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Posted in Preizt, WoW by mrfenris on December 21, 2010

This might be a let down to some folks…

There is no magic Elitist Jerks formula as to why I respecced from Disc to Holy.  (Although anyone else notice that Power Word: Bubble seems to scale poorly from 80-85?  However to be fair Disc single target heals seem to scale fairly well.)

I once again call upon the powers of Lambi who once posted…


I’ve riffed on this a bit before.  We players sometimes give formulas, coefficients, and perceived beliefs a greater value then they deserve.  At times we view things in a “Perfect World” scenario only.  It’s where everything lines up as it should, DPS can do the two-step to get out of the fire, tanks never hit a bad string of incoming damage, and healers always ALWAYS pick the right spell.

And now we make the usual disclaimer.  Yes I think such things as data stolen er found on Elitist Jerks, youtube, and theory crafting sites are valuable tools.  Yes I think they can make you a better player.  I just think that we can get lost in these “truths” and become so obsessed with them that we expect them alone to make us better players.  We fall headlong into the “link Achiev and GS for weekly” mentality with some piss poor basic gameplay habits.

Instead I made the choice to switch to Holy from Disc on three simple things, Hope, Reality, and Ego.

“Twenty-five years and my life is still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination”  -4 Non Blondes

Act I:  The sweet hopes of a balding fat man-

My healing in the past sucked in regards to technique.  I was a “Wrath Baby” healer.  I could stack Int on my Holy Paladin and SPAM Holy Light and overheal any boss to death.  Mana did not matter.  Spell selection did not matter.  My flowchart would look like this.  Does tank have Bacon of Light on him?, —-> spam offtank or raid with Holy Light, —-> eat nachos with free hand.

Even when I rolled my Discipline Priest it was amazingly simple to Bubble Yawn your way through encounters.  Oh sure I had to cast other spells, but I found Disc to by highly un-engaging in terms of healing.  “Ok AOE phase coming?  Here lemme bubble you.  Oh the bubble broke?  No worries here’s my OP Druid partner to HoT you back up to full.”

Yes I over generalize.  Save me your “earned” healy tears about how there’s more to healing than spamming.  I have heard it all before and even believe some if it.  But I found Wrath healing boring and worse, it rewarded half-ass spam healing.

Then came Cataclysm, who tried to seduce me with heavy petting, Smite/Atonement and Chakra.  And we all know I am a sucker for heavy petting.  Well that and women with lazy or crossed eyes.

So here we are with the changes to healing and my hopes that it stays “tight” in terms of difficulties.  It’s in Cataclysm that I wanted to work on an actual healing technique and understanding of the mechanic.

Act II:  The reality of said fat man-

I have joined a guild that actually has almost too many healers.  *GASP* In fact we have so many lovers of the art of sexual healing that most our healers had two heal specs and even our alts were healers.  I remember one night we needed DPS and we were laughing because none of the three healers that were on had a DPS spec.

My guild is not in need of healers (but we need Hunters go figure).  Out of the healers we have, we’ve got everything but……you guessed it.  A Holy Priest.

Have you ever accidentally crossed “swords” with another man?  Yeah that’s the feeling two Disc priests have when they try to Power Word: Shield someone who has another Disc priest’s Weakened Soul debuff on them.

So why would I want to give my guild the offer of “Hey guyz, I know you’ve already got a Disc priest going, but choose me so you can have a second!”  I know in theory it could work, but I realize the reality of my situation meant that I could offer more if I was Holy.

Act III:  Hard = Better = TWSS.

Let’s be brutally honest.  “I hurd Holy wuz hard.”

That’s one of my main reasons for speccing it.  No seriously.  It is what it is.

When you peel away a layer of skin and get down to the all the fun nerves, veins, and muscles, there’s an attraction I have towards Holy.

I know Priests in general always get thought of as having the biggest “toolbox”. (“Is that a toolbox in your pocket or are you just happy to heal me?”)  We have 1894 different heals in our medicine cabinet and we love to let everyone know about it.  (srs my mouse has like 12 separate heals bound to it.  Because I’m better than you…)

Then when you factor in the options such as Circle of Healing, Chakra and Holy Word: Shazaam spells give you as a Holy Priest you’ve got a ton of “extra” healing options and methods.

I wanted to actually “learn” to heal instead of wank my way through encounters as I did in Wrath.  While it seems like Disc’s single target output is higher in raids at 85, Holy’s multi-target heals and abilities blow away their Disc counterparts.  I want to be a RAID healer.

Circle of Healing (yes it scales sucktastically at 85 right now), Serendipity stacked Prayer of Healing, glyphed Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Holy Word: Sanctuary, and ECHOS OF YOUR MOMMA’S FREAKING LIGHT are all awesomely tempting to me.

My ego cannot be contained anymore by being the guy the makes one bar stay full by being bubbled or only moving one bar at a time.  Now with me being Holy “all your bars, are belong to me!!!”.  I now heal 8931 people at once with a key click.


“You want it all but you can’t have it
It’s in your face but you can’t grab it
What is it?
It’s it.”  -Faith No More

There is no magic “Holy is superior to Disc” bullet for me.  It’s something that I want to do in order to learn a new method of healing, provide a unique role for my guild, and play with new abilities that I’ve never been able to use before.

Once I’m done using my Shadow spec to level I fully expect to have both a Holy spec and a Discipline spec for healing again.  I just *feel* like I as a player can get more enjoyment and functionality out of Holy right now then I could Disc.


Interesting read by Zan.  I don’t agree with it 100%, but if I did it would be boring.


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  1. Solunne said, on December 21, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    4 Non Blondes and Faith No More? Someone needs to update their music collection. 4 SRS.

    From what I can tell, skill at playing your class, like muscle mass, atrophies quickly with lack of stress. Either things are hard and you’re getting better every week, or they’re easy and you’re getting sloppy and lazy. After spending 4 months or whatever striking my bored blood elf pose in front of Sindragosa and Halion, I had to relearn how to tank for the Lich King.

    I’m getting a lot better at healing right now, so I’m glad it’s hard. It’s gonna pay off when we get into raiding. I went into Shadowfang Keep last weekend and got my ASS KICKED. Next time, I’m gonna be better.

    Before we know it, we’re gonna be pimped out in 350+ gear and these heroics are gonna be facerolled again like in Wrath. Enjoy the challenge while it lasts.

  2. pallyphillycamlaw said, on December 22, 2010 at 12:18 am

    man i’m behind – stopped playing late October bc of finals/papers/etc. then have only had 1 real day of leveling since Cata came out – healing “ego” took a major hit with the first round of pre-cata pally changes and don’t know what the future will bring – i know a LOT of ppl who hit 85 already and i will admit, i am a bit surprised. what happened to, it’s supposed to take as long to grind from 70-80 for 80-85? perhaps dedicating some time to play before Spring/2011 starts will help but don’t know what will happen. i don’t really want to start a new toon and go from 1-85 to see what’s out there. haven’t touched my mage (except to port someone) since the first pre-cata changes but i should give her a little love.

    Sheep has a lot of healers as well and it feels weird to jump into a new cycle, esp since i’ve been on and off since i’ve joined. i feel bad and still reminesce(?) but yobo says it’s pointless so we’ll see what will come.

    hope you and the fam are doing well

    @ sol: hope you’re doing well too! I saw Irm’s post on TC re: baby gobbys and I know yobo wants to make one but he prob won’t do much cata until after xmas.

    merry christmas you guys!

  3. mrfenris said, on December 22, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    The players have become Blizzard’s biggest enemy.

    They are like a swarm of locusts who eat everything in their path.

    But locust don’t sit around and bitch about there being a lack of food after they’ve eaten it all.

  4. Ama said, on December 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    ~nods emphatically~ I get it now. Disc sword fights are definitely not fun. Being a Disc priest demands being the special snowflake of the raid.

    It seems funny to me that you heard Holy is hard, because everything I’ve been reading lately says Holy is easy. Healing in general isn’t hard. I kinda don’t think WoW as any role is really hard. Some things may be more challenging to specific people for specific reasons. We’re all different, in the end.

    Thanks a billion for following up. ❤

    • mrfenris said, on December 22, 2010 at 2:20 pm

      I have a habit of saying things and expecting people to understand what I mean automagicaly.

      Let me say what I mean in regards to Holy being harder.

      Concerning Holy healing I think there is a “broader” area of knowledge to master vs other healing classes. At your disposal you have a ton of spells and need to weave them together to get maximum productivity out of them.

      That’s my end goal.

      And that’s not a dig at other healing classes or the Disc spec. I would love to eventually try my hand at them.

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