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Posted in Gaming, General Me, Preizt, WoW by mrfenris on January 12, 2011

k back.

Patch 4.0.6 PTR notes sayith…

“Binding Heal and Holy Word: Serenity now refresh the duration of Renew on the target, in addition to the other direct heals.”

And let me me tell you why I LOVE this more then the CoH buff.  HW: Serenity is an instant cast spell.

Forget everything else.  Focus on the fact that it’s an instant.

Keeping Renew refreshed on the tank is no big deal.  It’s easy.  But lately I’ve been poking about putting Renew on a DPS player and seeing how often I can keep it refreshed in order to try and get a maximum return on my Renew initial cast.

However, often I’d find myself unable to keep that Renew rolling on the DPS due to everything else I’m doing.  I’d look down and notice I’d only have less then three seconds left on the Renew before it ticked off and I couldn’t get a Heal off in time to refresh it.

Enter HW: Serenity.  Now you can.  I am not declaring uberness due to this change.  I am however declaring that if it goes through it might just become feasable to keep that Renew rolling on a DPS in certain situations.

And I can cast Binding heal to refresh it too!?!?!  Wicked.

Meh.  State of Mind.  Personally I’m not specced into it as of right now anyway, but a talent that low in your tree should be useful.  Lets hope they change that too, if Chakra is going to last longer then some of you in the bedroom.

And if this math is correct in this thread, then even the Prayer of Healing nerf wasn’t that big of a nerf for Holy priests as it seems to be on the surface.

Mind Sear still weak if the buff goes through?  Hmm.  Maybe they could work in an increased percentage of Shadowy Apparition proccing.  This way you still have to dot up your targets before you start lolsearing and you can’t move while channeling Sear to tweak your SA proc rate even further.

“Sometimes we’ll listen to others
And I can be wrong…
Put a little love in bit of candy
We gonna climb high, higher than a mountain
”  -Mathematics

I think I got to play WoW three times the whole 10 days I was on vacation.  Silly me.  Here I thought to myself, “man I’ll get my ilevel up for Heroics, starting grinding through some, get my face mashed in, but have a blast because it’s a challenge, FORTHAHORDE!, etc”.

But no.  I didn’t even get past ilevel 327.

I did go out for dinner (an average Ribeye) and drinks (weak Gin and Tonics) alone with my wife.  It was so nice, not hearing the roar of my spawn in the background.  We spent the whole dinner talking about them and of course then we went shopping at Toys “R” Us for them after dinner.

I did nothing but cart kids around to various assorted schools, doctors, and play Xbox all vacation.

Is Resident Evil Five racist?  That was the knee jerk reaction back when it was released.  I honestly don’t care.  I’ve been killing stereotypical ethnicities my entire gaming career and this time it’s supposedly different?  All I know is Chris Redfield is nowhere near as pimp as Leon Motherfucking Scott Kennedy is.  Poser.

Five kinda is missing the Resident Evil Foh mark, IMO.

“She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My fake plastic love”  -Radiohead

I know some healers get annoyed with Warrior tanks who pull quickly and charge ahead without the rest of the party.  After tanking on my lowbie warrior I’ve figured out two reasons why.

1.  To get rage, in order to ACTUALLY USE YOUR FUCKING ABILITIES!


Srs.  I’m not a pally that starts with a full mana bar.  I work backwards.  I have to actually hit people or get hit by them to… you know… like tank.

And quit fucking killing critters.  I use them to generate rage pre-pull.


I realized I really missed tanking.


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  1. miakoda said, on January 12, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Welcome back to the real world. So to speak.

    So, did you get called in to run plows while you were on vacation?

    • mrfenris said, on January 13, 2011 at 12:37 pm

      No I didn’t. I’m glad too. My boss worked 15 hours Saturday and 15 on Sunday. All unpaid.

      Craziness. I was on the West side Wens. and was amazed to see that they hadn’t even been down some of the north/south streets at all yet.

      I’ve just been putting together lists to dig out fire hydrants and plowing Park stuff since I’ve been back.

  2. ryoji said, on January 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    yes, I am now stalking your blog. no reason. we could use another cranky tank, of course.
    I tried disc. meh. that toolbox is never going to be sexy like holy. those bubbles are like driving a minivan. I just got 85 and am a little scared to run holy, so I been melting faces. new holy buffs look hawt, glad you think so, too.

    • mrfenris said, on January 13, 2011 at 12:47 pm

      Sup RyRy. Man I feel you.

      Disc just feels like it’s missing another spell or two folded into it. Always has to me. Dunno. I like having 92349 different healing spells as Holy.

      I ran half of my first Heroic last night and I ended most boss fights at zero mana, with all my CDs blown, and all my mana regen CDs gone. It was awesome.

      Man Lightwell is SO HOT right now. Awesome. Saves me a ton of mana and some boss fights you can use it twice if you plant it early enough. (Placing it won’t pull the bosses.)

      I’m still getting used to Healing in general, but I’ve finally started feel comfortable with my mana and spell selecting in normal 85s.

      I think I’m gonna put up a Healer’s PoV on each Heroic boss as get my face smashed in running them.

    • pallyphillycamlaw said, on January 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

      hugs and kisses

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