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Wrath Reflections

Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on October 7, 2010

I spoke with a citizen today who clearly had waxed her mustache recently.  Bless her heart she missed a corner of her mouth and I couldn’t stop staring.

I’ve written about 4 1/2 posts this past week and never bothered posting them.  Yes.  It’s still more important for me to write then to be read.

4.0 is coming.  Bring it.

With it comes the players like myself who have been reading about how our class has changed and what new abilities and “rotations” we have, players who are terrified and dreading it, and people who will take 4 months to learn how to play their class after the 4.0 patch just like they did with patch 3.1.

I’ve decided to give Discipline, Smite/Atonement healing a go and recently started leveling my Corehound for my Beastmaster Hunter.  That’s my plan in the post patch world.  We’ll see how it all shapes up in Cataclysm.

I really really like my new guild.

I really really wish they hadn’t changed their secondary ICC 10 raid time to two hours earlier.  My kids are still up then and I’ve usually got the baby so my wife can do whatever she needs to do.  Not gonna work.  Still I really like these folks so far and we’ve got a lot going for us so I plan on seeing how everything adjusts out once Cataclysm hits.

My old guild split in half basically.  Half the people stayed in it, half the people left and formed a new guild.  I think I’m the only one whose publicly decided to head out on his own.  (wait someone else did too)  Nothing personal.  No drama.  Just felt like the right thing to do.  I was just looking for a less social environment then I was in.  It was a me thing.

My personal game plan for finishing up ICC in Wrath got knocked off track by real life.  Premature baby with congenital issues + 5 weeks in a NICU will do that to a person.  I had high hopes for finishing up ICC in my new guild, but with the change to raid times that’s not gonna happen.  It’s cool.  No biggie.

I’ve kindly turned down offers to go with my former guildies on various nights to kill Arthas.  Most commonly it’s just because they start a little early for me.  Most of the time.

Since I’m not able to find too many opportunities to raid with other folks, I’ve decided to organize my own runs.  I’ve got an invite only night coming up this Friday and we’ll see how that goes.

It’s a crisp sunny fall day outside.  I spent a majority of it driving around in my brand new work truck, smelling that new car smell, drinking a Diet Pepsi, and listening to the radio.  It was the kind of day built for driving around the city.  I spent most of it musing about what I liked about Wrath and what I didn’t like about Wrath.

I learned how to PvP.  Poorly.  Thank God there are people worse at it then me that I can kill.

Naxxramas = I miss it at times.

Ulduar = I learned how to raid here.  A beautiful place.  My favorite times in Wrath were spent in here, while everyone else went to loot fest that was…

Trial of the Crusader = Weak ass storyline, weak ass design, I could never get excited about TotC.  I guess even “bad sex” is good.  I guess the same is true for raiding.  Meh.

Icecrown Citadel = Awesome.  Beautiful.  Unfinished.  As a guild I felt we wasted our potential in here.

LFG = The best thing to happen to WoW in a long time.

In Wrath…

I went from an insecure tank, to a competent tank, to a burned out tank, to a Huntard, to a Healer.  (Is that the equivalent of something “turning you gay”?)

I went from a second in command raid leader, to a frustrated guild member, to a focused raid leader, to a frustrated raid leader, to a burned out raid leader, to a former raid leader.

I went from the officer everyone came to with their problems, to just one of the guys, to a former guild member in a guild I used to co-GM, to the Random Priest #5 new guy in another guild.

I don’t have any regrets.  It’s a video game.

I do have some regrets.  It’s a MMO and involves other people.

But I plan on learning from all the mistakes I’ve made.  From making the wrong gem choice, to making the wrong call during a raid, to making a poor choice and getting too invested in something from a social aspect.

I wouldn’t take any of it back.  Better to learn from it.

So I’m done thinking about Wrath and what I wanted out of it.

Now it’s time to think about Cataclysm and what I’m going to take from it.


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