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No sleep till Brooklyn

Posted in General Me, Riffs, WoW by mrfenris on September 16, 2010

Ophelia over at the Bossy Pally has written the best post yet on her titty.  Awesome. I can’t be bothered to link to it.

Three hours sleep last night.  Yay.  I am at the point of sleep deprivation where you start seeing things out of the corner of your eye that aren’t really there.

I see you, you movey-shadow-shape-thingy.  It’s trying to sneak up on me I think.

I have no played WoW in over a month and can’t decide if I miss it or not.  Furthermore I can’t decide what I miss about it the most.

Here goes.

I miss PvP.  Along those lines I can’t understand why I hate to heal in PvP.  Oh wait.  Healing idiot guild mates is bad enough.  Healing idiot strangers is worse.

I do not miss raiding.  I miss the possibilities raiding brings.  My guild’s quality of raiding has suffered due to player burnout, real life, and general end of the expansion casual sex.

Guildie One: “Do you wanna do Lower Spire tonight or just go to bed?”
Guildie Two: “I guess we can, but I’m warning you.  I’m just gonna lay there in the fire and let you do all the work.”

I miss the potential of what raiding used to be for two reasons.  1.  We don’t have “it” right now.  2.  I couldn’t raid right now anyway.  Between work, the new baby, the earlier mistakes er I mean the older kids, and general husband type stuff I barely have time at night to take a shower and eat before I fall asleep watching the Bad Girls Club.

I figure it’ll be several months before I even try to jump back into raiding.

I don’t miss random heroics for badges, I’ve never liked questing, I don’t do dailys, I don’t grind up a million alts, I don’t do trade skills (when I need money I just flip stuff on the AH), I don’t do vanity pets or mounts, I don’t sit around and BS in trade chat.  (I just noticed all the things I don’t do are everything other MMO players call “fun”.)

I miss my priest.  I really liked healing on my priest.  I’ve been keeping up with the Soonaclysm healing and priest changes pretty well.  I plan on going back to Holy come Soonaclysm.  Wrath Disc was more interesting to me then the Wrath Holy was, but Cata Holy is more interesting than Cata Disc is shaping up to be.

I miss the people in my guild.  I miss the social aspect of it.  However I do not miss the playing aspect of it.  I’ve realized that lately I’ve been pugging a lot of runs and raids on my own and PvPing on my own just because I enjoy different playing experiences then my guild provides.

I don’t like my server, but I’m not bitter about it.  I knew what kind of server it was when I rolled on it.  I think my interests have shifted.

I am looking forward in Cataclysm to trying out some of the new zones and can’t wait to start my Goblin Prot warrior.  I just don’t know what server to roll him on.  Do I do the realm research, sit in their trade, talk to its players or do I just fat finger the random button and see where I land?  Either way, about the only character I’d think about transferring off server is my Priest.  1.  I’m cheap.  2.  My Pally, Hunter, DK, and Rogue don’t strike me as irreplaceable.  My priest does.  Hey you try healing your way through four Death Knights in every LFG in Outlands…it builds character and ulcers.

I actually don’t even have a working desktop right now.  No Dragon Age: Origins, no Grand Theft Auto IV, no Mass Effect, no Starcraft II, no porn on the 24 inch screen.  I think it’s the video card.  I just threw it at my repair guy and was all like “u fix it” and left.  I can’t be bothered to talk to mere mortals when I’m in “Gogogogogo” mode.

I miss my son.  I haven’t seen him in a few hours.  Even though I know he’s sitting at home with a sexy chubby red-head, getting boob, and sleeping all day safe and sound (well till he tries to stop breathing and like…die on us *shakes fist* Curse you baby!)  I still miss him.

I love babies.  I find them astonishingly perfect.  Everything they need to know to live they are born with.  They understand  everything and nothing all at once (perfection).  It’s as we get older we forget and get sidetracked from what really matters.

Although at the moment I’d trade Satori for something to eat and a two-hour nap.  Oh wait.  That is Satori.



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  1. miakoda said, on September 16, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    For the record, this is officially how I’m picturing Big Kick. It’s your own fault for the distinct lack of photos and whatnot.

    • mrfenris said, on September 17, 2010 at 11:23 pm

      I keep sending you photos of me naked except for a diaper but you keep sending them back.


      Sure when I unload the camera.

  2. pallyphillycamlaw said, on September 22, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    @miakoda: that pic made me laugh so much!!

    @Savi, i’m sure your son is cuter

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