The Gray Place


Posted in General Me, WoW by mrfenris on November 29, 2010

Snails crawling along razor blades and the abyss staring back at you has NOTHING on what it means to gaze upon your healing frames while PVPing in AV.

Madness I tell you, MADNESS.

It’s enough to make me redesign my whole UI or at least scale down my Vudoh.  Or switch to Grid.  Dunno.  All I do know is the 40 players and their 20 pets that I saw swimming before my eyes was enough to make me scream silently, rock back and forth, and stick pixie sticks in my eyes.

The End.

I don’t want it.  I just need it.  -Tool

Confessions of a lowbie Mage alt-

mrfenris: Hi.  My name is mrfenris and I am a DPS addict.  It’s been two days since I’ve looked at Recount.  I wish I could say it’s been longer, but I’ve even installed recount on my level 10 Mage.

Group: Hi Mrfenris. *some chuckle knowing that they have too*

mrfenris: Right.  Well yeah.  I’ve tanked and healed in the past, but sometime in Wrath I found myself really really bored.  I first  made a Rogue in order to get some spice and my DPs was rocking at first, because Muti was broke.  But soon it wasn’t enough and I started playing my Hunter again, because I didn’t even have to move and my DPS was obscene.  I mean imagine topping the charts and not even having to mouse turn for your “deeps”.

Group:   *a few Hunters in the group nod in agreement*

mrfenris: I tried to wean myself back off of it and /gquit cold turkey and hid from my guildies so that I could shake it.  I started healing on my Priest as everything was going really good until one day we were running a five man and we realized we had two healers.  I knew I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t stop myself…but *chokes back a sob* I… I, offered to go Shadow and DPS.  I couldn’t stop myself, I mean why the hell was Mind Sear that good?  I went at it like a mad man, wearing my healing gear and Mind Searing everything that moved.  I hit such a rock bottom that I found myself casting Devouring Plague on critters.  I mean what kind of a sicko does that?

*mrfenris takes a few seconds to compose himself*

mrfenris: But I stopped eventually and went with Discipline as my main spec and Holy as my offspec, trying to stay on the streight and narrow.  I did really good for a weeks, I changed my old habits, stopped hanging around with old “deeps” and soon I was feeling pretty good, until the Shattering came and my world crumbled around me.

I knew better.  I didn’t really WANT to, but I found myself staring there at the character selection screen and seeing this empty character slot.  I mean I know I didn’t HAVE to fill it, but it just kept calling out to me.  I told myself it would be different.  This time I would just try something new for a few levels, so I rolled a Mage.

At first, I was like “Man, this doesn’t even feel that good.  I can kick this easy.”  Then I found myself staring at the particle effects of my fireball as if I was seeing them for the very first time.  I was ready to quit and log off, when all of a sudden I dinged and I found myself at my trainer and he gave me a taste of Arcane Missiles.  I didn’t think much of them until I got my first proc with them.  Then it was on like Donkey Kong.

A few levels later I found myself back at my trainer asking what other “hot stuff” he had.  Boom he gave me an instant cast.  I spent the next few hours wandering Goldshire dpsing out of my mind.  I dpsed on wolves, I dpsed on boars, I dpsed on Gnolls, I even found myself dpsing poor little level 1 rabbits.

When I fireballed those little rabbits something in me snapped.  I immediately marched back to Goldshire, past the erpers, and right up the steps to my Mage trainer.  I told him I was going to log and delete myself right in front of his face.  I was just a second away from it, when all of a sudden I dinged level 10 and got my first talent point.  I stood there all sweaty for a second and as if watching my cursor from outside my body I found myself putting the talent point in the Fire tree.

To my horror I found a new spell Pyroblast on my action bar.  I barely remember walking out of the inn and back into the woods to try it.  I queued it up and cast it and was immediately overwhelmed that it crit for over 100 damage.  It was right then I knew I was hooked again.  I spent the next 45 minutes casting Pyroblast and giggling like a mad man when it crit.

So here I am again.  Dpsing out in the woods like a scum bag.  I’ve already looked into the Fire tree, and what spells are coming down the pipe, and I’m afraid.  Afraid I’ll go back to the meter whoring DPS fiend that I know lurks inside me.  Afraid I’ll kill myself a thousand times over once I start AOEing and pull aggro off the tank.  Afraid that I’ll level another character.


Tomorrow’s a new day I guess.

Desecration is the smile on my face.  -Red Hot Chili Peppers

My son now has a mohawk that’s dyed red.  He looks like a Troll.

And he’s seven and I feel old.



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