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Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on November 3, 2010

I know you folks think there’s a lot of important things that happen in November.

Thanksgiving, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Veterans Day, etc.  But I’d like to draw your attention to a new holiday and hope you’ll join me in counting down to November 12th.  The day I get my Vasectomy.


That’s right.  November has just become National Mrfenris Gets His Vas Deferens Cut And Clamped Month or NMGHVDCACM for short.

I will be throwing a huge NMGHVDCACM party on the 11th that your all invited to as we head towards the big day.  We’ll have food, a punch bowl, party favors, and a door prize as we countdown to the big day where my boys will no longer be catapulting my swimmers into the wide open world (or shower).

FYI ladies, this is your last chance to be knocked up by me so don’t let it slip away.  It’ll be the best two minutes of your life.

There’s a quote from Lambi on Elitist Jerks that I’ve always liked.

“My two cents on BaS is that it’s a talent for the priests here that plays with a keyboard and mouse, and it’s not a talent for the people that play with a calculator and pencil” – Lambi.

Forget Body and Soul (awesome!), but I think it’s a great point.  Whether I was playing Miniature War Games, TCGs, or Video Games I’ve always seen some of the min/max crowd fall into a trap of their own devising.  It’s sort of like the “No Trap” in Zen Buddhism.

Sometimes we get so stuck on defining and explaining the “why” and we forget to just simply “be”.  It becomes a knee jerk reaction to explain it all away in percentages, procs, and “safe” answers.

(FYI I still think Fail Angel sucks.)

Many of us aren’t in the top 10% guilds of the world.  That extra .33% spell coefficient that we didn’t get because we went with the +8 to base stats chest enchant instead of the +10 to base stats isn’t going to cause us to fail.

Going further I think we over focus on hiding behind the “proper” min/max numbers when there’s at least ten other things in our play style that we can do to become more successful.

We all know these players.  They are the ones that spent 2k on armor pen gems (old example I know), studied EJ, worked the spread sheets, hung out at the Ensidia forums, yet they still move with their keyboard, they have no idea how moving affects their shot timer, they have no idea how the encounter mechanics work, and they put themselves in poor positions to DPS.  (I’m not picking on Hunters.  I happen to play one…poorly.)

When in fact they actually lose more DPS due to poor game habits then they gain from copying the “pros”.  I imagined if you actually WATCHED how the top guilds played you’d find that the largest portion of their success comes from their disciplined gameplay and understanding of the basic game more so then that extra Runed Cardinal Ruby.

And since I’m the king of broad brush strokes (King Biches!), I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t be reading EJ, staying current with the game, or getting the best gear and enchants you can.

Instead I’m saying, don’t become a slave to it.  Don’t hide behind it.  Instead augment it with being a “good” player first.


Come to my NMGHVDCACM party.

I may even do a live update on my titty as I get snipped.  OH AND A WEBCAM.


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  1. Jenn said, on November 21, 2010 at 4:37 am

    HAhaha, a webcam would have been hilarious. I hope the surgery went well.

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