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Posted in General Me, Riffs, WoW by mrfenris on September 27, 2010

You ever randomly hook back up with an ex-girlfriend and suddenly she’s way hotter than she used to be?

That’s the way my new video card is making me feel about Grand Theft Auto IV.  The shadows, the diffused lights, the smoothness of the shitty un-re-mappable keyboard controls.  It’s beautiful and exciting once again.

And like that ex-girlfriend it’s worth hitting one more time.  Although Niko Bellic doesn’t giggle when I do that “one thing” with my tongue.

The last Discipline Priest pass by the devs made we want to stay Disc.  I still like what they’re doing with Holy, but if the new health pool size and incoming damage mechanics are really going into effect, then Disc looks awesome to me.

WTB Smite splash heals.

Final numbers are final.  And of course they aren’t final yet, but I feel like the fog is lifting.

My oldest son now plays Starcraft 2 more than I do.  I am not surprised.  The blood of many micromanaging control freaks runs deep in his veins.  He’s been devouring games like chess, Go, and Chinese Checkers lately.  I should buy him Civilization V for his upcoming birthday and then steal it.  Pwned nub, now go to your room and think about it.

I always take pride in my children but I’m never smug about them.  The oldest while extremely bright is just as bat shit crazy as his mother.  The middle while extremely random and genuine is just a big of a diva as her mother.  The newborn while fun to snuggle and play with, just plain has issues and has cost me over $300,000 in bills.  Just like his mother.

I figure one will grow up and shoot up a school, one will be featured on girls gone wild, and one will be a recluse and build pipe bombs in my basement.  It’s a toss-up on which does which.

Which is why I don’t get smug like the Smiths and their little Timmy.  Real life has a way of colliding with your smug face at 80 mph with a Mack truck.

Better to be honest and laugh (or weep and drink) it off.

I joined a new guild.  I am once again the new kid.  Second ICC 10 team Disc Priest reporting for duty sir.  I signed up for tonight’s raid.  Lets see if I make the cut.  If not, no big deal.  There’s lots of free porn on the internet.

Fringe is back on TV.  WOOT.  Olivia Dunham is one of my favorite female main characters of all time.  The actress (Anna Torv) does an excellent job of portraying intelligence, strength, and a hidden vulnerability all at the same time.  When I watch it I don’t even think of the character as a gender.  I just see Olivia Dunham FBI Agent.

Of course I have some issues with the plot lately, but right now it’s the only thing my wife and I watch together.  Of course her Supernatural series (v2.0, das reboot) is back and I’ll watch it with her while I do paperwork, but it’s nothing I set time aside to watch.  Although we do watch the soap opera Days of our Lives together.  Nothing set in stone, but I like to urge the characters along with a “pimp her!” or “pimp him!” now and then.

I tried doing Malygos with a pug because it was the weekly.  I left an hour into it.  I stayed an hour too long.  But it made me realize I didn’t miss playing my Hunter after my month plus off.  I thought for sure I’d miss the faceroll but I didn’t.  I haven’t even been PvPing with him, instead I’ve been using my Rogue.

Why am I not looking forward to larger hit point pools in PvP on my rogue?  Oh wait, because stun locks/bursts are the only way I can kill anything now.  Rogues look “more” fun to level in Cataclysm then they were back in the day.  But there’s nothing that excites me about the Rogue Cataclysm changes.  (Is fixing Vanish a “change”?)

What I wanted Rogues to get?  I dunno.  That’s not my job.



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