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Posted in Instances, Preizt, Walk-Throughs, WoW by mrfenris on December 17, 2010

I have healed my first 2 normal 80-83 dungeons.  I am an expert.

Not really of course, but I did lose my Cataclysm cherry.  So yay me.

Prior to actually healing the dungeons, I wasn’t “scared” per say, but instead I was cautious and curious, like a man who knows better than to look “down there” while his wife is pushing a big-headed baby out, but the man does anyway knowing he’s not going to like what he sees.  (All ours were “big”, 8lbs 6oz, 9lbs 4oz, and our 35 weeks pre-mature baby was 8lbs 11oz.)

I am notorious for being stubborn and “slow” when it comes to preparing.  I will not budge until my UI is perfect, my spells are properly keybound, and I have the time to give something my full attention.  Some people rush off in with a newly trained spell still dangling by its umbilical cord after hastily being placed on their cluttered action bar.  Not I.  Everything has its proper place and I won’t go try it out until I’m positive that I’m satisfied with its binding, power aura, or its placement.

I spent most of my limited playtime on Wednesday respeccing from Disc to Holy (more on that at another time), rebinding ALL my healing spells to my mouse, setting up my UI configuration, and practicing the new bindings.  I was too tired to run anything yet that night so I bagged it until I got a chance to run a few last night.

“You ain’t as green as you are young”  -John Cougar Mellencamp

So since I’ve had some awkward fumblings (I still can’t undue a bra strap unless I use my left hand) with the new instances, I figured they’re some other folks who might be in the same boat I was;  Not worried but curious if their mana can handle it.  I am not proclaiming “this is how it is”.  I am only sharing a few impressions I had from my runs.  I realize that things are not going to stay the same.

I got a whisper from a bunch of old guildies/friends that had formed their own guild after our old one split and they asked me if I wanted to heal.  We had an 80 Prot Pally, Rogue, Hunter, pug, the DPS ranging from 81-83, and me obviously on my newly minted 81 Holy Priest.   I hopped on Mumble and off we went.

Now.  I am in a large portion of T9 gear + ICC 10 man epics, my gear has never been the greatest but my Priest only became my main at the end of Wrath.  I still had Heroic gear in a slot or two.  I definitely think it helped out in regards to the fact that I wasn’t a green and blue cobbled together brand new lvl 80.

Overall Impressions-

Mana at my gear level and given the competent players we had last night, was a non-issue.  I used Shadow Fiend but I did it proactively to try to get into the habit.  I never dipped under 70% mana at all and only needed to drink to top off before bosses.

I underhealed people.  If they were at 90% health or more, I ignored them in terms of directly healing them.  If they were DPS and above 50% of health I only cast Heal on them.  I never Renewed a non-tank at anytime.  Anything under that I used Flash Heals on them or obviously AOE heals if 3+ people were taking heavy damage.  Basically I did not cast CoH or PoH unless 3 people could benefit from it.

Get used to Heal.  It doesn’t “seem” like it hits for a lot (think mine crits for 9-10k) but it’s about sustaining health it’s not used to pull 25% health bars out of holes.  You’ll drop it on your tank and their life bar will barely budge BUT don’t fret because your tank will not generally take two back to back hits that will squish him like the old days.

I honestly stayed in Chakra: Serenity almost all night.  Renew refreshed via Heal was enough to keep my tank above 80% on most trash pulls.  When he’d take a spike, I could stabilize him with a Flash Heal followed by a Greater Heal.  I actually had a hard time keeping Serendipity up because 1.  I am new to Holy and 2.  There wasn’t enough damage to warrant Flash Heals on a regular basis.

AOE damage didn’t seem to be much of an issue except on boss fights and the one mob I’ll mention later.  Circle of Healing was enough to tweak everyone’s bar back up.  Prayer of Healing saw action if I saw 3+ dip under 60% health.  Good gravy, Prayer of Healing rocks when you’ve got 2 stacks of Serendipity up.  I found myself under using Prayer of Mending (I know, shame on me right?)  Mostly my mistake was caused by me just focusing on too many new things.  I used to have a set routine on my Discipline priest pre-pull, but now it’s all new to me since I don’t want to pre-cast PoM to activate my Chakra: Sanctuary and I don’t want to cast Renew before the pull either.  It’s just something that will come with practice.

I lost two players each on both runs.  It happened during boss fights, and a few of them we’re my mistakes.  I’ll get into details below.

To summarize the overall healing: Holy is a blast.  The fact that you have 9492 million spells to choose from excites me.  Mana is not an issue, YET.  You will have time to sit there and DPS from time to time.  It was not “hard”.  However it can get ugly and the fact that we had good players went a long way to making it seem easier than it could have been.  You will sometimes see people drop to 40% health and fall into the Wrath mind-set that they are already dead.  Not true.  You can get them back.  Lastly, you can still power heal through stuff if needed as this stage of the game.  This will change in a few levels IMO.

A couple of details that might take the edge off.

Blackrock Caverns-

Used zero CC this instance.  The trash pulls before the boss were unremarkable.  I lost two people on the first boss due to a stupid noob mistake of using my old Prayer of Healing keybinding (which now currently binds Dispel Magic) and two people got fried in AOE damage.  (I’m sitting there Shift-Right Clicking going “WTF where is my Prayer of Healing castbar!?!?” over and over.  Noob.)

A note:  We did have some mob/targeting issues here, where people could get LoS for some reason and once I couldn’t get LoS on my tank for no apparent reason.  Dunno.

More trash to the second boss.  Big Dragonkin guys will do some spike damage on the tank.  Heal, G. Heal it or Flash Heal for Serendipity stacks.  Very little AOE damage on trash overall here.

Second boss, Beam-lady-thingy.  You can stand in the beams to avoid the adds.  Just rotate before your stacks get too high.  I honestly don’t remember this being hard to heal at all.

Third boss, Lava-Slime-Big-Dude.  You’ll have to AoE heal a bit here.  I was in Chakra: Serenity, but next time I’ll do it in Sanctuary.  I didn’t “sweat” on this boss, but I was seeing lots of 50% bars in the party.

Fourth boss, the Corehound and the poor puppies.  There’s a fear.  Meh.  I went Chakra: Sanctuary for AoE heals and it was unremarkable in terms of being hard.

Last boss.  I don’t even remember healing it.   Seemed like a Heal and Spank.

Throne of Tides-

The trash is harder in here in my opinion.  You see more damage spikes on both the tanks and AOE damage on the party.  We used CC on two pulls.

As far as trash goes, the little Goblin Hunters can be a pain in the ass if you’ve never seen them.  They will hit the tank really hard on the pull, so a pre-pull PoM and Bubble will smooth it out.  I also just ended up Fading and precasting heals while the tank rounded them all up.  I did have to spam 2-3 flash heals on the tank before the goblins started dying and I could go into a Heal mode.  There’s also a version that does a knock back with hardly any damage like the first set.

There is also a large mob the deals massive AOE damage after it tosses you in the air (Note:  Use CoH or Holy Nova while your in the air if you need too).  It’s a Faceless model if I remember right, and it’ll cause you some grief if your party doesn’t run out of the area where it’s pounding the ground.  2-3 back to back Prayer of Healings will even it back out.  Don’t be an idiot and stand in the AOE and casting heals like me.  There is one particular pull of these guys where you get two at once.  Pop a CD accordingly ( I think I Guardian Spirited the tank) and I probably should have hit Divine Hymn.  A suck ass group could wreck your day on this pull.

Note:  Do NOT get ahead of your tank in any hallways.  There are adds that burst in from the sides.  There is also a gauntlet event but I found the party takes more AOE damage due to stuff on the ground then the tank.

First boss, Naga-chic.  Meh, don’t remember her hitting unnaturally hard, but beware her big blue geysers that blow out of the ground.  If they hit a player whose already damaged get them topped off ASAP while their in the air with something big or Bubble them.  When they land they take a bunch of damage.  Precasting FTW.  Boss has adds.  Just Fade as needed and run to your tank (watch possible cleaves *shrugs*)

Second boss, Pussy-Fist (It’s a long story).  Okay I was warned by my tank that this guy can “one shot a tank” and he can.  He will mangle your tank to about 35%-40% health in a blink of an eye due to an ability he does.  I would recommend a tank CD on the first one and your CD on the second one.  I lost my tank here due to me being midcast on a DPS and not cancelling it.  This is a BURN fight.  Our Rogue ended up tanking him (and she barely needed any heals) and we killed him.

“Third” boss, The-Guy-Doing-A-“69”-With-An-Octopus.  Meh.  Single target heals seemed to do the trick.  He will “mind control” a player and must be DPSed, once he jumps off make sure to dispel any lingering effects.

“Last” boss, Adds.  This encounter pumped up my HPS due to all the AOE healing.  There’s a phase where you go “around” the room avoiding an AOE on the ground.  It hurts when people stand in it.  I don’t really remember much about it.

“We’re going to party
Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!”  -Lionel Richie

Not a fantastic write-up (It was almost 2am when I logged and I was up at 5:20am), but it might take the edge off  a few early attempts.

I’ve been thinking of doing a series of healcentric walk-throughs once I start running these on Heroic.  They would be 10x more detailed, concise, and structured then this little blurb.  I remember when I made the transition into healing I found the healing community very helpful, but at times it was beyond my understanding and past the content I was seeing for the first time from a healing point of view.  Not everyone was a Fail Angel from back in Molten Core.

Dunno.   But I do know is I can’t WAIT to get back into some five mans and get some sweet-sweet Chakra love.


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  1. Ama said, on December 18, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Your experience in dungeons as a Holy Priest honestly has me drooling. Your spell choices make perfect sense to me. Maybe it’s time to see about leveling my Priest up.

    Promise you’re gonna explain why Holy over Disc sometime soonish? I’m being far too nosy, I know.

  2. Bee said, on December 20, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I am also curious to hear why you changed over from disc to holy. 🙂

    A nice explanation of the fights, however.

    Also, on that boss where you lost the tank in Throne of Tides… he shouldn’t have been moving to avoid the punch to the floor the boss does. It is a huge (and avoidable) piece of damage.

    • Bee said, on December 20, 2010 at 8:39 pm

      he *should have been moving

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