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Posted in Riffs by mrfenris on August 3, 2010

Ruby Sanctum is kinda fun.  Looks boring to tank, but then again I can’t remember a Dragon that is actually fun to tank.

I held down my vent button a few times last night so the guildies could listen to the evil that is mine wife as she gave her girlfriend advice over the phone.  Nothing specific just a bubbly, churning mess of “oh hell no” wrapped up in a “fuck that bitch” bun, served with a side of “ghetto girl power”.

Wife, speaking to her friend:I wish I could just rip out my inner bitch and give it to you for an hour so you could tell her off.”

Me to my wife: “I wish you could give her your inner bitch for the rest of your life.”

I just got “the look”.

Now you know what I have to live with and why I’ll probably push her down the basement steps when we’re seniors.  Brittle BHOOOOONESTOOOOOORM!

I have absolutely no idea what Blizzard is doing to Protection Paladins at the moment.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  I’m not against the Hombo (Holy Combo) points they’ve come up with but at this stage it all looks like some fan boy grabbed Blizzard’s erasable marker and left their masterpiece of “wouldn’t this be kewl?” design ideas on their white dry erase board.

I’m halfway waiting for someone to just to man up and put that ugly puppy out of it’s misery.  Kill Shot.

I have no idea if healing is fun.

DPS is fun.  I compete with myself, my DPS-mates, my tanks, my gear, the encounter mechanics.  For me it’s GOGOGOOGOGOOGOGOG.

Tanking is fun when I’m in complete control.  It’s me vs everything. I mark, I pull, I hold, I live.

Healing?  Healing I honestly don’t know.  I feel satisfied when I do a good job healing, but I never feel “awesome” and give myself a high five like I do when I’m DPSing.  Even when I’m tanking I’ll toss a “fuck yeah!” whisper to someone, and feel good about my threat, mitigation, and skill (or what passes for skill in boss tanking *lays there and facerolls while eating nachos*).

But when I’m healing, I just have a feeling of “meh” satisfaction.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy healing on my Disc Priest a ton, but I never want to jump out of my chair slam my headset down and yell “SUCK IT ROGUES!!!!  WHOSE ON TOP NOW!!!!” like I do when I DPS.

Even after I heal through something “hard”.  I just kinda sit their with a little head bob and say “cool”.

Maybe I need to try raid healing in order to feel any kinda of rush.  I’m geared enough for Lower Spire (with buff) but I’m not ready to do much else if we’re two healing it.

I have been PvPing on my Shadow Priest.  I find it best when I can sit in the middle of a scrum and go unnoticed whilst dropping shadowy curses and mind flays on everyone who seems oblivious to the purple see-thru Belf.  Such a tactic pads my honorable (no skill) kills and spread my damage around like a Shadowy STD.  “Nah baby that’s not a rash that’s just my Devouring Plague debuff.”

One on one I get OWNed.  Truth be told though I’m only slightly better on my Rogue, and only marginally better on my Huntard.  I haven’t been PvPing all that much lately and instead I’ve been practicing my healing.

I almost took the rest of the afternoon off today since I sent most my people home due to the rain.  *sigh* I should have.  I need the badges.

BTW.  I’m gonna need a Mage table tonight.  I don’t feel like cooking.


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  1. Adam said, on August 4, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Yeah, like you really top rogues.

    My wife gave me the look the other day after she crashed the car. Go figure.

    • mrfenris said, on August 4, 2010 at 5:07 pm

      Hush you. Your just grouchy you have to Smite things.

      FYI. It doesn’t get any better unless you go Shadow.

      • Adam said, on August 6, 2010 at 9:47 am

        I got a wand. Wand plus that shield spell thingy equals pure win. And pure boredom …

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