was fine but it wasn’t a good way to handle the Deathwhisper damage to the raid while her mana shield was up.  At least not in my current gear.

Gunship Battle.  It’s the Gunship battle.  It’s funny when you hear “Your Mom battle ressed me right in the middle of a rocket attack.”

Saurfang.  I struggled with this one a bit with Mana being my main issue.  My tank would be fine, fine, fine, BANG 30% health.  The problem is when my tank was in the fine, fine, fine, mode I was bubbling and renewing Boiling Blood targets, and getting distracted.  My fault.  Again I think I overbubbled DPS and probably should have Renewed or Flash Healed them.  Seemed like we had a lot of DPS taking avoidable damage.  Dunno, but I wasn’t too stellar on this fight.  I wish I could redo this one.

Precious and Stinky.  I made a bad call to hold Divine Hymn after on particular ugly Decimate.  I know better than to save CDs for future bosses, but I wanted it up for Festergut.  We lost three people that time.  Decimate is weird.  I don’t know if I should bubble them all at 15% health, start Prayer of Healing, start Holy Novaing, or just focus on the tanks who couldn’t seem to decide if they were swapping at 5 Mortal Strike stacks or 94129 stacks.

My gut is telling me a Borrowed Time, Power Infusion, Prayer of Healing would have been the way to go after our tanks were stable.  Oh I just looked up Decimate. It doesn’t deal damage, it reduces health, so all my pre-bubbling was pointless.  Noob.

ARG.  I just thought about precasting Prayer of Healing to land right after Decimate.  NOOB!!!!  *shakes fist a the sky* I *knew* that.  I’ve done it on my Pally via Holy Light.  S’what I get for being a five man only Disc Priest.  (instant casts only)

We wiped on Rotface due to the Ooze tank (the Sister) misunderstanding directions and called it.

Awesome time.  Good people.  Great learning experience for me.

So I made a lists of a few things I needed to work on.  Got some gear upgrades already taken care of, changed into the Flash Heal Glyph to save on mana since I do cast it quite a bit, and I need to get better at preventing damage instead of reacting to it.  I think there’s a much bigger learning curve going from five mans to raids on my Disc Priest then there was on my Holy Paladin.  Most likely due to their spell pools I imagine.

I’m learning and adapting.

My biggest goal is to become experienced on my Priest.  Kinda like that “one girl” I knew in high school.  You know that “one girl” whose awesome to hang out with Saturday night but you don’t take her home to meet mom.  Awww who am I kidding.  I knew lots of girls like that and their always my favorites.

I mean after all.  Why marry a nice girl?


Posted in Preizt, Riffs by mrfenris on August 4, 2010

The absolute best thing about healing on my Priest vs healing on my Paladin is that I can jump while healing.

I cannot just stand still while I play WoW.  I tried.  I CAN’T.

I am the spacebar clown referenced in the video.

Which is odd because I’m not a hyper person.  In fact I can be completely sedentary at times, my various layers of fat, chest hair, and cupcakes settling into a striated cross-section much like what could be found in a geologists dig site.  “Professor!  Come quick we’ve unearthed an entire section of Hostess Fruit Pies!”

But I can’t just stand there while playing WoW.  I jump, I spin, I flutter, I am the leaf acrobat upon the wind.

I get bored.  I don’t know how people can just sit there and stare at their character as they key board turn in place.  A side note.  There is nothing more painful than watching a character keyboard turn around so they can run to the outer edge and get cleansed in Ruby Sanctum.


Well at least until I see them do it on the Lich King.

Back to jumping.  Maybe it’s because I’m in “go mode” when I play.  When I played hockey back in the day my coach always used to yell at me to sit down on the bench, cus I’d be standing up watching the game, cheering on my team mates until my shift came up.  I can’t help it.

I love being able to jump and heal.  No more winding up that big huge fat ass Holy Light.

*Shift right-click on the tank*
*Starts to cast Holy Light*
*Player gets up to get another beer*
*Holy Light still casting*
*Player sits down and takes a swig of beer*
*Holy Light cast finishes and heals for 247824k.  98% Overheal.*

I do remember getting up once while I was tanking and peeing.  I came back and I still had aggro.

I once read a book called “Et tu Babe?”.  Twas amusing in the way that only a book about an author who steals and snorts Abrahams Lincoln’s morning breath to get high, has cybernetically enhanced geriatric bodyguards, and has sperm so powerful it can kill a woman, is amusing.

One particular part of the book saw the main character (who was an author) do an experiment where he would write a chapter of a novel while he had to go pee.  He found that because of his biological urgency he would rush his characters through situations and events.  For example if one of his characters was going to a four-year program in college he would instead unconsciously change it to a three-month program due to his full bladder.

If that was true I wonder if it could cause DPS players to DPS more to get the encounter over faster so they could find relief.

Maybe we ought to try it.  Mandatory bladder holds, until the progression boss is down.

Huntard: “Uh can I use the restroom before our next attempt?”
Raid Leader: “NO!  No ones pees until we get her down!!!!”

Puts a whole new spin on the term DPS.

Smooth Up In Ya

Posted in Riffs by mrfenris on August 3, 2010

Ruby Sanctum is kinda fun.  Looks boring to tank, but then again I can’t remember a Dragon that is actually fun to tank.

I held down my vent button a few times last night so the guildies could listen to the evil that is mine wife as she gave her girlfriend advice over the phone.  Nothing specific just a bubbly, churning mess of “oh hell no” wrapped up in a “fuck that bitch” bun, served with a side of “ghetto girl power”.

Wife, speaking to her friend:I wish I could just rip out my inner bitch and give it to you for an hour so you could tell her off.”

Me to my wife: “I wish you could give her your inner bitch for the rest of your life.”

I just got “the look”.

Now you know what I have to live with and why I’ll probably push her down the basement steps when we’re seniors.  Brittle BHOOOOONESTOOOOOORM!

I have absolutely no idea what Blizzard is doing to Protection Paladins at the moment.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  I’m not against the Hombo (Holy Combo) points they’ve come up with but at this stage it all looks like some fan boy grabbed Blizzard’s erasable marker and left their masterpiece of “wouldn’t this be kewl?” design ideas on their white dry erase board.

I’m halfway waiting for someone to just to man up and put that ugly puppy out of it’s misery.  Kill Shot.

I have no idea if healing is fun.

DPS is fun.  I compete with myself, my DPS-mates, my tanks, my gear, the encounter mechanics.  For me it’s GOGOGOOGOGOOGOGOG.

Tanking is fun when I’m in complete control.  It’s me vs everything. I mark, I pull, I hold, I live.

Healing?  Healing I honestly don’t know.  I feel satisfied when I do a good job healing, but I never feel “awesome” and give myself a high five like I do when I’m DPSing.  Even when I’m tanking I’ll toss a “fuck yeah!” whisper to someone, and feel good about my threat, mitigation, and skill (or what passes for skill in boss tanking *lays there and facerolls while eating nachos*).

But when I’m healing, I just have a feeling of “meh” satisfaction.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy healing on my Disc Priest a ton, but I never want to jump out of my chair slam my headset down and yell “SUCK IT ROGUES!!!!  WHOSE ON TOP NOW!!!!” like I do when I DPS.

Even after I heal through something “hard”.  I just kinda sit their with a little head bob and say “cool”.

Maybe I need to try raid healing in order to feel any kinda of rush.  I’m geared enough for Lower Spire (with buff) but I’m not ready to do much else if we’re two healing it.

I have been PvPing on my Shadow Priest.  I find it best when I can sit in the middle of a scrum and go unnoticed whilst dropping shadowy curses and mind flays on everyone who seems oblivious to the purple see-thru Belf.  Such a tactic pads my honorable (no skill) kills and spread my damage around like a Shadowy STD.  “Nah baby that’s not a rash that’s just my Devouring Plague debuff.”

One on one I get OWNed.  Truth be told though I’m only slightly better on my Rogue, and only marginally better on my Huntard.  I haven’t been PvPing all that much lately and instead I’ve been practicing my healing.

I almost took the rest of the afternoon off today since I sent most my people home due to the rain.  *sigh* I should have.  I need the badges.

BTW.  I’m gonna need a Mage table tonight.  I don’t feel like cooking.