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Posted in Gaming, General Me, Riffs by mrfenris on November 18, 2010

I had trashed all my old posts.

The mood struck me.

But I have this inane desire to babble about unimportant stuff (and I like to fuck off at work).

“Don’t call it a come-back, I’ve been here for years.”-  LL

You know what tastes delicious?  The warm salty tears that stream down a Shaman’s face when my Hunter hits Bloodlust.  I lap it up.  *lapalaplapalapa*

You know what’s boring?  Talking about Warcraft.

You know what’s exciting?  I’m getting an Xbox.  It’s time to teach the boy how to headshot.

The last two weeks have been spent preparing my 6 year old to give his advertising campaign assignment in front of his class.  Of course he chose to feature Starcraft 2 as his product.

Of course I’m proud.

Of course I’m a geek.

“Beauty I’d always missed with these eyes before.  Just what the truth is, I can’t say anymore.” – Moody Blues

HOOOMG Unholy Deathknight dps “is  like brocken“.  (Say it like a Valley Girl.  SAY IT! Anyone else remember Sweet Valley High?  I do.)

I’m actually enjoying my lvl 78 DK again.  I think I’ll play him for as long as my undiagnosed ADD lets me.  But srs, you hit 4-5 buttons, your pet does all the work, who says this game is hard?

My boys are still bruised from the procedure.  My “bombs” have been de-fused.

Did you know doctors come in girl flavors now?

You know who wins at Starcraft 2 when he 4 Warpgate rushes?  This guy.

You know who loses at Starcraft 2 when his 4 Warpgate rush doesn’t work?  This guy.

I just finally got through the Dragon Age: Origin’s Dwarven City storyline.  Who else got creeped out in the tunnels when the lady Dwarf started her “on this day…” mutterings?  Awesome.

I have this really strange urge to run a table top game again.

“Oh Doctor please help me, I’m damaged.” -The Rolling Stones

I missed out on the end of ICC.  I have never got to kill the Lich King.  A casual guild, coupled with a dying guild, coupled with a new kid born with deformities and congenital issues who stays in a ICU for four weeks will do that to a person.  (What the hell kid, can’t you see I was BUSY?!?!)

But I don’t even wanna kill Arthas all that much.  It’s in the past and wrapped up in a messy ball of yarn.  I think I’d much rather take a leisurely stroll down some new paths and see where they go.

Whether you’re the top part of the wave or the bottom part after it crashes, it’s all water.

It’s all water.






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  1. Adam said, on November 18, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    I’m very glad to see the blog back up, I was worried about you, bro.

    “… coupled with a new kid born with deformities and congenital issues who stays in a ICU for four weeks will do that to a person.”

    Shit, that doesn’t sound so great. Let us know how things get on. Because strangely enough, even though I have never met you, nor spoken to you, nor played wow with you, but only know you through the occasional witty message on our respective blogs, I feel for ya.

    That’s as mushy as I get. Value it for the very brief time that it lasts.


    • mrfenris said, on November 22, 2010 at 6:43 pm

      Thanks. He had no choice but to get better. If surgery doesn’t take care of it, we’ve informed him we are cutting off and out said problem parts and installing cybernetics.

      Mom and Dad always wanted a cyborg baby.

      “Put that car down RIGHT NOW mister! Don’t you look at me like that with your laser eye!”

      I mean srs. What kid wouldn’t be better with lasers?

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