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Half A Heroic: LCT

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Below:  My Holy Priest colored glasses look at the Lost City of Tol’vir.

Now:  Random riffs.

Re:  MMO Champion.  How long is all that paladin pink going to stay at the top of the recount meters?  Dunno, but 85% of us aren’t pro enough that we should care.

Journalism, social responsibility, and WoW.  Man talk about three topics that I never want to even think about in the same sentence.  It really is a slow week when this shit is getting kicked around.

WoW is dead.  Or at least its old player base is.  Yes that’s 95% of you.  No I’m not mad at you.  I can’t expect you to get married, get real jobs, have kids, and play the same game for five years.  Notice the lack of passion in the Cataclysm fan provided content?  Look at the Wowhead comments or lack there of.  Look at the once rabid class sites.  Look at your own blogs.

It’s alright.  Nobody blames you.  Everything has an end.  You’ve moved on.

Re:  Curious-  Would a gangbang count as AOE damage?

Coming up this week:  Half A Heroic: Grim Batol, we (lol “we”) finish SFK, and I giggle like a little chubby girl as my Spirit almost hits 4k when my trinkets and staff proc and Heal becomes “free to cast”.

Half A Heroic:  Lost City of Cat Dude- style- (are there no female Cat “Dudes”?  And if there were, would they have multiple furry juggs?  I’d hope so.  When I was a kid we had a Chihuahua with nine nipples.  Not 10, not 8.)

The Trash-

It’s all boring.  But you can handle all of it in Chakra: Serenity.  I tend to automagically go into Chakra: Sanctuary as a default mode but Serenity can handle more than I think we give it credit for.  Your party will rarely take AOE damage to death except on bosses so just keep your deeps stable and you can just direct heal your tank.

Oh but watch out for the Tol-Vir Merchants.  They try to hit your face with a kumquat.  Seriously.  They throw fruit.  15 feet tall and they throw fruit…

General Husam

K.  This boss is simple in theory.  It’s not much different then it is on reg.  HOWEVER, this boss was the hardest I had to heal on the entire instance.  I would recommend healing this encounter in Sanctuary due to the large amounts of AOE damage that end up flying around, especially if your group is all melee like mine was.  In hindsight the tank damage on this encounter is very light.

Bombs baby.  Bombs.  Supposedly they are easy to avoid.  They were not.  We had players (myself included) running into them, getting tossed into them, blowing up other people with them, etc.  It hurts.  Eventually we ended up having our tank kite the General around the two pillars in a circle (which borks Holy Word: Sanctuary, but don’t worry).  This kept our happy little feet away from the bombs and made the encounter 10x easier to heal.  Toss Lightwell in the middle between the pillars and demand that people click it when they go by.  The other damage is not really worth mentioning.  Yeah someone will get randomly pounded via Bad Intentions.  Yeah Shockwave hurts move out of it, yadda yadda.  Handle it.  This is Half A Heroic we only talk about half the stuff, so deal.

Two things.  1.  I should have been moving ahead of the tank along his kite path instead of being in Chakra: Noob and lingering behind with the bombs.  2.  You can Lifegrip a player down who bugs and gets stuck on an object after they get bounced via Bad Intentions.

Lockmaw & Augh-

I have no idea why people have problems with this fight.  Drop a Lightwell as appropriate near Lockmaw for your deeps.  You can stand on the Croc statues and not take damage and avoid the Croc adds supposedly, but seriously it’s not all that hard to hit Fade.  Our tank just picks them up and DPS burns then down.

Not really much to mention here.  Yeah the little Pygmy Augh comes in and whirlwinds.  It damages people.  It’s your job to heal damaged people, blah.

The Croc does have an Enrage at 30% but I never even noticed if our Rogue Shived it off (remind Rogues they can Shiv off Enrages now pleasethankyou).  All in all a simple fight except when you screw the pooch, forget to heal yourself because you’re trying to get your Shadowfiend to target the boss, and you Fail Angel.  WTF is with Shadowfiend lately?!?!?!

Augh jumps in at this point (you still have time to res and regen before he is pulled) and he does some more Whirlwind type stuff.  Kite him when he’s WW (and he is tauntable during this), hope someone else cleanses Paralytic Blowgun Dart (you can Cleanse it off yourself if your specced for it), and wait for Augh’s Enrage (+60% damage).  Wowhead doesn’t seem to think you can remove this Enrage, so just act accordingly and Guardian Spirit it or have your tank blow some CD’s.

High Prophet Barim

Wipe city till we did one simple thing.  More on that later.  So yeah High Pro can be a bitch.  First off let me mention that if you Fail Angel in the Shadow Phase it pops you out into the “Sun” Phase and you can’t heal anyone.  At best you can hope for a Kumquat on your face from a Tol’vir merchant.

Secondly.  Your Lightwell WILL transfer over to the Shadow phase nicely.  However I don’t recommend placing it near the boss.  Instead place it in the middle of the path that you’ll be kiting the Dark Phoenix during the Shadow phase.  This way your deeps and tank can heal up as they move around.

This fight is extremely mana intensive.  Get used to your deeps hovering around 30% during the Shadow phase.  Do not panic like me and PoH them back up constantly.  Your HW:  Sanctuary works great in the Sun Phase but in the Shadow phase it’s kinda wasted.  I still stayed in Sanctuary for some extra umph on the AOE heals.

Pro tip.  Don’t be a noob like me and go stand in his Hallowed Ground.  It looks just like your HW: Sanctuary graphic.

K we could talk about what everyone is SUPPOSED to do during this fight but we don’t care about them.  We only care about Holy Priests and to a lesser extent other healers.  Don’t be afraid to pop Divine Hymn during the Shadow phase at all.  The boss himself doesn’t hit that hard once you figure out how to keep your tank from taking a metric ton of damage via Fifty Lashes.

The problem we ran into was that I can heal through the Fifty Lashes, no problem.  It just it caused me to burn through my mana (especially with people standing in the sun beam of doom) and for me to be bone dry by the time we dropped out of the Shadow phase.  You can probably do Chakra:  Serenity during the Sun phase no problem, then switch to Sanctuary during the Shadow phase.

Fiddy Lashes and how to beat it.  Disarm.  The end.  Our tank went from taking big gobs of damage to a small amount that Renew/Heal could keep up with.  If you don’t have disarm I’ve also heard that kiting him can cut down on your fiddy lashes.  Or maybe you’re a baller and can heal through it and have enough mana left for the rest of the encounter.  I cannot yet.

This like many fights is one where the more DPS you have the easier it’s going to be for you.  If there’s one thing in this encounter I can’t stress enough, it’s to PACE yourself.  This fight is all about proper spell selection and the “rippin’ and the tearin'”.


And in the grand design of our Half a Heroic reviews we come to the point in the instance where I basically only run half the heroic.  However no big legged baby could pull me away this night as usual, instead the endless march of time would be my nemesis.  We put in one attempt on the boss and decided “screw it, we’re tired” and two healed it.  So off logs his DK and in logs his Resto Druid and we had a blast laughing and giggling as we two-healed the final boss.

So I have never actually finished the final boss by myself but it seems entirely doable.  One thing to mention is Lightwell can be a pain in the ass to place in this fight as it seems some of the floor blocks line of sight.    However I did notice a few things that gave me pause on the first attempt.

Obviously this fight lends itself quite easily to Chakra: Sanctuary and you can drop HW: Sanc right on the group that’s killing the large Servant of Siamat add.  These adds cast a Thunder Crash as they die which stacks a nasty/good debuff on your players, Lightning Charge.  This not only causes your party to take more damage it also allows them to deal more damage.  The bad part is that it stacks and can get out of hand if your handling Chain Lightnings from the other adds, spells from Siamat, and players standing in the green swirls.  Remember to keep moving your feet during this encounter because this area is large enough that players can get out of range as they chase down the adds.

Don’t be ashamed to ask a Hunter or Shammy to toss-up Nature Resist as theirs a TON of nature damage being flung around.

We could have done this encounter without us switching to two heals but it was far easier to just half-ass it.  My old healing partner and I completely trivialized it by two healing it.

During the second phase Siamat will toss players around and into nasty stuff on the ground.  This part feels like a burn phase to me.  Hit your CD’s like Guardian Spirit and Divine Hymn to power through it.  You’ll want to keep your party high on health since there’s so much AOE damage going around.  I don’t think you’d ever need to get out of Chakra: Sanctuary for this encounter.

Lost City of Tol’Vir, Half A Heroic style.


Half a Heroic: SFK

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See we here (and by “we” I mean just me) at The Gray Place (I linked myself LOFL) don’t believe in being the best you can be.  We don’t want you squeezing out an extra .1337 DPS by changing all your gems to the new epic hotness for your ilvl 300 gear.  Instead we advocate using Wrath gems because their cheaper and ALMOST as good.  We want you to save your money to pimp out your pre-raid gear.

We don’t want you to slave over forums, elitist jerks, wowhead, and youtube to find the hidden Theory of Everything for WoW so you can be a true Kung Fu Master (in a video game *snort*).  Instead we want you to do simple things to make you a better player like key binding, understanding the encounter, and making smart choices during said encounter.

Simply put, we (and by “we” I still mean, just me) want you to put in the minimal amount of your real life’s time into this game and get the maximum output into the game itself.  Your real life is far to precious and should be spent eating pie, petting puppies, fucking billy goats, and other things you enjoy.

So all that being said.  In the grand tradition of being a “casual” WoW player I bring you…

Half a Heroic:  Shadowfang Keep style. (Largely written for Holy Priests btw, since that’s all I really give a shake about atm.)

First.  Why start with SFK?  Because as a priest you wear the equivalent to gauze bandages.  No srs.  Your job is to stand there in presence of freaking dragons and wear something completely flammable.  Cloth!  Cloth brings you to SFK.  There are 5 cloth drops alone in SFK.  Sure some don’t have spirit on them but if you whine enough to can steal them from a Warlock (psst, they aren’t real people anyway) and reforge them.  Get it into your heads.  Cloth = SFK.

Second.  It’s the only heroic I’ve run.  Hey some of us have real lives…

Honestly if your worried about being ready for Heroic SFK I can’t give you a magic number of “OK GO!”.  But myself I went in there with an equipped 227 ilvl, 1600kish spirit, and Potions of Concentration.  Forget everything else.  Take a handful of PoC with you.  It makes your life 10x easier and their dirt cheap.


The trash is largely boring in the front half of SFK.  However I would like to mention that Mindless Horrors have a Fear and can drop some damage on melee party members.  They hit pretty hard and can be easily pulled as a single mob (which I’d recommend for now).

Baron Ashberry

First time I went to SFK I didn’t understand this boss and laid there dead on the floor as I watched our Rogue tank and kill him.  After the lightbulb went on the next time I went through I kept everyone alive.

Forget what you’ve heard about this fight.  It’s actually easy due to two facts.  1.  The Stay of Execution he casts does your job for you.  2.  The hard parts of the fight are other people’s problems.

This fight calls for going into Chakra:  Sanctuary as it’s all AOE healing and you’ll tank him right where he’s standing.  As always pre-pull you’ll want to drop your Lightwell (which won’t aggro bosses remember) off to his side so your pesky Rogue doesn’t stand on top of it.  This Lightwell is extremely important in this fight because he will at one point lift everyone up in the air and “stun” them so you won’t be able to heal and reduce their health to like 1%.  HOWEVER Lightwell is still clickable during this so make sure you party knows to click it when they are up in the air.

So you’ve got your LW down, your PoM on the tank, you’re in Chakra: Sexual Healing mode, and you start the encounter.  Everyone is going to be clumped up pretty tight together so toss down your Holy Word: Sanctuary and then do nothing.  No seriously because eventually the good Baron is going to Asphyxiate the entire party down to 1% health so don’t bother wasting your mana.  Click the Lightwell while your unable to cast, Circle of Healing as soon as you land, then I toss out a Prayer of Healing and then I stop healing by and large.  Don’t invest your mana in party health that your just going to lose again next phase.

In fact about the only thing you’ll be doing for the rest of the party is dispelling the Wracking Pain dot off your party.  This MUST be dispelled because it does stack and will wreck your day in a hurry with all the AOE damage in this fight.  Otherwise just sit back, keep your tank around 60% and your golden until the last phase of the fight.  (FYI I like to drink a Potion of Con right after I heal up the party after Asphyxiate.)

At 20% the boss will start to drop large amounts of damage on everyone due to his Calamity ability.  As long as you just didn’t come out of Asphyxiate you’ll push through this just fine dropping Divine Hymn and rounding out with a few spammed Prayers of Healing.  Obviously you’ll want mana during this stage and you should have plenty since you’ve been under healing this whole fight.

This fight is made for Holy Priests.

Baron Silverlaine-

Almost a complete tank and spank.  I tend to do this one in Chakra: Sanctuary but I don’t suppose it really matters.  The only thing that you really need to look out for in this encounter is a massive healing debuff he puts on the entire party, Cursed Veil.  Don’t click the link I’ll save you some time.  CV not only deals party wide damage, it also puts a debuff on the target that negates 75% of your healing.    That can hurt once he starts summoning adds, your tanks being pounded on, and you find yourself in a “heal hole”.  (That’s where your behind on your healing and trying to pull life bars out of the “hole”.)  It seems like CV could be interrupted since it has a cast time but your deeps are probably going to be busy burning adds.

The half-hearted info I’ve found on the adds all show they don’t do anything major and therefore “aint yo problem”.  Heal around it.  At any rate, that CV debuff hurts and once I tried dropping a Mass Dispel and I nearly cried as my entire mana bar went away since it was about an 8k mana cost.  Bleh.  It’s up to you on what you want to do with the debuff, but I tried just keeping everyone topped up once it hit and just healed as normal through it.  There’s a decent delay between his casts of CV so just get everyone back up around 80% and you should be fine before the next one hits.  If I take it off anyone I take it off the tank.

Commander Springvale-

K this is the one EVERYONE and their mother says to be afraid of.  But you’re not gonna be because your no punk ass wanksta.  This is like many other encounters in WoW.  If you do it wrong it’ll seem impossible.  If you do it right, you’ll be all “no big deal”.

The most important part of this fight are the adds.  Both adds have an ability that gives Commander Rick Springvale an Unholy Power buff.  Once he has three stacks he will cast some nastiness on your tank and party.  The first is a cone affect and while it hits hard it’s “meh just damage” and you’re a Holy Priest and Blizzard says it’s your job to heal damage.  The second ability is downright bugfuck nasty… Word of Shame.  Yes it’s the same word your mom used when she found you in the bathroom with a copy of Chunky Asses.  This acts as a soft enrage effect and eventually you will be out of mana and unable to heal through it.

So while adds are generally not your responsibility, these adds are Undead.  Being a Priest you have some of the best Undead crowd control around in Shackle.  If needed you should Shackle one of the adds while the party burns down and interrupts the other from buffing Rick Springvale.  Then burn down the Shackle and the boss is basically a tank and spank.

We ended up pulling the boss all the way out to the courtyard and CCing the adds as soon as they ran out the kitchen, but your mileage may vary.  In addition to the adds Springvale drops a DnD on the ground so your tank should move him out of it.  Our tank just slaps his back to a wall (cutting the DnD in half) and moves him up and down the wall as needed.  If you do get a second set of adds, just CC and rinse, lather, repeat.  Now I’ll be honest the second time we did this boss he evade bugged, but he reset on his own sans adds and it was a yawn fest.

You MUST control/burn the adds at this stage in the game.  If your party can’t do it, then their being stupid and it’s not your job to heal through stupid.  Opps forgot.  One of the adds has a Mortal Strike debuff too.  Blah, fucking handle it.

Bang dead boss.

And now you’re at the point that I’m at.  Where your happily healing along, chatting in vent, and drinking your coffee and your big legged infant decides he’s going to wake up screaming (single dad duty that night and to be fair I did prewarn the party) or your previously mentioned big legged son wakes up and decides to wet through his diaper and get his jammies and his sheets, so you apologize real quick and log off to go change sheets and help out your wife.  Same spot.  Both times.

The deadliest boss in all of Shadowfang Keep… my son.  For the record I’ve sworn off Heroics until he starts sleeping through the night.  I don’t mind ditching WoW for real life, but I don’t want to waste four other people’s time.

Tada.  You can now heal Half a Heroic:  SFK-style.

Dr. Holy MD

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I have healed my first 2 normal 80-83 dungeons.  I am an expert.

Not really of course, but I did lose my Cataclysm cherry.  So yay me.

Prior to actually healing the dungeons, I wasn’t “scared” per say, but instead I was cautious and curious, like a man who knows better than to look “down there” while his wife is pushing a big-headed baby out, but the man does anyway knowing he’s not going to like what he sees.  (All ours were “big”, 8lbs 6oz, 9lbs 4oz, and our 35 weeks pre-mature baby was 8lbs 11oz.)

I am notorious for being stubborn and “slow” when it comes to preparing.  I will not budge until my UI is perfect, my spells are properly keybound, and I have the time to give something my full attention.  Some people rush off in with a newly trained spell still dangling by its umbilical cord after hastily being placed on their cluttered action bar.  Not I.  Everything has its proper place and I won’t go try it out until I’m positive that I’m satisfied with its binding, power aura, or its placement.

I spent most of my limited playtime on Wednesday respeccing from Disc to Holy (more on that at another time), rebinding ALL my healing spells to my mouse, setting up my UI configuration, and practicing the new bindings.  I was too tired to run anything yet that night so I bagged it until I got a chance to run a few last night.

“You ain’t as green as you are young”  -John Cougar Mellencamp

So since I’ve had some awkward fumblings (I still can’t undue a bra strap unless I use my left hand) with the new instances, I figured they’re some other folks who might be in the same boat I was;  Not worried but curious if their mana can handle it.  I am not proclaiming “this is how it is”.  I am only sharing a few impressions I had from my runs.  I realize that things are not going to stay the same.

I got a whisper from a bunch of old guildies/friends that had formed their own guild after our old one split and they asked me if I wanted to heal.  We had an 80 Prot Pally, Rogue, Hunter, pug, the DPS ranging from 81-83, and me obviously on my newly minted 81 Holy Priest.   I hopped on Mumble and off we went.

Now.  I am in a large portion of T9 gear + ICC 10 man epics, my gear has never been the greatest but my Priest only became my main at the end of Wrath.  I still had Heroic gear in a slot or two.  I definitely think it helped out in regards to the fact that I wasn’t a green and blue cobbled together brand new lvl 80.

Overall Impressions-

Mana at my gear level and given the competent players we had last night, was a non-issue.  I used Shadow Fiend but I did it proactively to try to get into the habit.  I never dipped under 70% mana at all and only needed to drink to top off before bosses.

I underhealed people.  If they were at 90% health or more, I ignored them in terms of directly healing them.  If they were DPS and above 50% of health I only cast Heal on them.  I never Renewed a non-tank at anytime.  Anything under that I used Flash Heals on them or obviously AOE heals if 3+ people were taking heavy damage.  Basically I did not cast CoH or PoH unless 3 people could benefit from it.

Get used to Heal.  It doesn’t “seem” like it hits for a lot (think mine crits for 9-10k) but it’s about sustaining health it’s not used to pull 25% health bars out of holes.  You’ll drop it on your tank and their life bar will barely budge BUT don’t fret because your tank will not generally take two back to back hits that will squish him like the old days.

I honestly stayed in Chakra: Serenity almost all night.  Renew refreshed via Heal was enough to keep my tank above 80% on most trash pulls.  When he’d take a spike, I could stabilize him with a Flash Heal followed by a Greater Heal.  I actually had a hard time keeping Serendipity up because 1.  I am new to Holy and 2.  There wasn’t enough damage to warrant Flash Heals on a regular basis.

AOE damage didn’t seem to be much of an issue except on boss fights and the one mob I’ll mention later.  Circle of Healing was enough to tweak everyone’s bar back up.  Prayer of Healing saw action if I saw 3+ dip under 60% health.  Good gravy, Prayer of Healing rocks when you’ve got 2 stacks of Serendipity up.  I found myself under using Prayer of Mending (I know, shame on me right?)  Mostly my mistake was caused by me just focusing on too many new things.  I used to have a set routine on my Discipline priest pre-pull, but now it’s all new to me since I don’t want to pre-cast PoM to activate my Chakra: Sanctuary and I don’t want to cast Renew before the pull either.  It’s just something that will come with practice.

I lost two players each on both runs.  It happened during boss fights, and a few of them we’re my mistakes.  I’ll get into details below.

To summarize the overall healing: Holy is a blast.  The fact that you have 9492 million spells to choose from excites me.  Mana is not an issue, YET.  You will have time to sit there and DPS from time to time.  It was not “hard”.  However it can get ugly and the fact that we had good players went a long way to making it seem easier than it could have been.  You will sometimes see people drop to 40% health and fall into the Wrath mind-set that they are already dead.  Not true.  You can get them back.  Lastly, you can still power heal through stuff if needed as this stage of the game.  This will change in a few levels IMO.

A couple of details that might take the edge off.

Blackrock Caverns-

Used zero CC this instance.  The trash pulls before the boss were unremarkable.  I lost two people on the first boss due to a stupid noob mistake of using my old Prayer of Healing keybinding (which now currently binds Dispel Magic) and two people got fried in AOE damage.  (I’m sitting there Shift-Right Clicking going “WTF where is my Prayer of Healing castbar!?!?” over and over.  Noob.)

A note:  We did have some mob/targeting issues here, where people could get LoS for some reason and once I couldn’t get LoS on my tank for no apparent reason.  Dunno.

More trash to the second boss.  Big Dragonkin guys will do some spike damage on the tank.  Heal, G. Heal it or Flash Heal for Serendipity stacks.  Very little AOE damage on trash overall here.

Second boss, Beam-lady-thingy.  You can stand in the beams to avoid the adds.  Just rotate before your stacks get too high.  I honestly don’t remember this being hard to heal at all.

Third boss, Lava-Slime-Big-Dude.  You’ll have to AoE heal a bit here.  I was in Chakra: Serenity, but next time I’ll do it in Sanctuary.  I didn’t “sweat” on this boss, but I was seeing lots of 50% bars in the party.

Fourth boss, the Corehound and the poor puppies.  There’s a fear.  Meh.  I went Chakra: Sanctuary for AoE heals and it was unremarkable in terms of being hard.

Last boss.  I don’t even remember healing it.   Seemed like a Heal and Spank.

Throne of Tides-

The trash is harder in here in my opinion.  You see more damage spikes on both the tanks and AOE damage on the party.  We used CC on two pulls.

As far as trash goes, the little Goblin Hunters can be a pain in the ass if you’ve never seen them.  They will hit the tank really hard on the pull, so a pre-pull PoM and Bubble will smooth it out.  I also just ended up Fading and precasting heals while the tank rounded them all up.  I did have to spam 2-3 flash heals on the tank before the goblins started dying and I could go into a Heal mode.  There’s also a version that does a knock back with hardly any damage like the first set.

There is also a large mob the deals massive AOE damage after it tosses you in the air (Note:  Use CoH or Holy Nova while your in the air if you need too).  It’s a Faceless model if I remember right, and it’ll cause you some grief if your party doesn’t run out of the area where it’s pounding the ground.  2-3 back to back Prayer of Healings will even it back out.  Don’t be an idiot and stand in the AOE and casting heals like me.  There is one particular pull of these guys where you get two at once.  Pop a CD accordingly ( I think I Guardian Spirited the tank) and I probably should have hit Divine Hymn.  A suck ass group could wreck your day on this pull.

Note:  Do NOT get ahead of your tank in any hallways.  There are adds that burst in from the sides.  There is also a gauntlet event but I found the party takes more AOE damage due to stuff on the ground then the tank.

First boss, Naga-chic.  Meh, don’t remember her hitting unnaturally hard, but beware her big blue geysers that blow out of the ground.  If they hit a player whose already damaged get them topped off ASAP while their in the air with something big or Bubble them.  When they land they take a bunch of damage.  Precasting FTW.  Boss has adds.  Just Fade as needed and run to your tank (watch possible cleaves *shrugs*)

Second boss, Pussy-Fist (It’s a long story).  Okay I was warned by my tank that this guy can “one shot a tank” and he can.  He will mangle your tank to about 35%-40% health in a blink of an eye due to an ability he does.  I would recommend a tank CD on the first one and your CD on the second one.  I lost my tank here due to me being midcast on a DPS and not cancelling it.  This is a BURN fight.  Our Rogue ended up tanking him (and she barely needed any heals) and we killed him.

“Third” boss, The-Guy-Doing-A-“69”-With-An-Octopus.  Meh.  Single target heals seemed to do the trick.  He will “mind control” a player and must be DPSed, once he jumps off make sure to dispel any lingering effects.

“Last” boss, Adds.  This encounter pumped up my HPS due to all the AOE healing.  There’s a phase where you go “around” the room avoiding an AOE on the ground.  It hurts when people stand in it.  I don’t really remember much about it.

“We’re going to party
Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!”  -Lionel Richie

Not a fantastic write-up (It was almost 2am when I logged and I was up at 5:20am), but it might take the edge off  a few early attempts.

I’ve been thinking of doing a series of healcentric walk-throughs once I start running these on Heroic.  They would be 10x more detailed, concise, and structured then this little blurb.  I remember when I made the transition into healing I found the healing community very helpful, but at times it was beyond my understanding and past the content I was seeing for the first time from a healing point of view.  Not everyone was a Fail Angel from back in Molten Core.

Dunno.   But I do know is I can’t WAIT to get back into some five mans and get some sweet-sweet Chakra love.