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k back.

Patch 4.0.6 PTR notes sayith…

“Binding Heal and Holy Word: Serenity now refresh the duration of Renew on the target, in addition to the other direct heals.”

And let me me tell you why I LOVE this more then the CoH buff.  HW: Serenity is an instant cast spell.

Forget everything else.  Focus on the fact that it’s an instant.

Keeping Renew refreshed on the tank is no big deal.  It’s easy.  But lately I’ve been poking about putting Renew on a DPS player and seeing how often I can keep it refreshed in order to try and get a maximum return on my Renew initial cast.

However, often I’d find myself unable to keep that Renew rolling on the DPS due to everything else I’m doing.  I’d look down and notice I’d only have less then three seconds left on the Renew before it ticked off and I couldn’t get a Heal off in time to refresh it.

Enter HW: Serenity.  Now you can.  I am not declaring uberness due to this change.  I am however declaring that if it goes through it might just become feasable to keep that Renew rolling on a DPS in certain situations.

And I can cast Binding heal to refresh it too!?!?!  Wicked.

Meh.  State of Mind.  Personally I’m not specced into it as of right now anyway, but a talent that low in your tree should be useful.  Lets hope they change that too, if Chakra is going to last longer then some of you in the bedroom.

And if this math is correct in this thread, then even the Prayer of Healing nerf wasn’t that big of a nerf for Holy priests as it seems to be on the surface.

Mind Sear still weak if the buff goes through?  Hmm.  Maybe they could work in an increased percentage of Shadowy Apparition proccing.  This way you still have to dot up your targets before you start lolsearing and you can’t move while channeling Sear to tweak your SA proc rate even further.

“Sometimes we’ll listen to others
And I can be wrong…
Put a little love in bit of candy
We gonna climb high, higher than a mountain
”  -Mathematics

I think I got to play WoW three times the whole 10 days I was on vacation.  Silly me.  Here I thought to myself, “man I’ll get my ilevel up for Heroics, starting grinding through some, get my face mashed in, but have a blast because it’s a challenge, FORTHAHORDE!, etc”.

But no.  I didn’t even get past ilevel 327.

I did go out for dinner (an average Ribeye) and drinks (weak Gin and Tonics) alone with my wife.  It was so nice, not hearing the roar of my spawn in the background.  We spent the whole dinner talking about them and of course then we went shopping at Toys “R” Us for them after dinner.

I did nothing but cart kids around to various assorted schools, doctors, and play Xbox all vacation.

Is Resident Evil Five racist?  That was the knee jerk reaction back when it was released.  I honestly don’t care.  I’ve been killing stereotypical ethnicities my entire gaming career and this time it’s supposedly different?  All I know is Chris Redfield is nowhere near as pimp as Leon Motherfucking Scott Kennedy is.  Poser.

Five kinda is missing the Resident Evil Foh mark, IMO.

“She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My fake plastic love”  -Radiohead

I know some healers get annoyed with Warrior tanks who pull quickly and charge ahead without the rest of the party.  After tanking on my lowbie warrior I’ve figured out two reasons why.

1.  To get rage, in order to ACTUALLY USE YOUR FUCKING ABILITIES!


Srs.  I’m not a pally that starts with a full mana bar.  I work backwards.  I have to actually hit people or get hit by them to… you know… like tank.

And quit fucking killing critters.  I use them to generate rage pre-pull.


I realized I really missed tanking.



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I am perhaps the “worst” gamer in the world.

I actually enjoy the games I play.

My wife totally fucked me over by getting a new coffee maker.  I liked our old one.  I knew EXACTLY how to make the coffee taste like battery acid, Guinness stout, and aspirin.  Now it’s all “clean” tasting.  Selfish wench, this new one is all fancy.

I have not even been trying to level in Cataclysm and I am almost 84 on my main.  Seriously, I’m barely even playing right now.  Most nights I don’t even log in till after 10:30 pm, the baby is napping (sleep ha!), the chores are done, and I’m getting my second wind.

I’ve run quite a few dungeons now and it’s still my preferred place to level.  Questing is something I do when I want just mind numbing “fun”.

SIDENOTE: I will never level a pure DPS spec again.  45 minute Q times.  Go fuck yourself.  The end.

Unlike some folks who haven’t even run heroics, but will go into great detail to tell you their thoughts on them, based on their observations of other people’s opinions, I will not opine about heroic dungeons and my thoughts on them.  However I am looking forward to them greatly, especially seeing just how hard a bad pug can make me work healing a normal run.

I’m at an odd spot in my guild.  I do not run instances with them, due to my short playing availability and the fact that they “all” are level 85 and doing heroics.  Some folks would bitch about that but I don’t.  I like my guild quite a bit and my availability is a “me” problem.  Not theirs.

I’ve got a group of friends I usually can tag a run along with if I don’t want to subject myself to the brain drain that a pug group can bring.  Besides it’s nice to sit back on Mumble and chat with players you’ve played with for three years.

“Comin’ down the mountain,
One of many children ,
Everybody has
Their own opinion.”  -Jane’s Addiction

I am hungry for fried chicken.

It is my supreme position and official party line that chickens are reason enough alone for an alien species to conquer us.  They are small.  They cluck.  And they taste delicious when fried with a salty/spicy coating.  If I was the Most-Tallest of an Alien planet I would order Earth’s enslavement and subjugation of their tasty poultry.

Jesus Christ do you realize how amazing, good fried chicken really is?  You can eat it hot with its juices flowing across your tongue or you can eat it cold the next day, meat ripped from the bones sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I could eat it everyday.

“Oh, such tacos will I give!”  -Invader Zim

I never level trade skills this early in an expansion.  1.  It’s boring to me.  2.  It takes time (of which I do not have).  3.  I’d rather charge outrageous prices on the mats I gather while I level and sell them to people who 1.  Don’t find trades boring.  2.  Have a ton of time.  3.  Don’t mind getting bent over by my rogue bank alt atop the Org Auction House and paying for 1 piece of cloth at a time.

I never really *need* money in WoW.  I always have anywhere from 10-20k at any given time.  I only try to “make” money when I need it and then it’s off to the auction house for a week and I’m flush again.  I see no reason for me to perform an action that I don’t enjoy, in a video game I do enjoy, just to have a huge stockpile of make-believe gold that I’ll never spend.  I just need enough to repair, raid, and support any new alts that I roll.  Anything else is a waste to me.

“Or better yet a terminator,
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Try’n to play me out like as if my name was Sega.”  -House of Pain

The Xbox 360 Kinect is a huge hit at our house.  I have not tried it except to set it up for the wife and 2/3 kids.  I will admit I don’t know what’s more exciting… laughing at my wife for almost falling over while playing it because she’s a klutz or channeling Benny Hill and leering at her “jiggly” bits as she dances and hops around.  I hoped aloud to her that they make a stripping game for it.  Naturally it would come with a pole.

In five years I will have the greatest video game collection in the world.  It will look exactly like your collection does right now in the present.  I have lots of theories.  One of them being that women are only sexually appealing to me during the ages of 18-29 and then again at 45-60.  And yet another, that a good game “today” will be a good game “tomorrow”.

Which is why I enjoy buying 3 new games for 30 bucks on eBay and putting them in a growing stack in the office cabinet to be played at a later date.  I am not a “cheap” person.  I have no problem playing good money for a good product.  However due to the limiting factor in my life (which is my job and family sucking away my soul and destroying any semblance I had of self-awareness, until I am an empty husk fueled only by coffee with Splenda and a lingering hope that I will either die soon or endure until they all divorce me/move out.)  I do not have a ton of time to play the newest hottest game.

Instead I am more inclined to be the guy that says “Man I just got Gears of War and it is a pretty cool game.” at a gamer gathering where everyone is wanking over Final Fantasy IVIVIXIXII for the Playstation 7.

I figure in about 10 years I’ll finally get to play all the discount PC and Xbox 360 games that I buy.

Maybe I’ll be fighting for life on my death-bed when I’m eighty (dear God I hope I don’t live that long) and the doctors will consult with my grieving kids…

Kids:  “Is he getting worse doctor?”

Doc:  “No he’s in bad shape but he’s still clinging on.  He must be holding on because of your love and support.”

Me:  *thinks* “Not really.  I’d just really want to play that HALO: Reach game I bought 50 years ago.  I only paid 10 bucks for it.”

Die. Just die.

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And now for something negative.

I can’t stand you WoW players anymore.

You’ll level as fast as you can during an expansion which seems to be lacking depth.  “I wuz 85 on the 2nd day lulz”.

You’ll soon outgear the only challenges you have now and then you’ll bitch about it.  (And guaranteed half of you still won’t know how to “play” your class.)

Any new patched five mans will be “hard” at first then soon outgeared also.

You’ll rush to 85, raid, get stone walled on a “hard boss” and wail about how bored you are.

The end game has become the “game” now.  Everything else just gets in the way.

You can’t have fun unless you hear a bell, see an achievement, win an item with a .5% upgrade, and be told “grats”.

Like a migrant worker you log in daily to farm mats because “hey it’s still playing WoW” and you’ll lament about how bored you are playing a FUCKING VIDEO GAME.

Here’s a thought.  GO DO SOMETHING ELSE IF YOUR BORED.  You can’t possibly have seen all the porn the internet has to offer.


I don’t even like myself today.

Gonna go drink my coffee.


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Overall…are “good” DPS players finally getting some respect?

Because by and large you get players (mostly always being tanks and healers) who lump all DPS together as a bunch of mindless bots who exist for the sole purpose of sucking, annoying said “real” players, and providing fodder for titties everywhere.  (If your new as some of you are to this titty, the word “blog” is not allowed here.  It’s a stupid word and therefore replaced with another stupid word.  Titty.)

I’ll tell you a dirty secret.  Under geared or insecure tanks and healers LOVE awesome over the top 84228k DPS players.  Forget aggro (which you did in Wrath anyway) if you had 3-18 big dog DPS in your fives or raids you didn’t sweat near as much.  Everyone liked to gnash their teeth at their DPS-mates in general, but if they could lay the smack down then they could completely trivialize an encounter or mechanic.  You could blow your cooldowns and prop up your under geared ass for the first big damage mechanic because you KNEW there wasn’t going to second one because by then the encounter would be over thanks to the deeps.

There are a lot of tanks and healers out there that got propped up by good DPS and they don’t even realize it.

“No soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulder
‘Cause I’m bad gettin’ bolder – cold getting colder
”  -Beastie Boys

Over at Specced fo’ Drama, Ana repeated aloud a comment made to her by a friend.  /cast Copy Paste rank 1 #show tooltip (target=targ=targoftarg=mouseoverbullshit)

“They made it so it’s much harder to play a tank/healer, and much easier to play as DPS.” -Person I do not know but I’m sure they like gravy

I’m ignoring the first part even though I agree a bit.  I mean don’t tanks and healers WANT to be special anyway?  Aren’t they gifts from heaven above, whose bottoms should be nuzzled by woodland creatures, while being fed Fig Newtons by pasty large breasted German MILFs, as the lower themselves to mix with common folk DPS?  I know I am.  “Away with you dirty Huntard!  Do not gaze upon my magnificence as I face roll my tanking rotation!  You are not fit to see my one button macro!”  (Albeit less true today they yesterwrath.)

Where was I?  Right.  German MILFs.  Gives the term “coming back to the Mutterland” a whole new meaning for me.

Now I am admittedly reading the quote without any context given.  So we don’t know if it’s about Wrath vs Catastyle, a general comment, or a quip made in response to another quip.  That’s fine, because I’m not PvPing the original poster in a “internets idea warz”.  I’m just using the said quote to riff on my own points.

Wrath vs Cata:  DPSing got “harder” only in regards to undergeared healers and tanks at this PARTICULAR stage in the expansion.  Do you really think raid gear won’t trivialize heroics?  Because unless Blizzard changes the ENTIRE game’s “time played = better upgrade” design, then we are going to be near Wrath levels at the end of the expansion.  Doubt me?  Tell me how scary the “new” ICC five mans were on heroic once everyone and their mother had welfare gear?  They weren’t.

We could say DPSing got easier in Cataclysm simply just due to game changes made by Blizzard in 4.infinity.  Now you have abilities that help you manage your resources better like moving combo points for Rogues, using some abilities on the run, and not clipping your dots, built into the core game-play.  Nothing made a sadder panda then a old Rogue who just worked his ass off to get his 3  debuffs up on a trash mob, stack 4-5 combo points,  and then see some huntard Kill Shot it before the Rogue can get his finishing move off.  And people wondered why Rogues cried salty, hatey tears over the Fan of Knives nerf?  (God it was sick though).

Furthermore it could be said that DPSing got easier in Cataclysm because Blizzard introduced “helping hands” likes the Power Aura style procs that you can get from abilities.  Before it was only Power Aura junkies that would get such special treatment.  Now whenever you the lab rat press the right buttons, in the right order, magical sparkles shoot from your fingers to light up which abilities you “should” press next.  You get rewarded by the big neon sign that says “HEY DUMBASS YOU’VE GOT A PROC & MOMMA LOVES YOU!!!”.

(Oooo.  On the flip side can someone make an addon that gives a player an electric shock every time they flub their optimal rotation? “Ring that bell and drool you deeps bisches!”)

Or maybe tanking and healing are not really HARDER but they just have consequences that have a more severe impact on the party.

Did you forget to pop shield wall during his enrage period.  Oh sorry.  Your party all wiped.

Did you mistime your Hymn of Hope?  Oh sorry your party died.

Did you fire off Arcane Shot instead of Kill Command?  Oh sorry you lost 300 DPS for this encounter.


“I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee”  -Carly Simon

I no longer care about this post.

However I do not cast dispersion on my DPS brothers and sisters.  I do not cast (a lot) of dispersion fellows tanks and healers.  (I can’t help it.  Anything that’s put on a pedestal demands to be pulled down and smashed into a million pieces as a fundamental rule of the “thing which cannot be spoken of”.  And trust me, I’ve put myself waaaay high on that tank pedestal before.)

Instead I say “What the fuck?  Does it really matter?”

It’s a sodding video game.  (Can only Brits, Aussies, NewZews, and other folks get away with saying “sodding”?)

And the fact that we can sit here are talk about how hard a game is speaks volume to the leisure in our lives.  And now like the true hedonist I am, I’m off to eat an Apple Hostess Fruit Pie, play with the heated mirrors in my work truck, and hope to God I come across an orgy of halfway decent looking women with horrible standards and/or an insatiable lust for balding fat guys.

I’m in like Flynn.

Suck Less

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I have tried starting this post about seven different times.  I can’t figure out how to start a “helpful” post.  I am not proclaiming to be a pro (“those who know, do not speak”) so here it is.  There’s no way to do this without sound pretentious.  I don’t mean to be.  Fucking handle it.

Wanksta to Gangsta in five simple steps:

You.  Suck less.  Read.

Right now is the perfect time to break some old bad WoW habits.  I know you’re all rolling a million alts, that you’ll play to level ten before your one night stand is over with them, so here’s what I want you to do.

The next alt you start, promise yourself you’re going to make an honest attempt to improve your game.  You might think your little female Worgan level 1 has a short future ahead of her, since your just getting your furry fix, but I promise you these habits can have a big impact on every single character you play.  If you don’t care about improving your game and you like your bad habits then stop reading.  However if your interested in being a little bit better at this silly video game we all play then keep reading.

1. Unbind your “A”, “S”, and “D”.  Congrats.  You no longer keyboard turner.  In fact you are now  forced to move with your mouse.  Get used to it.  It gives you a faster reaction time, frees up some handy keys to bind to abilities, and gives you better performance in the bed room.  “Q”, “W”, “E”, and your mouse are your new best friend.  It’s not as scary as you want it to be.

2.  Bind “like” abilities to the same keys on every character.  I am not one of those players who bind every single ability I have.  Instead I keep my rotation bound to 1-5 on every single character.  More importantly I keep abilities like ranged/executes bound to the same key.  No matter what character I’m playing  I never have to hunt for my Kill Shot, Hammer of Wrath, or Death Coil.  I just press “R” and it fires off.  Also bind your “Oh shit” abilities to your mouse buttons.  B4 and B5 taunt on my tank, CC on my DPS, or cast things like Divine Hymn on my priest.  You know that guy that saves the raid due to quick action and gets all the chics?  Yeah be that guy and screw  a cheerleader.  (EDIT:  Sorry didn’t mean to leave the ladies out.  You can screw a cheerleader too.  Then email me the vid.)

3. Don’t overload your abilities.  Don’t go and bind every ability you own to your keyboard, hide your bars, and then try and be l33t.  Instead bind a couple of keys at a time.  Start with your normal rotation, then add new abilities slowly as you get more and more comfortable.  Also make sure you PRACTICE your new keybinds before you get into a serious situation like a dungeon or raid.  When you’re sitting in LFG waiting for your queue to pop go over and pound a training dummy for a bit.  Get used to the rhythm and flow of your FCFS “rotation”.

4. Play accordingly to the situation.  Rotations you use while questing aren’t always the best to use in five mans.  When out questing on my Mage I don’t mind pulling a mob with a big ass Pyroblast cast that takes 7394 seconds to get off.  However if I’m in an instance there’s no way I’d start a rotation on trash with Pyroblast.  It takes too long to cast and I’d get it and maybe an instant off before the mob is dead.  This lowers my DPS because a.  Pyroblast has an insane cast time which I’m stationary and doing nothing, b.  the mob is dead before the DoT component finishes, and c. longer cast times = less spells cast = less Arcane Missile procs.  PvPing?  Then deal your damage in bursts and don’t worry about conserving mana.

5. Put yourself in a position to succeed.  You know those “pro” videos everyone watches to “learn” a fight?  The ones where people wank over a pro-player’s  gear, numbers per second, and guild rank?  Yeah nine times out of ten, your missing the most important aspect of their success.  Their positioning.  Don’t be slacker #3 whose sitting their faithfully hammering out their rotation to maintain their numbers when you need to be getting out of LOS or out of the path on environmentals.

How many times have you seen players kicking ass on the meters only to stand in the middle of an avoidable attack and die?  Good players are good, not because of their gear but because they put their characters in the best position to succeed for the encounters.  Backs to walls, behind your target, pre-emptively moving.  These are all things you are responsible for in addition to “making your numbers”.


I’m uncomfortable trying to be helpful.  I come from a long line of people who say “oh for Christ’s sake just let me do it myself!” and shove people out of the way.

If you don’t like the Goblin starter city just keep playing.  The Lost Isles are great.  Anytime you strap rockets to chickens it’s bound to be a good time.


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It’s installing now.

I might even get to play tonight.

Busy busy.  Plowing and I have to empty all my work blanket accounts yet today before there closed for the year.  See I’m not like other supervisors, I actually find work to do when my own program is shut down for the 2010 season.

Think I can put a PS3 on our company Lowe’s card?


“Honestly Mr. Mayor the Playstation 3 is vital to our city’s day to day functioning….”

I dunno.  He seems like a fun guy who might enjoy a little Black Ops action.


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I have not even installed Cataclysm yet.

Other then having a fairly good grasp of the 4.yourlifewillneverbethesame Priest changes, I am “unprepared” for Catalcysm.  And I don’t care.

I’m not soapboxing and touting my superiority that I am not a drooling keyboard smashing fanboy/fanchic like you most likely are at the moment, as you furiously hack and slash your way to 85, and go “riding dirty” around the old ‘hood of Azeroth.

Because honestly, I wish I could be getting my face smashed in and my ego crushed in the new dungeons right now.  Blah.  One day I’ll have a life again, and then I can waste it on playing video games again.  (I’m shooting for Friday.)

“Wide open road of my future now…
Its looking fucking narrow”  -Operation Ivy

I’m sitting there today at work and trying to decide what alt I want to work on.  I’ve decided my main is of course my Healy Priest (Disco/Shadow atm) and I’m going to roll a Goblin Prot Warrior to get back into tanking, but I can’t decide which on of my level 80 alts I’d like to bring into my new guild.

My first choices are my Orc Huntard (Beastmaster/Marksman) or my Orc Death Knight (Unholy/Blood).  My frosted side says I should level the DK because we are at the “early sex” stage in our relationship.  Under the covers  it’s all exciting and new.  I’m seeing her runes for the first time and she can Death Coil like a machine.  (I like it when she keeps her socks on BTW, and it’s even better if she’s wearing tennis shoes.  But only tennis shoes, no other shoes work.)

Yet I kind of miss my old girl, the Huntard.  We’ve got a wealth of experience and knowledge with each other.  I know what to do in every situation.  I know to Aspect of the Cheetah and speed up when I need to or I can Frost Trap and slow it all down if the situation calls for it.  She’s not as new and exciting but man we work good together.  I even let her take her socks off.   (Psst.  I don’t like bare feet.  They make me physically ill.)

My Death Knight can dps or tank if I ever need them too, but I feel like my Hunter has so much for raid utility, especially in this supposedly Neo-CC (Ghostcrawler’s Brand New Deal?) era we’re entering.

Any sane person would just play whichever class they have the most fun playing, but that’s just it…I have fun being USEFUL.  Tanking, healing, DPSing, I like it all because I try to be good at it and provide something beneficial to the raid.

“Yeah, you know Katie Mae is a good girl, folks, and she don’t run around at night”  -Lightnin’ Hopkins

And since I was thinking about alts, I started wondering why I can’t have an alt wife.  I love my wife.  She knows this (most days).  She’s the only person I’ve ever wanted to have little screwed up children with.  She’s the only person I could take care of when their old (sorry mom, lemme show you something behind the shed…).

But man, we get tired of each other sometimes.  I mean why can’t I have a lower level alt wife around like lvl 20 or something.  She’d be unguilded so I wouldn’t have to worry about her having any children or other annoying life wrecking hang ups.  Because of her lower level she wouldn’t have as many abilities as my main wife but what skills she did have would be new and fresh to me.  My alt wife would also ding and level, which is something my main level 80 wife stopped doing a long time ago.

I could be the more experienced, higher level raider who could boost my alt wife through lowbie dungeons.  I know she’s just attracted to my epic gear and my gold slush fund, but it would be a mutual situation of two people using each other.  I know one day I’d sit her down over coffee and tell her it was time for her to enter LFG and strike out on her own.  That she was too good for me and needed to experience content on her own.

So why can’t I have an alt wife?  If my main wife got tired of her she could always just show up and one shot her.


Oh btw.  I don’t care if my wife had her own alt husband.  Srs.  Just stay off my side of the bed and don’t ever touch my cigars, booze, and stay out of my spare guild bank.  You can touch my wife but not my enchanting mats.

Full Belly

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I do not read quest text.  In fact I hardly ever do.  It’s no secret that I don’t like questing.  I do not find it all that fun, engaging, or immersive.

It’s something I need to do, to level, so I can get to the harder content.  Now don’t misunderstand me.  I think some of the WoW quests are well done.  Working your way towards the Avatar of Freya in Sholazar Basin or working with the Argent Crusade in Icecrown for example, are all pretty cool questlines.  But I only do them because I at the time I HAD too.

Now that the LFG feature hit, quests are just something for me to do while I wait for my queue to pop.

“Don’t know that I will but until I can find me
A girl who’ll stay and won’t play games behind me
I’ll be what I am, A solitary man” -Neil Diamond

I think it comes down to the fact that I don’t find questing in Warcraft very immersive.  There’s been very few moments where I’ve felt caught up in the game and felt connected to it.  I am not bashing Warcraft.  I tend to fine MMO’s very unimmersive in general.  I don’t play Warcraft for some epic storyline to insert myself into.

I was actually driving around at work today and trying to think of actual moments I felt immersed in the World of Warcraft and that’s when I realized that anytime I’ve felt anything remote to being immersed in WoW that it had absolutely nothing to do with questing.

I remember standing in Westfall as an Alliance Paladin nub and seeing the farmland give way into a cliff that overlooked an ocean.  I stood on that cliff and marveled at just how big this world.  I felt like I was realizing that while I came from humble begainings that my Paladin had a huge expansive destiny in front of him to grow into.

I remember my Hunter standing in this huge cavernous room with a giant elemental creature in front of him.  Our Feral Druid rushed in to attack him, our mage started maging, I started shooting, and I naively realized “This is it.  This is what World of Warcraft is.”  I felt like I was this small part of a team vs this huge boss and they needed my help.

I remember being in the dark and firey Shattered Halls gauntlet.  My Protection Paladin in front of my party, protecting them, being the shield that the wave of Fel Orcs broke itself on.  They’d come running and screaming down the hallway, wave after wave as we advanced foot by bloody foot.

I remember freeing all the Keepers in Ulduar and starting our descent into madness as we walked down towards Yogg Saron’s prison.  We passed over broken stone and shattered stained glass windows that floated in the air as if the laws of physics and reason had no bearing here.

“I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway.
I am not your carpet, I am the sky.
I am not your blowing wind, I am the lightning.” -Audioslave

And so I’m sitting here and realizing that being immeresed into a game doesn’t start at the game itself.  It starts with me.  My imagination ADDING to the game, augementing it, deepening it’s shadows.

It’s easy for me to get jaded and wave off the above events simply as questing in Westfall, (lol) Wailing Caverns, AOE tanking, and heading to kill General V.  After all that’s what it is on the surface.  But too me they’re bits stuck in my memory as times I actually felt part of the game.  I didn’t read every scrap of lore involing the quest, I didn’t watch the boss strat 100 times till i could do it blind folded, I didn’t explain it all away with number crunching and spread sheets.  I just needed to play.

Maybe we don’t need to dive into a game to find it immersive.

Maybe we just need to let go.


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I had trashed all my old posts.

The mood struck me.

But I have this inane desire to babble about unimportant stuff (and I like to fuck off at work).

“Don’t call it a come-back, I’ve been here for years.”-  LL

You know what tastes delicious?  The warm salty tears that stream down a Shaman’s face when my Hunter hits Bloodlust.  I lap it up.  *lapalaplapalapa*

You know what’s boring?  Talking about Warcraft.

You know what’s exciting?  I’m getting an Xbox.  It’s time to teach the boy how to headshot.

The last two weeks have been spent preparing my 6 year old to give his advertising campaign assignment in front of his class.  Of course he chose to feature Starcraft 2 as his product.

Of course I’m proud.

Of course I’m a geek.

“Beauty I’d always missed with these eyes before.  Just what the truth is, I can’t say anymore.” – Moody Blues

HOOOMG Unholy Deathknight dps “is  like brocken“.  (Say it like a Valley Girl.  SAY IT! Anyone else remember Sweet Valley High?  I do.)

I’m actually enjoying my lvl 78 DK again.  I think I’ll play him for as long as my undiagnosed ADD lets me.  But srs, you hit 4-5 buttons, your pet does all the work, who says this game is hard?

My boys are still bruised from the procedure.  My “bombs” have been de-fused.

Did you know doctors come in girl flavors now?

You know who wins at Starcraft 2 when he 4 Warpgate rushes?  This guy.

You know who loses at Starcraft 2 when his 4 Warpgate rush doesn’t work?  This guy.

I just finally got through the Dragon Age: Origin’s Dwarven City storyline.  Who else got creeped out in the tunnels when the lady Dwarf started her “on this day…” mutterings?  Awesome.

I have this really strange urge to run a table top game again.

“Oh Doctor please help me, I’m damaged.” -The Rolling Stones

I missed out on the end of ICC.  I have never got to kill the Lich King.  A casual guild, coupled with a dying guild, coupled with a new kid born with deformities and congenital issues who stays in a ICU for four weeks will do that to a person.  (What the hell kid, can’t you see I was BUSY?!?!)

But I don’t even wanna kill Arthas all that much.  It’s in the past and wrapped up in a messy ball of yarn.  I think I’d much rather take a leisurely stroll down some new paths and see where they go.

Whether you’re the top part of the wave or the bottom part after it crashes, it’s all water.

It’s all water.





“That” Guy

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I think I’ve been this guy before.  The guy whose friends are gamers but don’t play WoW.  Instead they’re table-top role-players, miniature gamers, console gamers, card gamers, board gamers, etc.

Oh a newsflash for those not in the know about gamers…yeah most of them like to feel superior to other gamers.

The table-top gamers like to snicker about the card players because “TCG’s are not art”, the war gamers think everyone is beneath them and could crush them with infantry supported armored cav, board gamers tend to spit on the random dice rolling games made by Hasbro and only play “deep” games with strategy that are made in das munterland oft Germany.

Yes I read Troll Racials Are Overpowered today.  I am not dogging out my gamer friends who don’t play Warcraft.  My friendships tend to be very loose and far apart.  I just do my thing and other people do their thing.  It’s a non-issue

But I’m sitting here thinking to myself on what I would share with my non-WoW friends to show them why I play World of Warcraft and this is what I came up with.  It’s probably not what everyone else would…

  • One ten dollar bill.  One five dollar bill.  Hey it’s cheap and you get a TON for that 15 bucks a month.
  • Ventrillo.  The simple fact that I can talk in real time with my friends while we play a video game is one of the sole reasons I’m still around.  It adds a HUGE element to the game that I know more people would enjoy if they tried it.
  • Night Elf and Dranai females pillow fighting.
  • An instance.  Seriously I know we’re all jaded, but do you remember the first time you saw the big fiery forge in Utegard Keep.  What about the first time you walked on one of those huge chains in whatever that place is.  (Your Vanilla WoW means NOTHING to me.  NOTHING.)  There’s some epic beauty in this game (I love the broken floating stained glass windows in Ulduar).
  • Talent trees.  Gamers love to min/max, they love to have options and duel spec their half-elf, half-orc wizard/rogues for their DnD game.  You mean they can just switch specs in the middle and either be a healer OR a fighter?
  • A raid.  The concentrated effort of 10 or 25 people all working together to kill one boss is amazing to me.  The strategy, the determination, the cheers over vent, it’s awesome.  It’s a team effort.  I really think a lot of role players and war gamers would leap at this is they saw it.

Anyway.  Yeah just a thought.

Oh my friday ICC 10 “pug” run.  I sucked as raid lead.  I ended up tanking (first time in MONTHS) then switching to healing for Dreamwalker and Sindy.

Wiped 3 times on Sindy but we had it but it was past the end time so I called it.  Might do it again Friday.